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Just what the world needs; another site about search engines
Written by David Harry
Monday, 18 October 2010 00:30

Hello and welcome to Search News Central. This is a brand spankin new site for the purveyance of all things good n' geeky in the world of search. My name is Dave, and I will be your host in this little introduction.

SNC is just making it's first baby steps today and we hope that over the next while we can turn it into a great place for professional search marketers to get their fix of news, articles and resources to help feed the need to stay up on all you need to be in the know.


We're damned obsessed and proud of it

SNC is all about the world of search (and some social too). We will have the gang writing about a wide variety of topics form news and views to reviews and more. But we won't be stopping there. If you look around the site and even on our social channels, you will find we're broadcasting news from all around the industry;

RSS News Rack this section you can browse the lastest from all the top blogs and news sites in the industry. We will be adding to the list as we go and if you have a suggestion, please to get in touch.

Search New RSS Rack

Social Stream – we are also going to be posting news from SNC and elsewhere on our Twitter and Facebook accounts. Be sure to follow along. We've even included a nice little scroller here on the side bar to see what we're reading today.

Get social with SNC

And why stop there? Another nifty little addition is our search box (top left menu). You can search the site, the web (via Google) or even videos. Simply select which one you want, start typing and SNC Instant can whisk you away. Ok, the 'instant' bits are a bit of a play, but we just have to have some fun around here m'kay?

Searching SNC

It's all about the content and the authors

Anyone that's familiar with my journey knows one thing; it's always an evolution. I had a ton of great input as this site came together, but to me it's ALWAYs going to be about the content. The features and functionality of the site will change rapidly. That's the fun part of putting new sites out there. The content though, will drive any need for change. If the content sucks, then what's the point of having the site at all oui?

Trust me, I am the dork with domains such as 'Huo Mah' and 'SEO Bullshit'... It's all about the good geekin' and evolution of the industry for me.

And me? I will continue to write at my blog, Search Engine Land and Search Engine Journal. We're NOT looking to compete with stalwarts, in fact, you can find feeds from all the major publications in our News Rack section.

It just so happened that when some of the great folks here started writing on the Trail weren't really getting the credit they deserved. Regardless of having their name on a post, a bio at the end, people would still invariably mistakenly attribute their posts to me (on social channels, via linking in blogs etc...). This was ultimately not the affect I had intended when reaching out.

So what's a fella' to do? Simple, create a site for them to kick some butt and revert my personal blog back into just that.. my own personal works. Along the way we added another 11 writers into the fold and came up with something pretty special. (you can read all the author bios here)

SNC Authors

A site is born

And so it is this the 18th Day of October 2010 – that SNC came to life. I hope you'll come back to see us again and again as we'll be doing everything in our power to keep you enlightened, entertained and just now and again, hopefully, educated.

We have a poll running on the right hand side (up there a bit – look) as far as what types of topics you're interested in reading about. We shall be starting with the first posts soon after this one is up and I look forward to having out, yakking in the comments and interacting with you for years to come.

A HUGE thanks to all the writers, the Dojo Faithful and all whom have helped/supported this effort so far. And of course, thank YOU for dropping by.


Enjoy the show!

David Harry -

Hi my name is Dave and I, am an algo-holic

I am an avid search geek that spends most of his time reading about and playing with search engines. My main passion has always been about the technical side of things from a strong perspective rooted in IR and related technologies.You can find me providing SEO consulting services for Verve Developments.

You can also hook up with me via


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Last Updated on Monday, 18 October 2010 10:44


+1 #1 Dave 2010-10-18 00:52
Ok peeps... don't be shy, leave a comment and be one of the first to deface the site!! You know ya wanna...
+1 #2 Andrew Bleakley 2010-10-18 03:19
Yeeeeww! Looking forward to getting amongst it Dave - love the Dojo and your IR articles so the bar is set pretty high.

Keep it up mate.
0 #3 Dean Cruddace 2010-10-18 03:30
Glad to see the site up and running now Dave and I am looking forward to a load of new content from the writing crew.

As a Dojo faithful I expect nothing short of pure geekiness.
0 #4 Ian Art 2010-10-18 04:23
My name is Ian and I'm an algo-holic too. I'll be stopping by here for my daily dose of geekiness. ;-)

Congrats on the launch! YAY!
0 #5 Mike 2010-10-18 07:12
:-) Great! A new site to learn from as I venture down the new path of SEO and Web Analytics. Happy Birthday! You chose a nice day to come into existance as today is also my birthday. Congrats on the new venture
0 #6 Vlad Piersec 2010-10-18 12:12
Hope to find a lot of useful resources here!
Congrats Dave and keep up the good work ;)

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