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Are SEO's Too Lazy To Benefit From Facebook?
Written by Brian Carter
Tuesday, 19 April 2011 08:06

The two strongest digital marketing professions over the last 5 years have been Search Engine Optimizers and Pay Per Click Managers. But with the rise of Social Media, budgets and interest is shifting away from these occupations. I would think SEO and PPC experts would be some of the leaders in Social Media, since they've been at the forefront of getting online results during the shift from traditional to digital marketing. They have the inherent understanding of analytics and optimization. Shouldn't they take these skills to Social Media to help develop best practices in Social Media marketing?

But many SEO's and PPC experts remain unresponsive to the shift toward Social.

Are they lazy? Many SEO's and PPC's are brilliant in one way or another. Maybe it's just inertia- you're less inclined to do something new when you're good at something that's already in demand.

Do SEO's Have The Talents To Do Facebook Marketing?

Facebook Ads

There are a lot of different kinds of SEO's. Some are more technical. Some are more content-oriented. Some love analytics. Others are obsessed with link building. And each kind of SEO requires different talents and preferences.

Facebook marketing is actually a combination of advertising, copywriting, and community management. Some SEO's hate advertising, have no training in copywriting - they may put keywords in content but haven't had experience with testing various headlines to see which gets more results - and don't really like talking to people, on or offline.

Facebook Is Taking Over, Google is Fading?

Facebook has 630 million users and has received more visits than Google since August 2010. We can't deny that Facebook is on the rise, and Google is faltering, if not fading. I won't say Google is going to disappear, but search appears to be finding a role rather than leading the charge.

AdWords, even with the high avg CPC today, still works for many companies. But other companies are increasingly drawn to the cheaper cost per click of Facebook and the professional B2B opportunities of LinkedIn ads.

SEO has become nearly impossible for new websites that stick to white hat techniques. Many hope for a savior in viral marketing via Social Media, but viral is notoriously difficult to engineer, and even when you have a good viral idea, you must seed it somehow, and we're drawn back again toward Facebook ads or sponsored tweets.

Why Is It a No Brainer For SEO's and PPC's to Learn Facebook?

I was just approached by two agencies in one week that want training or expertise to expand their Facebook advertising offerings. Another agency added Facebook marketing after their SEO, Corey McNeil, took the FanReach course. If you have SEO or PPC clients, they may want or need help with Facebook. You can learn how to do this in weeks and start providing it within a month or two. Your agency or consultancy will make more money.

Most people who are now SEO or PPC experts love to learn. They had to teach themselves their craft because their weren't any schools. This same ability should lead them to be fascinated by learning Facebook marketing and advertising.

Like it or not, the PR discipline has largely co-opted Social Media. I've argued this is more about their core business disappearing than their being best for the job. They often have no practical understanding of web analytics, conversion funnels, or copywriting. They have not been forced into trying to understand individual customers in the way that search marketers considering the search intent of keywords have. As a result, they focus mainly on conversation, loathe sales, and perpetuate that myth that Social Media can't create profits.

You, SEO, and you, PPC expert, are better for the job of Facebook marketing. Social Media needs you. What are you waiting for?

Brian Carter -

Called “The Jim Carrey of Internet Marketing pundits” and a former stand up comedian, Brian Carter has been an Internet Marketer, speaker, and trainer since 1999. Brian has been interviewed and profiled by Information Week, US News & World Report, and Entrepreneur Magazine, and quoted in Twitter Marketing For Dummies (not as one of the dummies). Brian trains Fortune 500 companies in social networking, and speaks regularly at conferences including PubCon, the longest running Internet Marketing conference in the world. Also check out his free Easy Search Traffic series for small business owners, Social Media Expert Interview Series, and 52 Facebook Advertising Tips


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Last Updated on Wednesday, 20 April 2011 06:07


0 #1 steve plunkett 2011-04-20 08:50
I disagree... When Egypt was blocked from Facebook.. they went to google and searched "FaceBook" or "egypt"..

People still use search, and not on facebook.. the needs of the user have not changed.

SEOs do need to stake claim to social media.. when SEO and social media are combined it's deadly... but when social media thinks nothing about SEO.. it's fatal.

p.s. title at Rockfish?
Sr. Mgr. Search and SOCIAL
0 #2 Lyena Solomon 2011-04-21 20:40

There is so much work that an SEO does, that often it is not feasible to add Facebook to the mix of services. Most companies want to advertise on Facebook which is better suited for a PPC expert.

Unless you are an in-house SEO, there is limited knowledge of business culture and message. Social media is time-consuming. And so is SEO. SEOs are not lazy, just overworked.
0 #3 steve plunkett 2011-04-22 07:33
Quoting Lyena Solomon:

There is so much work that an SEO does, that often it is not feasible to add Facebook to the mix of services. Most companies want to advertise on Facebook which is better suited for a PPC expert.

Unless you are an in-house SEO, there is limited knowledge of business culture and message. Social media is time-consuming. And so is SEO. SEOs are not lazy, just overworked.

0 #4 jump program 2011-05-17 06:49
I love facebook for my business but I dont allow myself to use it for personal purposes.

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