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15-Min Showdown with the Link Prospector Tool from Citation Labs
Wednesday, 04 April 2012 04:34

90+ Email Addresses of Potential Customers who Accept Guest Posts

I have been playing with the Link Prospector Tool by Citation Labs over the past few days, and I have to say “it’s awesome!” I am the Marketing Director for a Kiosk company, Phoenix Kiosk, where we provide Kiosk solutions for small to large size companies.

Let me show you how I am using the tool right now for finding not only link-prospects, but potential companies that want to purchase our Kiosks (our CFO would be happy). I will demonstrate this by focusing on our Virtual Receptionist Kiosk. It’s a Kiosk that when placed in your lobby or office allows visitors to search and communicate with your employees, effectively reducing costs by freeing up your employees’ time.

Our Target placement for this product is “Office Buildings”, more specifically:

  • Law Firms
  • Property Management Firms
  • Accounting Firms

Let me show you how I found 90+ email addresses for “Law Firms” who accept “Guest Posts” in 15-min:

Step 1: Find Prospects, which in this case are “Law Firms”

Search Criteria: Law Firms, Attorney Offices, Law Offices

guest posting

Step 2: Admire the results, Export Domains

We have 1,500+ Domains & 3,400 Total Paths (That’s a lot of domains to go through!)

link prospecting

Step 3: Find Contact information for the Domains

Heading over to Citation Labs Contact Finder tool to pull out email addresses for some ‘Quick Wins’ in contacting websites.

I dropped in the first 300 URLs into the Contact Finder Tool (Hey….got to start somewhere)

contact finder

Step 4: Sort the Emails

It took me about 5-10 min to sort the emails & pull out duplicates, which I now have 90-email addresses from the first 300 Domains to send custom messages to. (With a couple more rounds of the contact finder, I should have about 450 Total targeted emails to send out!)


Step 5: Create Targeted Messages

Design an email message that not only asks for a “Guest Post” but pushes our value proposition of the Virtual Receptionist. (Make sure to put the email in your own words…don’t copy mine!)


Step 6: Write the Posts & Coordinate a Follow-Up

For me, it would be writing the post (or coordinating with a writer) and then sending the lead over to sales to introduce them to our Virtual Receptionist (If they don’t buy maybe they can refer another law firm to us).

Link Prospector has over 10 ways to prospect for Links/Content that I can see my business benefiting from

link prospector tools

Topical Blogs that I can reach out to:

I can prospect Kiosk related blogs or blogs that talk about small businesses, so that I can reach out to them and introduce kiosk technology to their audience.

topical blogs

Directories that are on-target with my business:

I can reach out to Kiosk, small business, or business to business directories. (I will start with the top domains and work my way down…as you can see there are lots of domains to go through!)


Website Reviews that are on-target with my business:

I can reach out to these websites and ask for reviews, build relationships and chat with likeminded business professionals.



The Link Prospector Tool by Citation Labs will quickly become my go-to tool to find not only link-prospects, but potential customers as well. It is a handy tool that is extremely cost-effective (less than $2 per report) and effortlessly gets the job done. You can take the CSV files and easily deposit them into a link building management program, where you can have your team working efficiently instead of prospecting all day.



0 #1 Mike Williams 2012-04-04 11:08
Great writeup and a practical case use on the Citation Tool-set. I have been using their tools for a few months now and have enjoyed them. I will certainly use some things I learned from this writeup to 'guest post' outreach and find other link opps.

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