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Google Webmaster Tools Gets a Fresh Look
Written by Terry Van Horne
Tuesday, 08 May 2012 12:44

Google Webmaster Tools announced an update to their interface today! The new dashboard is pretty cool giving you a quick overview of the site pulse with what looks like pretty new graphs too!

There were not a lot of changes except for HTML Suggestions became HTML Improvements, however the functionality remains the same and the dashboard is a nice enhancement. Personally I don't remember seeing Health as an option, seem to remember

Diagnostics used to hold those same items as Health. Anyone who manages a large number of sites can view site-list in a compact layout, without preview thumbnails which I guess is kinda' cool as well.  Below is how the Googly described the changes in the left Margin:

new dashboard in wmt

Google's Team regrouped the left margin along Configuration, Health, Traffic and Optimization. Each group represents a related set of functionality:
  • Configuration: Things you configure and generally don’t change very often.
  • Health: Where you look to make sure things are OK.
  • Traffic: Where you go to understand how your site is doing in Google search, who’s linking to you; where you can explore the data about your site.
  • Optimization: Where you can find ideas to enhance your site, which enables us to better understand and represent your site in Search and other services.

compact site-list

All in all for the first time in a long time this is an improvement to the interface and usability. Lets just say I generally am not a fan of these changes to these services. Enjoy the new GWT!

Terry Van Horne -

Terry is an old school SEO/IM geek that works out of International Website Builders and the founder of - You can also hook up with him on Twitter. It seems he's become a regular here on the Trail... so I wanted to, once more, give a great big THANKs to T for hanging out and sharing his experiences.

You can also hook up via


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Last Updated on Tuesday, 08 May 2012 15:42

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