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What Content Writers can learn from SkyMallWhat Content Writers can learn from SkyMallThere are few things more fun and more entertaining on a plane, than reading SkyMall. Sure, it’s interesting to see what...

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If you don't have content, you don't have much to work with.
This section is all about content strategy and development.

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The Road to Great Content
There's been a distinct explosion in SEO spiel over the last year or so with a lot of industry experts spending a great deal of time talking about "great content". That's all well and good but there are very few that actually get specific and define what constitutes greatness.At the same time, sadly, only a very small percentage of online content is actually stellar, while the vast majority is mediocre and repetitive - even amazing writers and content creators have a hard time consistently producing high-quality, original, material....Read More >>
Do All Your Actions Support your Content...
There's an old proverb that says “He who fails to plan, plans to fail”. This is probably true in many fields, but definitely in SEO and on-line marketing. Any action you take should be according to a carefully conceived plan. And the content of your site is a perfect example of something that most definitely needs to be planned, if you want your website to be successful. So what should your plan address? Content Strategy - The Plan There are a number of...Read More >>

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What we need to leave behind in 2013...

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Do you have a content STRATEGY?

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Your Business Blog matters.

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Structured data and YOU!

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Pruning? Try De-forestation...

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Get a Content Strategy or DisappearGet a Content Strategy or DisappearContent is not the only way to successful SEO, but it IS a very powerful way to successful SEO and obliterating your competitors.But you have to ask yourself, where are you now and where do you want to go in your SEO? There are ways to perform SEO without content to be sure, but many people are looking for one thing when they type that keyword into Google: is this website going...Read More >>
Let your Content Strategist do his Job!Let your Content Strategist do his Job!Doc SheldonWe’ve all seen dozens of articles and blog posts on how to select an SEO service provider. Sometimes it seems there’s nearly as many different ways to approach the issue as there are SEOs. What isn’t often talked about is how to develop your copy. First, let’s consider the difference between copywriting and content strategy. I think a good way to look at it is to compare the two to link-building and...Read More >>
Are you a Copywriter or a Content Strategist?Are you a Copywriter or a Content Strategist?In a forum discussion the other day, I saw a comment from someone, saying that a content strategist is nothing more than a glorified copywriter. He went on to say that in many cases, a copywriter was little more than someone that fancied themselves a writer, and had tired of simply blogging.There are days when I really wish I could reach through the monitor and yank somebody into MY world! Is there really a difference? Let’s take a look...Read More >>
Change Your Online Approach > Change Your BusinessChange Your Online Approach > Change Your Business With all the advice about making your business more social, there’s surprisingly little information about what that really means. Because of this, a large amount of businesses – spanning from small to corporate – jump on the social bandwagon… and completely screw it up.You know, back in 1505, social meant, “characterized by friendliness or geniality”. Over the years, it’s taken on different, somewhat fuzzy meanings, but, for once, it seems Wikipedia has it right: Attitudes, orientations, or...Read More >>
A Scalable Content Strategy in a Post-Panda WorldA Scalable Content Strategy in a Post-Panda WorldThe Panda has raged across the globe now, leaving a path of half-chewed website traffic reports in its wake. Wow. That's pretty dramatic. But I get the sense a lot of people are underwhelmed by Google's Panda update. This update is a big, big deal. If you've been building your SEO content strategy around $3 articles, you're in for a rude awakening. You need to start improving what you're writing, asap. Here's how, in 5 steps: Before you...Read More >>
How to Build a Directional Long Tail Keyword ListHow to Build a Directional Long Tail Keyword ListChasing down individual, unique long tail keyphrases will end up being a big waste of your time. If your reaction to that sentence was, "OMG, how could he say that long tail keyphrases are a waste of time?! Grrr. What a f'in idiot! I can't wait to comment about how he is so totally wrong!" Then go back and re-read it carefully this time. [I'll wait] Now, better? Long tail keyphrases are a critical growth area in any SEO strategy...Read More >>
Why Panda Hates EcommerceWhy Panda Hates EcommerceGoogle launched the Panda algorithm in February of 2011, targeting so-called content farms. Content farms are large sites containing articles written by multiple authors and optimized for search engine results. Farm revenue comes from click-through ads.Overall, content farms offer little to readers. Writing quality tends to be poor, of low word count and often duplicates other sources. Panda dealt such sites a serious blow, reducing traffic in many cases by...Read More >>
21 Utterly Random Ideas for Content21 Utterly Random Ideas for ContentSuddenly, content’s important again! Woo hooooo! Actually, it’s always been important. Marketing = content. It always has. It always will. We just went through an 8-year period of insanity where folks thought Google was the new Shortcut Around Content. So maybe a better first sentence is: Suddenly, everyone’s figured out that content’s important! Congratulations! Geniuses!‘Content’ doesn’t mean crappy 250-word drivels that you buy for $15 off eLance. It means actual, useful stuff that I’ll appreciate. Real content’s a lot...Read More >>
Copywriting for Semantic SearchCopywriting for Semantic SearchA lot of people seem to want to know what the best way is to write in order to maximize the benefit from semantic search. So rather than sit on the secret, I decided to share it here. But first, let’s talk a little about what exactly semantic search is. Semantic Search There’s a lot of confusion about what semantic search is, strangely enough. Some people seem to want to paint it...Read More >>
Essential Steps to Creating Great ContentEssential Steps to Creating Great ContentEveryone is familiar with the mantra “great content attracts valuable links”, or “if you write it, they will come.” Of course, both are true to some extent, but great content also needs great promotion. You can’t expect content to sit there on the web on its own and just attract links without any SEO or website promotion work can you? So too you can’t expect to just whip out a great...Read More >>
Content Optimization: Conversion IssuesContent Optimization: Conversion IssuesAre you having trouble with converting clients who arrive on your site? Oftentimes the issue can be low quality content, and simply not providing relevant information that aligns with what clients are looking for in their search. Here are some simple tips to help you get to the bottom of your content issues, and items to consider including in your content.It is so important to focus on...Read More >>
Stories - The Ultimate ContentStories - The Ultimate ContentWith the coming Googlelopalypse, as chronicled by NineByBlue, content's going to become even more important. Yawn. How many more times can we all say 'content is important?' I dunno. How many more times can you ignore us when we say 'content is important?' I can say it 1 more time than that.Want great SEO? Tell a story. One by one, Google's taking away all our fun little tricks, from keyword optimization to link acquisition. Unless you're a serious...Read More >>
What Content Writers can learn from SkyMallWhat Content Writers can learn from SkyMallThere are few things more fun and more entertaining on a plane, than reading SkyMall. Sure, it’s interesting to see what types of products people are coming up with to “make lives easier”. Who doesn’t love it? But, have you ever read the descriptions? In the span of no more than a paragraph or two, nearly each product description fills the need of reader/user, and there’s a lot product description writers can learn from SkyMall.Product Descriptions are...Read More >>
Content Strategy – That Which BindsContent Strategy – That Which BindsDoc SheldonEarlier this year, I wrote an article on the differences between the functions of a copywriter and a content strategist. The salient point of that piece was that many self-proclaimed copywriters are actually performing the functions of a content strategist, perhaps without really realizing it.Poll of Content ProfessionalsA UK colleague recently solicited input via a poll, the results of which I think support that premise. Richard Ingram, of Ingserv, kindly allowed me to use...Read More >>
3 Ways To Defeat the Strategic Dead Zone3 Ways To Defeat the Strategic Dead ZoneWhat is the Strategic Dead Zone? When clients have been with you for a few years, strategies have a tendency to get stale. Routines become commonplace: the same types of site analysis, the same reporting metrics, and the types of reports. It can, and usually does, lead both sides to believe the relationship is cumbersome and no longer beneficial. Think of this as the “dead zone”.The Traditional Dead Zone Scenario From a client perspective, they think they’re set...Read More >>
8  Tips for Blogging Old School; Building a Community of Links8 Tips for Blogging Old School; Building a Community...So, the premise is, you’re new to the blogging scene and you want to be one of the popular people. You want to say, “Yeah, I write this blog” and have people say, “Oh, yeah, I really liked your article on…” So how do you get to that point? By building a community of links, old school style. Create quality, well thought...Read More >>
A Content Audit? Why the @#$% Would I Want to Do  That?A Content Audit? Why the @#$% Would I Want to...Otherwise known as a content assessment, a content audit is exactly what it sounds like. In short, you go over the content you have here-to-for created with a fine-toothed comb. Content Audits and Baby Steps First, let’s understand the topic of this article. Several types of digital content now exist on the web: images, videos, podcasts, radio shows, articles, blogs… the list goes on. That content could be all over the Internet by...Read More >>
Three Rules of Engagement – Your Content and  Your AudienceThree Rules of Engagement – Your Content and Your...Click-through: it’s that wonderful moment when a searcher, a potential visitor, becomes a visitor in fact. They click through to the landing page, site page, article, etc. There’s a lot to the click-through, however, which is why it’s called the “click-through process”.   Example Below is a snippet from the Google SERPs for “Miami golf shoes”. What you see is the first four results and a whole bunch more. ...Read More >>
Dear  Bloggers Everywhere, Please Lose the Over the Top Opt-in  Popups Dear Bloggers Everywhere, Please Lose the "Over the Top"...  In August, Kristi Hines wrote a post titled The Case For and Against Popup Opt-In Forms. For the post, she asked my opinionregarding the recent trend of opt-in popups sweeping the blogging world and this was my response.“I find auto “join my mailing list” popups to be extremely invasive and they create an incredibly bad user experience. Especially when I start reading something and then out...Read More >>
We’ll  Stop Screaming “Relevance” When You Start ListeningWe’ll Stop Screaming “Relevance” When You Start ListeningWe already know search engine optimization includes, in part, a keyword-finding treasure hunt. We know they should be in your title; call us old-fashioned, but tradition says they should be in your first and last paragraph as well, and we agree. We also know that in a perfect world you should have your keyword in the page URL. Of course, these aren’t the only places you should focus your efforts. Let’s not...Read More >>

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