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Google Reconsideration Requests & Replies; understanding the evolutionGoogle Reconsideration Requests & Replies; understanding the evolutionHas anyone else noticed that there seems to be some changes to the replies one receives when filing a...

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Ranting can be Therapeutic Ranting can be Therapeutic
We all have our hot buttons - things that just drive us up the...
Avoiding Search Strategy PitfallsAvoiding Search Strategy Pitfalls
Building a digital and search strategy isn’t the easiest thing in the world to...
What Google Knows & The War Against SEOsWhat Google Knows & The...
I don’t know how many marketers know about Google Think. Essentially, Google Think is the...

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Avoiding Search Strategy Pitfalls
Building a digital and search strategy isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. Even when the stars align, and all is right with the universe, there are still hiccups and hurdles in its design and implementation. And, that’s in the best of all possible worlds. Now imagine when you got multiple failures of communication or possibly no communication at all. Teeth-grinding, hair-pulling madness. There’s nothing worse than “surprises”. There’s nothing worse than discovering something that you should have known about but...Read More >>
What Google Knows & The War Against...
I don’t know how many marketers know about Google Think. Essentially, Google Think is the place where digital marketers can pick/pull consumer data insights from Google’s marketing research that spans across every major industry. It’s really one of those gems that once you stumble across, you’ll wonder how you were doing business without it.It’s jam-packed with tons of great deck-stuffers and great consumer insights. All gushing aside, it’s what Google knows about all of us as digital shoppers and consumers: how we behave, what digital channels...Read More >>

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What we need to leave behind in 2013...

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Ranting can be Therapeutic Ranting can be TherapeuticWe all have our hot buttons - things that just drive us up the wall because they just never seem to go away. I was bored for a couple of hours yesterday, because the electric company knocked our power off for the third time in five days... so I started making a list of things that bug me. At first, I was trying to limit it to my specific fields of SEO and...Read More >>
Link Values SimplifiedLink Values SimplifiedEarlier I read a piece on Google, press releases and link values in SearchEngineLand. The article notes an experiment conducted by Daniel Tan, founder of WordPress SEO evaluation plug-in SEOPressor.Tan set out to disprove a Christmas Day comment made by Google Quality Control Czar, Matt Cutts to a Google Forum discussion of press releases. What Matt Said Cutts wrote “I wouldn’t expect links from press release web sites to...Read More >>
SMX Hacks for Conference Survival: Part DeuxSMX Hacks for Conference Survival: Part DeuxIt’s conference time! It’s an awesome time – a time to get together with industry friends, make new ones, and rub shoulders with the industry greats. If it is your first conference, it can be overwhelming trying to navigate through the treacherous world of conference-dom. Thankfully, there are those who can pave the way for the success of those who come after. Here are some great conference hacks that can make your life easier....Read More >>
Marketing from Scratch? Dont Skip The SEO Marketing from Scratch? Don't Skip The SEOThere are plenty of ways to build a solid marketing plan that utilizes different SEO methods. There is no one solid plan for SEO, since different approaches can be used to achieve great results. For the purposes of this article, I would like to discuss how you can build a solid marketing plan using well known standard techniques that you could likely apply to a variety of situations. Business Research First off, you will want...Read More >>
Is Your Local SEO Traffic Leaving Town?Is Your Local SEO Traffic Leaving Town?Generally, when small business marketing meets the Internet, people talk about the benefits of accessing a national or even global marketplace. While an expanded consumer base can certainly profit a company, local markets remain the bread and butter of most small businesses.A local business may overlook online searches as a source of consumers, trusting instead the more traditional local forms of advertising. The truth is that local businesses...Read More >>
Why SEOs Hate Web Professionals (Mostly)Why SEOs Hate Web Professionals (Mostly)SEOs are a unique bunch, in case you haven't noticed. We have real OCD tendencies (and, for some us, it's full-blown OCD), we just know better than you (about everything), we are intensely, over-the-top goal driven beings, we are scientists-in-a-vacuum, we are data-miners and data-hogs, we are behavioral futurists, and we make the web a better place for you and yours (for a price).As a caveat, the good ones are like that....Read More >>
Finding your Own Hot ButtonFinding your Own Hot ButtonThose who have shunned the idea of working for others, preferring to earn their daily bread without having to deal with bosses and time-clocks, usually face a realization at some point: it's not quite as perfect or ideal as they might have once thought. Still, everything has trade-offs - it's just a matter of what one's looking for. Some people take the plunge into independence, but economic necessity pulls them back into the more traditional...Read More >>
Ways Your Mother Lied To You About SEOWays Your Mother Lied To You About SEOLet’s face it: myths and fallacies marred in complete fiction are how some SEOs thrive. This is part of why some people in the industry consider SEOs to be snake oil salesmen. Which is unfortunate, because there are many superb SEOs.There are ways that lies and outright half-truths sometimes get touted as the latest in SEO methodologies without any research performed into how they function for a particular business. The latest flavor of...Read More >>
Stop Demonizing Every SEO Tactic That Gets AbusedStop Demonizing Every SEO Tactic That Gets AbusedEver since the rise of black and white animals over at Google the SEO industry seems to be in a constant state of paranoia. Every other day there seems to be a new post being spread about how this or that is going to kill your SEO efforts in the near future.It started with “the death of anchor text”, then it was “the death of infographics” the cycle is never ending and as time goes...Read More >>
The Complete History of Google Algorithms: 2003-2012The Complete History of Google Algorithms: 2003-2012This beautiful little Infographic outlines the history of Google's major search algorithm updates from 2003-2012. It was lovingly made by the good folks over at (Please click image for a full-size view)Please feel free to leave comments and questions....Read More >>
SEO Intervention: PageRankSEO Intervention: PageRankIn the game we call SEO, it's easy to get jaded and disappear into a myopic bubble where we think that everybody knows exactly what we do and how it works - a consequence of working in a complex, ever-changing field that requires your full attention to remain competitive. However, it's crucial that we understand how to sway a client from focusing purely on rankings (a debate that, as we all know, has been raging this week) to...Read More >>
Where is SEO going in 2013?Where is SEO going in 2013?This is always a tricky question. There are many, many algorithm updates that occur throughout the year, and as an SEO, you never know what the big 3 are going to do next. But, there are educated guesses that can keep you on the right track.SEO in 2013 is probably going to see major shifting of traffic and how people use the web. There will more than likely be brand-new technologies we haven’t...Read More >>
Worth a Thousand Words: Using Instagram to Market Your BusinessWorth a Thousand Words: Using Instagram to Market Your BusinessThe Internet is all about communicating visually, and for a business marketing online, showing and telling are equally important. A picture’s worth a thousand words, isn’t it? Online marketers certainly think so, which is why photo sharing is one of the fastest growing trends in social media marketing. At the head of this trend is the increasingly popular, Facebook-owned app Instagram.Major brands have used this artsy photo-editing and sharing app...Read More >>
Google Hotel Finder Impacts Organic TrafficGoogle Hotel Finder Impacts Organic TrafficOver the last week Google has managed to scare the entire travel industry and some SEOs as it switched on its Hotel Finder globally, it’s been hanging around for a while but has taken centre stage in the evolution of Google. I first noticed the change on the 17th November when I was researching if I should buy and develop the domain The screenshot below shows why I decided that there would be just too...Read More >>
8 Tips to Writing an Effective Business Blog8 Tips to Writing an Effective Business BlogEdit: The old adage, "practice what you preach" makes perfect sense... especially when you're caught publishing an article about the importance of properly proofing your work - without having properly proofed your work. Muddy gently called me on it, for which I'm grateful. At least it was only MY reputation affected, not a client's.  My apologies to everyone, regardless. Before we begin discussing tips for writing an effective business...Read More >>
Breaking Down Two Big SEO MythsBreaking Down Two Big SEO MythsIt’s been a long time since I went on a rant, but the time has come to set the record straight on two things: the idea that “great content” is the next link graph, and the notion of corporate/company “transparency”. David Harry’s Google Rage 2012 post on SEO Dojo (whether he likes it or not) was the genesis of this post, because really isn’t it time we all had a little “real talk” about these heavily...Read More >>
My Changed Perspective on Structured DataMy Changed Perspective on Structured DataUp to quite recently I was a bit of a structured data skeptic. I thought markup was just an admission of defeat from Google, an implication that they'd given up the fight to try and understand web content properly and instead left it up to webmasters to do Google's hard work for them. However, my opinion on structured data has changed over the past few months, to the point where now I'm an...Read More >>
Be A Better Boardroom SEOBe A Better Boardroom SEOThe boardroom; it’s the last place you’d think SEO happens. But in reality, it’s the first place. Before you research a single keyword phrase and before you touch a single line of code, you’ve got to win in the boardroom. From Enterprise Level SEO down the smallest of businesses, if you can't convince, explain, prove, and earn trust in those boardroom settings, you’re not going to get very far as an SEO.Being better in the boardroom is a...Read More >>
How To Train Your SEOHow To Train Your SEOThe fact of the matter is that you can’t be replaced. The years of search and algorithmic knowledge (the science), the nuances of search you’ve accumulated (the art), can’t simply fit into neat little box.As more and more of us move into different positions, with different responsibilities, we’re being tasked with bringing in new team members to fill the gaps we’re leaving. And, let’s face it, a good SEO is hard to come by these days....Read More >>
Is Your USP Optimized?Is Your USP Optimized?You may not know how to best go about optimizing your web presence. But there are some great professionals out there that can help you with that. Let them do what they’re good at, while you do what you’re good at… running your business. Businesses need to be optimized, too. Unless you enjoy a monopoly in your niche, and there’s a strong demand for what you offer, you’ll need to do some effective...Read More >>

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