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Google Updates Social SearchGoogle Updates Social SearchThere was a post earlier today from Google stating that they're ramping up the social elements in the SERPs....

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Did Google ease off Panda and the tighten thin content manual penalty?Did Google ease off Panda...
Earlier this week there was a confirmation from Google about a recent Panda update....
Is Technorati feeling the Google heat?Is Technorati feeling the Google...
Ok, so yesterday I was reporting about some potential red flags in the world...
Digital Marketing Weekly - Issue 4Digital Marketing Weekly - Issue...
Linked to last week's Google I/O event in San Francisco there is a lot of...

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Did Google ease off Panda and the...
Earlier this week there was a confirmation from Google about a recent Panda update. As part of the news on this it seems it was 'lightened' in the sense that most of the reports coming out were about people recovering and that Google had eased off the algorithm to some degree.Then, last night, I was wandering about the Google webmaster help forums and noticed a webmaster talking about a new manual penalty action notification I hadn't seen before,...Read More >>
Is Technorati feeling the Google heat?
Ok, so yesterday I was reporting about some potential red flags in the world of guest posting. Today we found something that might just be related to that over on Threadwatch.The thread details an email that went out to Technorati authors that submit posts over on TechCrunch. It goes like this; "Sorry, but we're not going to publish writer submitted pieces any longer. We're moving in a new direction and are only leveraging content produced from the editorial staff....Read More >>

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Digital Marketing Weekly - Issue 4Digital Marketing Weekly - Issue 4 Linked to last week's Google I/O event in San Francisco there is a lot of new features and updates around Google products this week. Google+ Offers Google has finally started to aggressively expand it's product suite into Google+ with the expansion of Google Offers. Brands can now benefit from Google+ users ability to see, share and save their promotions from within their Google+ feeds, with a handful of brands. This is really a...Read More >>
Digital Marketing; Weekly - Issue 3Digital Marketing; Weekly - Issue 3 YouTube Trends Map One of the coolest new Trends tools to be rolled out is YouTube Trends which offers an interactive Map of what video in the US are getting the most Shares or Views. The platform also has the ability to filter the results by Gender & Age demographics which is perfect for understand what video is appealing to which demographic. I think that some of the obvious uses for marketers could be:Use...Read More >>
Google Hangout - Integrated SEO 2013Google Hangout - Integrated SEO 2013Hey gang, Dave here with some exciting news! Ok, it's exciting to me at least and hopefully you'll get pumped up as we go here. As part of the never ending evolution of online media, SNC is going visual. As in LIVE! Yup that's right, starting next Thursday (May 16th) we'll be having some hangouts, live on the air, with guests and topics across the scope of online marketing. It's going to...Read More >>
Matt Cutts latest SEO MisconceptionsMatt Cutts' latest SEO MisconceptionsWell, our fav Gooogler (distinguished no less) Matt Cutt's was back with another video today and hey, he's speaking my language!! No really, right off the top he got into patent-hounds. Being from the school of Slawski, one always talks of them with qualifiers such as “may be”, “could be” or “possibly”. Just because there's a patent awarded, “.. doesn't necessarily mean we're using that patent” as Matt states....Read More >>
Digital Marketing; Weekly - Issue 2Digital Marketing; Weekly - Issue 2 Salesforce Delivers has aggressively expanded their social advertising offering with their acquisition of Buddy Media last year but have stepped up their game with their unified platform offering via The new platform offers an integration solution that allows marketers to scale up their social ads (Twitter/Facebook), linked in with CRM data and track and optimise the campaign powered by social...Read More >>
Exciting times at SNC; welcome the new team membersExciting times at SNC; welcome the new team membersSearch News Central is pleased to welcome aboard the team of writers from Digital Always Media and Firestarter Social Media. You have already read a few pieces from a couple of the members of this team, but we would like to officially welcome them and introduce you to them.Representing Toronto-based Digital Always Media are Jim Hedger, Alan K’necht, and Bria Jordan. Most...Read More >>
Matt Cutts on upcoming changes for SEO 2013Matt Cutts on upcoming changes for SEO 2013Matt Cutts had a blog post and video (made in early May) about “What to expect in SEO in the next few months”. Indeed this is likely a response to the pending-Penguin update and recent comments made via Twitter and elsewhere.It's always entertaining watching the SEO industry's response to these... I can almost hear them in my head at this point. Bring out your tin-foil! 2 Side of the...Read More >>
Digital Marketing; Weekly - Issue 1Digital Marketing; Weekly - Issue 1(Welcome to Digital Marketing; Weekly, our new weekly update section. It's our way of trying to bring a bit more 'news' to the site. It may evolve a little, but basically it will feature the top stories from the past week in social media, search, and digital marketing, along with any other noteworthy developments. Enjoy!)I was struggling to think of what to write for this month as there was so many things that happened just over the past...Read More >>
Search News Central Launches Google+ Community Search News Central Launches Google+ CommunityGreetings! I just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that we've started a Search News Central Google+ community. You can go join it now. I'll wait...There have been whispers about new things to come at SNC, and this is just one of them. The community will be ripe with discussions, news of upcoming events, and post ideas. We hope to keep it a place of sharing ideas, rather than pimping your post links, in...Read More >>
Happy Holidays from Searchmetrics!Happy Holidays from Searchmetrics!Christmas comes but once a year, and this time around Searchmetrics, a Germany-based SEO/online marketing firm, is offering up a very merry gift indeed.Beginning December 24(or possibly even sooner) until December 31 @11:59pm, Searchmetrics Essentials, a powerhouse suite of online marketing modules, metrics, and real-time analytics, will be available to all registered users, free of charge. And if you're not registered, it's free and simple(even I pulled it off). Here's an idea of what to...Read More >>
Panda? No. Update? Yes...Panda? No. Update? Yes...Did you feel the ground shake? The last few days has seen a buzz growing around an apparent Google search update that hit on Friday, November 16. Originally it was thought to be a Panda update, but Google in fact confirmed that there was no Panda update. They wouldn't however confirm or deny an update of some other kind. In a post today, Marcus Tober, founder of, stated that his data suggests that Google has in...Read More >>
Google Panda No. 21 - A Refresh Google Panda No. 21 - A RefreshGoogle has confirmed that an refresh of Panda was rolled out on Monday, November 5, 2012. This is it's 21st incarnation since its release in February 2011. Worldwide, this is expected to affect about 0.4% of regular queries, and a few more in the US in English, at around 1.1%. For a look at previous Panda updates, and how they affected queries, check the Dojo's Google Updates Page. If you think you've been affected...Read More >>
Hijacked SERPs? Whats up Google?Hijacked SERPs? What's up Google?An interesting article from yesterday has brought to light a potential problem with Google's search algorithm concerning attribution. Briefly, attribution, in search quality speak, is 'credit where credit's due'. In other words, in the case of duplicate content, making sure the original document, not the dupe, gets ranked. Google tries to ensure this by a)not displaying duplicate content in SERPs, and b) ranking the url with the highest PageRank, whenever a duplicate presents it's self. Taking advantage of these 'rules',...Read More >>
Democracy Just Got A Lot GooglierDemocracy Just Got A Lot GooglierWell, today is election day in the US, and of course we're going to feed off the buzz. There's something very refreshing about to population of one of the largest and most powerful nations in the world, walking or driving to their nearest fire hall, and peacefully overthrowing their government. Ahh democracy. But would it be right of me to come on here, a platform dedicated to the world of search engines, and start blabbing about how much better one...Read More >>
Googles Disavow Links Tool is Not a Quick Fix Google's Disavow Links Tool is Not a Quick FixYesterday during a keynote speech, Matt Cutts, head of Google's Web Spam team, announced the launch of a long-anticipated "disavow link tool". In a relatively simple process, webmasters can upload a text file containing a list of urls, or entire domains, containing links they want Google to 'ignore' or not count when calculating algorithms concerning their site. While this may seem like a blessing to anyone who's spent the last 20 months trying to manually take down unnatural...Read More >>
SEO in a post Transition Rank worldSEO in a post Transition Rank worldLast week the search world again did it's impression of chicken little over a recent Google patent award. You know the one? The rank modifying spam detection method? Of course you do. And if ya don't? Consider yerself lucky Essentially it's a method of spam detection that uses what they called a 'transition rank'. This could potentially rank a document in a different placement, than it would normally land on,...Read More >>
Googles got a brand new bag; rank modifying spam patentGoogle's got a brand new bag; rank modifying spam patentHave you heard about Google's new algorithm? It's gonna be freakin' huge! They're really out to get SEOs this time. Whatever you do... stop doing SEO. The end is near! SEO is DEAD!! Bibble... babble...dibble...irk... ;   The Sky is falling Well it seems once more the 'chicken little' syndrome has hit the SEO world. In yet another example of turning a simple patent filing into a swath of ignorance, it seems the sky...Read More >>
Penguin, Panda and Search Quality updates from the SEO DojoPenguin, Panda and Search Quality updates from the SEO DojoIf there's one thing that's consistent in the land of Google over the last few years, it's change. Massive changes actually. Almost seemed that the Caffeine infrastructure update was the sign of things to come. These days we have P2 as well as the ongoing search quality highlights and more. So where does one keep a handle on it all? Certainly my good friend over at the Moz,...Read More >>
Marissa Mayer Moves On – New Life for the Y!Marissa Mayer Moves On – New Life for the Y!In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, Marissa Mayer, former Vice President of Local, Maps, and Location Services, was appointed as President and CEO of Yahoo!.Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and the Blogosphere have been blowing up over the news with many saying she’s too inexperienced for the job. While some say her lack of experience is the biggest issue, others say it was a bad move...Read More >>
Bing Shows Google How to Treat a LinkBing Shows Google How to Treat a LinkBing announced the release of a feature in it's webmaster tools that will allow you to disavow links that you don't want the search engine associating with your site, allowing you to essentially 'turn-off' the bad link juice that's been hurting you're SERP ranking. This will also help combat any 'negative seo' practiced against you. I can already hear it. Half of you jokingly saying 'what's a Bing?', while the other half yells "who cares?(it's Bing!)" Of...Read More >>

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