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Jennifer Van Iderstyne,


Jennifer Van Iderstyne is the Online Marketing director for Search Slingshot since the company’s inception in 2009. She started out with a BA in Politics from SUNY Potsdam, and minors in acting and communication. She worked in Public Policy for a brief period before her growing fascination with Search Engines led her into the world of online marketing.

She has been involved with SEO for the last several years, as a link builder, an SEO strategist, a trainer and a manager.

Currently she specializes in link promotion, SEO consulting and content creation. She is also a regular columnist for Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Watch. Off line she is active in Community Theater and performs with a local improve comedy troupe.

Recent articles by Jennifer Van Iderstyne

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Popular articles by Jennifer Van Iderstyne

Random articles by Jennifer Van Iderstyne

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