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Extend your marketing; the NEW social media strategyAs a marketing channel, social media is still extremely new. There’s a lot we’re learning and everyday we’re experimenting...

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Effective Social Media Channels for Different Niches
Marketing to a highly specialized niche can be tricky business - after all, not everyone has a healthy appreciation for cat-themed eyewear or needs organizational tools for their sombrero collections. The thing about Internet marketing, though, is that your niche customers, no matter who they are, are out there somewhere – it's just a matter of finding them.  This is when social media can become your greatest asset or biggest energy sink.  By choosing the right social media channel for your niche and using...Read More >>
United, We Share: Brand Partnerships and Social...
Social media provides businesses with opportunities far beyond the obvious. Most businesses understand how social media can improve the customer/business relationship, and provide important market research information. Knowing what your customers like — and more importantly, dislike — is never a waste.Too often, however, businesses never explore social media’s business-to-business opportunities. By forging partnerships, businesses can increase readership, spread their message to new markets and increase brand awareness. Brand Messages and Partnerships Creating a brand voice and establishing your...Read More >>

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The Legalities of Social Media and How to Stay In the LinesThe Legalities of Social Media and How to Stay In...When it comes to social media, companies are always worried about the rules that those particular companies—Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.—have put into place. There are quite a few guidelines to follow and things to keep in mind so that search engines don’t penalize you and social networks don’t ban you.However, what many companies fail to realize is that the “real” law is also involved. Whenever you do something online, you still have...Read More >>
Getting the Most out of Facebook Custom AudiencesGetting the Most out of Facebook Custom AudiencesFacebook is no doubt the social network of changes. With the recent changes in the timeline layout, the acquisition of Instagram, and new data available for business page analytics, it can sometimes be hard to keep track of it all.Start-up companies oftentimes have to take a look back on a change before they react and reflect, and for many, the Facebook custom audiences are no different. If this was one Facebook...Read More >>
How to Glide Effortlessly Through Changing Social MediaHow to Glide Effortlessly Through Changing Social MediaAre you surfing the social media wave to great success but feel the winds of change at your back? Don’t jump on the bandwagon until you are sure your proposed customer communication strategy integrates well with your business plan.Adapting Your Business to Customer Desires Businesses that maintain a social presence can easily interact with their customers on a 24/7 basis. Insightful blog content that establishes you as an expert in...Read More >>
Google Plus Communities - An Idea with Wings?Google Plus Communities - An Idea with Wings?On December 6th, Google launched their newest innovation to Google+, perhaps the piece of the g-Puzzle that will give G+ the juggernaut status the folks at the 'Plex are hoping for: Google Communities. Early reception was enthusiastic, and Communities started appearing almost immediately. Predictably, there were a lot that appeared with SEO in their names - at least 20 as of this writing, 15 of which were all identically named "SEO"....Read More >>
Social Marketing: Stop the Blatant AdsSocial Marketing: Stop the Blatant AdsThe Internet offers many opportunities to market a small business. Social media and SEO play a big role. While advertising is as important as it has always been, gaining the trust of your customers is the top priority when building a brand.Building Relationships Building your brand online is akin to developing a relationship with your followers. If you tweet advertisements and post new products on Facebook non-stop, people may feel like...Read More >>
Social Sharing: Is It Essential for Growth?Social Sharing: Is It Essential for Growth?According to Tippr, social sharing is the spreading of daily deals from user to user through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email and others. But is that really what social sharing is? Is it just about daily deals?Let me ask you a question. How much, on average, does your social activity involve a coupon, sale or other "deal"? I'm not a betting woman, but if I were, I'd bet a...Read More >>
Eight Tips if You’re Going to Be a Social A**holeEight Tips if You’re Going to Be a Social A**holeYou’ll be shocked to know I occasionally rub people the wrong way. Sometimes, I get nicely-written “Gee, Ian, I’m not sure I agree” missives. Other times, I get lengthy rants, or a quick, passive-aggressive comment on Twitter. It’s all good. I get it. You don’t agree with my feelings on duplicate content and RSS feeds. You respond. None of this will tilt the Earth off its axis. But Then… But then there are the people who write stuff, apparently,...Read More >>
Introducing Microsoft A ReviewIntroducing Microsoft A ReviewMicrosoft Fuse Labs has taken a leaf out of the content curation craze that is powering growth in platforms like Pinterest that is focused around allowing users to share their search results with its new has apparently been targeted at University and School students within the US, but not matching any of those requirements I had to only wait 24 hours to get my account approved....Read More >>
Social Media, Optimization and Conversions are New? Not Likely.Social Media, Optimization and Conversions are New? Not Likely.Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion, proving once again that Mark Zuckerberg is either one of the luckiest business leaders or one of the best – depending on whom you talk to, of course. A photo-sharing app that lets you add filters and post to your networks is all well and good, but… well, is this type of thing new? Not really. Not in the "grand scheme" of things. The past few years have...Read More >>
Overwhelmed with Social Media? Stop the Insanity! Overwhelmed with Social Media? Stop the Insanity!Stop the Insanity! I hate to say it, I really do, but the number of social media options borders on insane. How can a person keep up with it all? What about businesses? Unless you have a huge social media team, it's almost impossible. Need I mention that if you're busy scrambling to keep up you're going to make mistakes? Case in point. I recently retweeted a link to an excellent infographic. It's...Read More >>
Seriously Pintrest! A Meta Tag to Stop Pinning?Seriously Pintrest! A Meta Tag to Stop Pinning?Yesterday I received a skype call from Paul Anthony a long time Dojo Member and fellow Microshaft Dev (he's gone on to better things as well). Paul came to me to bounce something off me that he had discovered about Pinterest. I kind of laughed and suggested he speak to Steve Gerencser fellow Regulator mate and Pinterest Marketer ie: Steve knows enough...Read More >>
How to resurrect old content with PinterestHow to resurrect old content with PinterestI’ve been using Pinterest for a little over five months. The website seemed to gain some traction in the SEO realm back in November in a few posts and tips on how to utilize Pinterest for your internet marketing efforts. In most of the posts I’ve read they focus on the backlink and social benefits of the website, however none of them touched on how Pinterest can...Read More >>
Hey  dumbass, get a grip on your social graph SERP would ya?Hey dumbass, get a grip on your social graph...One thing that I hear a lot of when it comes to Google Search Plus Your World, is that it is making a mess of people's SERPs. That it is pervasive. I don't see a lot of it outside search related queries, (and there's that handy button to turn it off ya know). But how about this? Tighten up your social circles.See how easy that was? And no, I...Read More >>
Dear  Bloggers Everywhere, Please Lose the Over the Top Opt-in  Popups Dear Bloggers Everywhere, Please Lose the "Over the Top"...  In August, Kristi Hines wrote a post titled The Case For and Against Popup Opt-In Forms. For the post, she asked my opinionregarding the recent trend of opt-in popups sweeping the blogging world and this was my response.“I find auto “join my mailing list” popups to be extremely invasive and they create an incredibly bad user experience. Especially when I start reading something and then out...Read More >>
The Wild West: Facebook Advertising Tips 2011The Wild West: Facebook Advertising Tips 2011Not sure if you should use Facebook advertising? Here are the biggest advantages:Cheaper than Google Capture fans you can market to repeatedly (like email!) Expand your sales funnel upwards beyond the current buyers Unique targeting opportunities (see the end of this article)That said, a disclaimer: most businesses should use AdWords to get those buying customers first. Once you have your high ROI keywords narrowed down in AdWords, then think about using the rest of your advertising...Read More >>
Facebook Marketing Hijacking: A Case StudyFacebook Marketing Hijacking: A Case StudyYou're being hijacked. They're hijacking you. Facebook marketers are being hijacked and large majority don't even know it.  It's been almost four years since Facebook Ads were introduced by Mark Zuckerberg (Nov. 6, 2007). And in that short time span, Zuckerberg has built himself a small empire of walled-garden ads and revenue. Some quick facts:Per, there are currently 629,622,400 Facebook Users In 2010 Facebook Ads spend total 1.86 billion dollars Facebook Ads are projected to total...Read More >>
Are SEOs Too Lazy To Benefit From Facebook?Are SEO's Too Lazy To Benefit From Facebook?The two strongest digital marketing professions over the last 5 years have been Search Engine Optimizers and Pay Per Click Managers. But with the rise of Social Media, budgets and interest is shifting away from these occupations. I would think SEO and PPC experts would be some of the leaders in Social Media, since they've been at the forefront of getting online results during the shift from traditional to digital marketing. They have the inherent understanding of analytics and optimization....Read More >>
Social Media Marketing – Do YOU Have All the  Sandwich Ingredients?Social Media Marketing – Do YOU Have All the... I recently came across this article (I’ll link to it in a second), in which the author compares social media to sandwich making. “Just because you know how to take the bread out of the fridge,” he says, “doesn’t mean you know how to make a sandwich.” While reading the article, Why I Will Never, Ever, Hire a Social Media Expert, I found myself thinking, “You know, he has a good...Read More >>
The Death of PrivacyThe Death of PrivacyApps can tell the world what you're reading, watching, or listening to without your permission. Concerns about Facebook's Privacy Policies are nothing new to the social media giant, but Facebook's "frictionless sharing," a feature which allows applications to post activities without your explicitly deciding to share or "like" has a fair number of people and privacy groups up in arms, but it depends which side of the fence you...Read More >>
Extend your marketing; the NEW social media strategyAs a marketing channel, social media is still extremely new. There’s a lot we’re learning and everyday we’re experimenting with new ways to maximize its reach. If we think back before Facebook and Twitter, we can see how much social media has evolved and changed. Now, it’s evolving again - especially in the way that marketers look at it. No longer do marketers view social media by the platform, instead we’re looking at...Read More >>

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