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Getting a grip on social signals in searchGetting a grip on social signals in  searchIf there's one thing that has driven me nuts over the last 6 months it's the non-stop chatter and search...

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Will Googles Agent Rank Ever Become a Ranking Factor?Will Google's Agent Rank Ever...
I've seen some interesting discussions recently on the question of whether authority (Agent Rank)...
Algorithm Updates vs Manual Penalties - Some People Still Don’t Get ItAlgorithm Updates vs Manual Penalties...
In the fallout of the last publicly announced (sorta) Panda update and as the...
3 Quick Fixes to Enterprise-Level Technical SEO3 Quick Fixes to Enterprise-Level...
As Google continues to transpose the idea and essence of the real world, physical marketplace...

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Will Google's Agent Rank Ever Become a...
I've seen some interesting discussions recently on the question of whether authority (Agent Rank) will ever become a ranking factor, such as this one on Google+. Let me preface this with a reminder that although authorship and authority can interrelate, they are two entirely different things. Authorship is merely a mechanism to link an entity and a work together - authority is a rank placed upon an entity for its value within a certain topic area or field of interest.Authorship,...Read More >>
Algorithm Updates vs Manual Penalties - Some...
In the fallout of the last publicly announced (sorta) Panda update and as the internet prepares for Penguin: The Next Generation I find myself talking about algorithm updates and penalties a lot. Unfortunately it seems like even folks in the industry can’t differentiate the difference and I am having conversations I wish I didn’t have to have.  Which is why I thought I would take the opportunity to help break down the difference between the two in hopes of educating...Read More >>

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Link Pruning - is it Rocket Surgery?Link Pruning - is it Rocket Surgery?Many sites have found themselves penalized in recent months for unnatural links. Webmasters around the world have been forced into self-examination, the painful process of asking to have links removed that were hard-won (or co$tly) and the difficult task of contacting other webmasters asking to have links removed. I've had occasion to work on a couple of sites that received manual penalties for unnatural links, and have learned...Read More >>
The Ugly State of Google SERPs: Rich Snippet AbuseThe Ugly State of Google SERPs: Rich Snippet AbuseWith Panda’s and Penguin’s nipping at the tails of SEO’s it seems as though everyone is finally trying to go by the straight and narrow and do their part to generate useful, unique content targeted at their audience and work to generate links naturally. But just as many SEO’s let out a sigh of relief as they hope to conquer some of their more spammy competitors I am noticing some new...Read More >>
Are you ready for the next Penguin  assault?Are you ready for the next Penguin assault?According to comments being reported from SES, Matt Cutt's has said the next incarnation is the "the father of all Penguins" - "jarring and jolting" and that SEO's won't “want the next Penguin update." Strange, considering many of them I know didn't want the first one. Anyway.... Accordingly many search types are scurrying around talking about it on various communities and social sites. Even my Skype...Read More >>
3 Guidelines for International SEO3 Guidelines for International SEOEven though Thomas Friedman declared the world to be flat in 2005, every year the world seemingly gets flatter than it was the year before. French, Japanese, and Brazilian market places are a few mouse-clicks away from anyone.It’s not just big corporations and companies that swimming in these market places anymore, more and more mid-sized businesses are looking to capitalize on globalized logistics to grow their businesses in expanding centers that need...Read More >>
Recovering from Penguin: More Than Just BacklinksRecovering from Penguin: More Than Just Backlinks There’s been a lot of talk about recovering from Google’s Penguin update. But everything I am seeing focuses heavily on backlink analysis and known webspam techniques. By now, I think most webmasters who got hit by Penguin recognize if they were hit because of their shady link building practices, but what about the sites that got hit simply because they suck at on page...Read More >>
Why I Think the Author Rank Hype is MisguidedWhy I Think the Author Rank Hype is MisguidedAnother month, another hype doing the rounds in the realm of SEO. This time it's Author Rank and the implementation of rel=author on websites. The hype around Author Rank is that it is a method of validating authorship and assigning a certain level of trust and authority to authors. The idea is that this will then feed in to the search engines' ranking algorithm, with content produced by trusted authors being...Read More >>
Building Quality SEO ReportsBuilding Quality SEO ReportsBuilding monthly reports is part of the job description of being an SEO. This is our chance to let our abilities shine. Sometimes this can be our chance to fix things that were not working in the first place. Providing this kind of information to clients and our bosses helps build trust, loyalty, and hopefully results that keep a client continuing to use us year after year. Obviously, there are a number of elements that go into...Read More >>
Did Googles Local Updates Catch You Flat Footed? Did Google's Local Updates Catch You Flat Footed?So… flashback to February 2012 and the forty algo changes Google highlighted in the Inside Search blog. A lot of buzz popped up, much as it always does. A slew of articles have come out about the "new heavy focus on local" with the Venice update and other local changes.If you've missed the hullabaloo, here are the updates in question:More locally relevant predictions in...Read More >>
Information Retrieval, Or: How I Stopped Worrying And Learned To Love The DataInformation Retrieval, Or: How I Stopped Worrying And Learned To...Lately people have become more and more aware of just how much information is collected about them. Leading the pack is Google. Ad re-targeting, personalized web search, instant pairing translations, and universal search are all ways that Information Retrieval is being used and studied to improve Google's products. But Google certainly isn't the first, simply the most honest about doing it. IR is used all around us every day to analyze, interpret and...Read More >>
Building the perfect SEO crawlerBuilding the perfect SEO crawlerA guy can dream, right? I've fiddled with crawler technologies for years. A good web spider is an essential tool for any SEO. There's Xenu, and Screaming Frog, and Scrapy, and lots of others. They're all nice. But I have this wish list of features I'd like to see in a perfect SEO crawler.I'd always told myself that I'd code something up with all these features when I had the spare time. Since I probably won't have any of...Read More >>
An SEOs Guide to a Painless Website MigrationAn SEO's Guide to a Painless Website MigrationIt can be a daunting and scary experience to migrate a website to a new server or web host, especially when sites are extremely large and require some significant amounts of additional time planning the migration. Even with the best intentions and exhaustive planning, some things can still go wrong. A website migration is one of those things that can be very costly as a result of a few mis-steps in the planning process. Luckily, there are ways...Read More >>
SEO &  Named Entities; what can we learn?SEO & Named Entities; what can we learn?In the world of search entities and their associations have become more and more important over the years and it's an area of study I advise all SEOs to get into. Today, more than ever. Last week we looked at some of the what, where and how of named entities and their applications to the modern world of search. As promised we're now going to dig in a little further and see what...Read More >>
Named Entities; associations for SEONamed Entities; associations for SEOIf there's one area of search that has had my interest over the last while it's entities. And interestingly, the SEO world has also been interested, but they tend to think of in in simpler terms; as brands. Year after year we hear about Google being biased towards brands. But that's not really the case from where I sit. It really doesn't make sense to create algorithms that favour brands. That's...Read More >>
GOOGLE search patents 2011GOOGLE search patents 2011Hello and welcome to this year's edition of patents of interest from the fine folks at Google. This isn't actually ALL of them, believe it or not, but the ones I found interesting enough to share in my SEO Geeks Newsletter.Another element to consider are the dates. Some patents may have been filed in 2010 or 2011 while others as far back as 2004. This means looking in aggregate may not tell the...Read More >>
Microsoft search patents 2011Microsoft search patents 2011Hello and welcome to part II in the annual search patent round-up here on SNC. While some might discount what goes on over at MS/Bing, that's not the point of the exercise. First off, Bing is still a viable engine with a large user base. Second, some markets actually get better conversions from Bing than from Google. And lastly, a search engineer is a search engineer. We're looking at how challenges in search are...Read More >>
Yahoo Search Patents 2011Yahoo Search Patents 2011Hello my fellow geeks and welcome to the last in our series on the year that was in patents in the world of search. In case you missed the previous rambling, we're not reverse engineering. We're merely looking to learn how search engineers think.And yes, I hear you saying, “Yahoo?? They're no longer relevant”. There's the misstep. We're not using patents (and papers) to unlock the holy grail, we're looking...Read More >>
How Google might find you annoyingHow Google might find you annoyingRecently I put a panel together of folks that had some experiences and perspective with the Google Panda update in hopes of learning more. It was a private gig, not public, and we learned a lot along the way including the fact that Google certainly doesn't seem to like obtrusive ads very much. In some cases people had seen some recovery by removing or downsizing the ads placed at the top of...Read More >>
SERP Out; Dealing with brands in SEOSERP Out; Dealing with brands in SEOOver the last while, as many would know, there have been ongoing issues for dealing with brands in your SERPs. If you are a brand? Well, often not so much. What I am talking about is when you're in a position such as a distributor or otherwise dealing with brands in your daily business. It is often quite a problem as far as the brand bias which can exist in modern search. Of note, of...Read More >>
Aspects and tools for technical SEOAspects and tools for technical SEOTechnical SEO, out of all the optimization “subsets”, is often overlooked in informative articles. Witness the fact that link building alone brings back over 1 million results (hacked query). For technical SEO, you get about 2,730. If you modify the results based on the past year, it drops down to a measly 198 (about 10 of those are reprints from OutSpoken Media). Sad, sad.Does this lack of coverage mean...Read More >>
SERP Out – Brand & query  refinementsSERP Out – Brand & query refinementsWalk with me.... If there is one area that is anything but a science, it's keyword research. It's not always self evident as to which terms or strategy is best employed for a given SEO program. There is one way that you may not have considered before, so today we're going to look at just that. First, a simple concept for you;SERP Out – this is a a...Read More >>

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