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  • Driving SaaS Growth With Customer Success
    A business cannot survive without loyal customers. SaaS companies depend on recurring customers. Ecommerce companies need repeat purchase customers. Consumer internet companies need visitors to keep coming back on a routine basis. Happy customers are loyal customers. That’s why within many SaaS companies there is a department for customer success. It’s more than a support […]

  • The Four-Step Process For Building a Scalable Sales Machine
    Mark Roberge has helped Hubspot become one of the real darlings of the SaaS industry. He’s one of the first employees, and currently serves as the Chief Revenue Officer. With this role, he’s created the revenue (over $100 million ARR) and customer acquisition (10,000+ customers) machine that has gotten Hubspot where they are today. If […]

  • How to Write Product Descriptions That Will Boost Conversions
    If you do any reading in the digital marketing space, you’ll find a ton of articles on landing pages, conversion rate optimization, email techniques, etc., etc. These are great resources, and I think you should keep reading them. But there’s a gaping hole in the marketing literature and blogs. I see very little being published […]

  • 15 Google Analytics Tips to Speed Up Your Website Data Analysis & Optimization
    Would you like to achieve more in less time and with less effort? The success of any online business depends on how quickly it can turn insights into action. This is true for data analysis as well. The good news is that you are about to learn 15 actionable tips you can use with Google […]

  • How to Build a Growth Machine
    There’s one important thing we have to get out of the way: Growth has nothing to do with tactics; it has everything to do with process. So says Brian Balfour, VP of Growth at Hubspot. You hear all the time about X company tripled their growth by doing X hack. The fact is that it […]

  • 9 “Must Try” Marketing Tactics Used by the Biggest SaaS Companies
    I’m fascinated by marketing and by SaaS — two of the main things I spend my time on. Both SaaS and digital marketing are always changing, developing, and surprising me. What I’ve observed in some of the biggest SaaS companies is a lack of willingness to innovate their marketing. But at the same time, I’ve […]

  • 7 Reasons Your Prospects Decide to Run Away From You
    Hundreds or even thousands of things that you think every day are wrong. The same is true for your prospects. This revelation is the basis of Daniel Kahneman’s research. And he won a Nobel Prize for it. In his book Thinking, Fast and Slow he uncovers the systematic ways that you make mistakes in your […]

  • How to Develop “Strategy” In B2B Content Marketing
    If you’re judging by the title, this could be one heck of a scary article to read. Scary, long, and way too complicated. You don’t have time for this, do you? I’m going to go ahead and tell you the point of this article, so you know upfront what I’m trying to accomplish, and why […]

  • Top 5 CMO Mistakes & How to Avoid Them (The Mistakes, Not the CMOs)
    Introducing the 5 most difficult jobs in America, according to Career Overview: Coal Mining President of the United States Alaskan Crab Fishing Mercenary Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Confession: I may have bumped up CMO a few spots. OK, a few hundred spots, but that job is darn hard. (I’m blending CMO and Director of Marketing […]

  • Protect Your Brand: Push Your Product, Not the Promotion
    Brand promotion through email marketing is a crucial tool for customer acquisition and engagement. Many businesses waste precious effort and resources because they don’t plan their brand promotion properly. Traditionally, retailers have been able to just post huge signs and distribute flyers making consumers aware of the sale in the back. Their storefronts could remain […]

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