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The Kissmetrics Marketing Blog
A Blog About Analytics, Marketing and Testing

  • Getting into the Flow: How and Why All Profit-Minded Marketers Should Document User Flows
    In the zone. Feeling it. In the groove. Zeroed in. A state of flow. We’ve all been there (hopefully) at some point in our lives. It’s almost magical. When it all comes together, and everything slides effortlessly from point A to point B. Athletes, writers, speakers, artists, chefs, doctors, musicians, teachers. And users…if you’ve done […]

  • Using Kissmetrics to Find Your Most Valuable Marketing Campaigns
    So you converted 3.1% of your visitors last month? Awesome! How many of them spent more than $100 on their purchase? Or how many were on your Enterprise plan? And how many of the 3.1% added a coupon to their order? How many of them came from your Facebook ad campaign? Don’t know? That’s a […]

  • Key Customer Metrics You Need to be Tracking (Infographic)
    In order for a business to generate a long-term, sustainable profit, new customers need to be driven to your site, existing customers need to be satisfied and ideally, existing customers should become repeat customers. For this to happen, it’s essential to have a deep understanding of how your customers behave in relation to your brand— […]

  • 5 Ways Your E-Commerce Business Can Recover From A Growth Setback
    Facing growth setbacks is part of the risk of doing business. While most companies may only highlight their successes to the public, it’s important to understand that every business has its own group of challenges. The key is to recognize the issues and take the necessary actions to move forward. “You may be facing your […]

  • How Fixing Client Analytics Can Help Agencies Sell More
    A completely accurate client analytics account is few and far between. That forces you, brave agency veteran, to roll up your sleeves and try to make sense of the chaos you’re looking at for each unique scenario. You didn’t plan for it. You didn’t charge for it. And now, if you don’t fix it, you’ll […]

  • PPC Advertising Hack: Super-Targeted Live Chat Prompts
    How do I get potential customers to engage on my site? If you’re trying to run a business online, this is a critically important question to answer—especially if you’re running any sort of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Clicks and site traffic simply aren’t enough. If you want your business to succeed, you need conversions and sales. […]

  • User-Generated Content: The Secret Weapon for Your Next Email Campaign
    Today’s economy is all about social proof. User-generated content (UGC) is one way to showcase why your brand matters. Moreover, email combined with UGC is a chance for ecommerce businesses to connect with consumers and generate revenue. Olapic found that “user-generated content in email sees a 43% increase in click-through rates and a 2-3X conversion […]

  • How to Increase Conversion Rates with Better Product Content
    If you’ve been reading our blog for awhile, you likely already know that a good product description can help sell a customer on your product or service. But too often, we put too much emphasis on the description itself while blissfully ignoring the other aspects of a product’s presentation. According to a recent study from […]

  • 7 Laws of Sales Funnel Physics Every SaaS Business Needs to Know
    Back in college, I visited to this run-down pizzeria shop called Sammi’s. Their logo had a picture of a pyramid on it. No one understood what that had to do with pizza. I pitched Sammi repeatedly on my startup’s text message coupon product at the time. He never bought. But I’ll never forget the time […]

  • What SaaS Marketers Can Learn About Pricing From Menu Engineers
    The food industry is a $5.32 trillion dollar business. The alluring profitability of the food business along with increasing competition has inspired a new discipline: menu engineering. As the name suggests, it is a deliberate construction of menus to generate greater profits per customer. When asked about the rise of menu engineering, value perception expert […]

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