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  • Your Guide to Unleashing Killer Content Marketing on LinkedIn
    Content marketing got a major boost with LinkedIn’s publishing platform. Over the past few weeks, LinkedIn has gradually rolled out a way for users to publish their own content. In this era of content-driven marketing, LinkedIn’s publishing platform has enormous potential. Not every user can use the publishing platform, but LinkedIn promises universal rollout within […]

  • Surprising Mobile Ecommerce Statistics that Will Change the Way You Do Business
    Hang on to your socks. If you care about ecommerce, you’re about to get a rude statistical awakening. Mobile shopping is huge. And if you’re not doing something about it right now, you’re going to miss the bus. Today, the name of the game is mobile. Not just mobile optimization or mobile search, but the […]

  • The Top 10 Ways To Re-Engage Dead Email Subscribers
    Seth Godin believes that “marketing is a contest for people’s attention.” Unfortunately, it is a contest that most email marketers are not winning. While many email marketers set up permission-based email lists, an average of 60% of the lists are “dead” email subscribers. This is not acceptable, and it’s something that must be fixed. Below […]

  • Advanced Twitter Marketing Techniques That Will Help Your Twitter Account Take Off
    We’ve all read those same old Twitter marketing techniques: use hashtags, speak with your followers, listen more than you talk, and a host of others that are all too obvious after using the service for more than a few days. I’m going to skip past those and give you advanced Twitter marketing techniques that will […]

  • How to Overcome the Content Distribution Hurdle: Lessons from Someone Who Had No Idea What They Were Doing
    We all know that the golden rule to content marketing is “provide value.” Many people don’t realize this is just the first part of a two-part rule. The second part is “deliver your content to the people who will find it valuable.” With the ridiculous amount of information and resources available on the web today, […]

  • How to Appropriately Promote Yourself on YouTube
    Most people don’t think about YouTube the same way they do Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. It’s less a “social media” site and more a get-your-cat-video-fix site. But that’s missing the point of YouTube. I think that YouTube is an untapped opportunity for personal promotion. Brands and products have become pretty good at using YouTube to […]

  • Beets, an Awesome Lunch Box and Social Recommendations from Friends
    Photo by Stacy, Flickr Creative Commons “Eat your beets.” That’d be mom talking to her son Zack. Zack doesn’t like what he sees. These round globs are red. Dark red. They appear to be bleeding. His mother says, “You’ll love them. Trust me.” Zack, of course, loves his mom. Trust is another story. Mom says, […]

  • 18 Resources to Help You Become Amazing At User Acquisition
    An effective user acquisition strategy is the holy grail for many marketers, whether it be a mix of channels that generate a constant flow of new users at a sustainable cost or a clever tactic that gives a new product a boost in users in a short period of time. If you’re looking for ideas […]

  • It’s Summertime . . . ’Tis the Season to Prep Your E-Commerce Site for the Holidays
    It’s summer in the city . . . and everywhere else for that matter. And you know what that means. Backyard barbecues. Roasting marshmallows over an open fire. Swimming, sunning, surfing. Beach volleyball. Biking. Hiking. Catching a few winks in your hammock. And if you’re a smart retailer – getting your e-commerce site ready for […]

  • The Anatomy of Web Content That Gets Read and Shared
    You know engaging content is important. But no matter how often you update your website or post new blogs, nothing seems to increase traffic to your site. Since everything from word choice to formatting and structure has an impact on whether or not someone clicks on your content, engaging readers has come down to a […]

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