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Newsfeeds from around the industry
The Kissmetrics Marketing Blog
A Blog About Analytics, Marketing and Testing

  • How to Turn Online Marketing Leads into Online Marketing Sales
    If you’re doing online marketing right, you should be driving a steady stream of inexpensive, qualified leads to your sales team. That means tons of sales and profit for your business, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Often, you may be sending all the right leads to your sales team, but they simply aren’t turning into sales. […]

  • How Personalization Can Help You Close Leads and Win Customers (with Examples)
    Remember the last time you landed on the Amazon homepage and saw a bunch of recommendations based on your browsing habits? Or that time when you got an email from your favorite airline thanking you by name and even mentioning your home city? This is the power of personalization. Personalization is easy enough to understand: […]

  • Starting from Zero? A Customer Acquisition Playbook for New Websites
    Every new idea begins with a new domain name. And with every new domain name, comes hundreds of problems. Hosting, at this point, is the least of your worries. Go ahead with some crappy shared one like Bluehost. Because chances are you’re not going to get enough visits to even matter. Here’s why, and how […]

  • Why Churn Isn’t Always a Bad Thing
    You love your customers. So, when they decide not to renew, it affects your SaaS business. It takes a lot of resources to acquire new buyers. But is all churn bad? What are the underlying reasons for your customer’s departure? Consumers churn for several reasons, including price and customer service. Therefore, it varies based on […]

  • The Secret Formula of a 13.11X ROI Google AdWords Campaign
    Do you want your AdWords account to do more than just get you some clicks? Do you want people who are searching for your product and services on Google to find you and buy from you? If you do, then read on… I came up with a formula for building AdWords campaigns that ROI in […]

  • Step-By-Step Scaling: How and When to Grow Your PPC Campaigns
    Some of the most successful marketers involved in pay-per-click or paid search have earned their badges. Why? Because not only do they sport serious creativity, but they’re also hands-on and analytical to a fault. Most importantly, they have zero fear when it comes to trying new things with their advertising. There’s always a price to […]

  • How to Grind Customer Acquisition to a Halt with these Conversion Killing Design Trends
    QR codes are largely pointless. The concept is decent. But the execution is flawed. Think about it for a second: You’re forcing people to take an additional step to download an application prior to using it (because let’s be honest, only sociopaths have QR code readers on their phone). Design trends like flat design, unconventional […]

  • How to Use Qualitative Research to Expand on Your Marketing Personas
    The marketing persona is a tried-and-true customer segmentation strategy that many companies rely on to get the big picture about the people they serve. At the same time, these marketers and their teams are gathering copious amounts of data from and about those customers. Because there is so much data out there, it can be […]

  • Lessons Learned From Integrating Marketo into a SaaS Marketing Strategy
    Marketo, the lead nurturing platform, is one of the best tools for marketers to create long-term relationships with customers, from creating prospects to converting them into advocates. This “lead nurturing” is a proven tactic for moving prospects through a marketing funnel and improving customer engagement. For a SaaS business, which can oftentimes rely on personalized […]

  • 5 Ways to Maximize Audience Engagement with a Single Word: Easy
    Let’s start with what might sound like an obvious fact: the more engaged your audience, the more likely they are to eventually give you money. Engagement is, of course, a fluid concept that refers to a host of metrics, including bounce rates, pages per visit, session durations, attention minutes, scroll depth, media clicks, social shares, […]

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