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The KISSmetrics Marketing Blog
A Blog About Analytics, Marketing and Testing

  • Five Data Driven Alarm Signals for SEO and How to Respond
    There are some things about your website you simply can’t ignore — manual penalties, negative SEO, stuff like that. There are other problems that can come up, too. They aren’t quite as obvious, but they are just as damaging. In this article, I share with you four of these data-driven alarm signals. I want to […]

  • What’s New in the KISSmetrics iOS Blog Reader
    Our KISSmetrics Blog Reader iOS app has received a complete redesign in today’s update. In the app, you’ll see a lot of new features including a slick iOS7 UI, interaction design, a new icon, and a favoriting feature. One of the biggest changes on this design is the new icon. Our previous app icon showed […]

  • Twelve Things You Should Do on Your Personal Google+ Account Right Now
    Like it or not, Google+ is becoming more important in the digital marketing landscape. Google+ is not just a Facebook redux. Instead, it comprises a huge part of the social milieu of your online existence. Google+ has subtly creeped into your emailing, browsing, article writing, creating Google+ business pages, and a variety of other activities […]

  • 8 Online Advertising Tips for Tackling Discrepancies Between Clicks and Visits
    Anyone running a marketing campaign probably will come across discrepancies between the number of clicks received via ads and the number of visits reported for the exact same ads. There are a number of reasons for such discrepancies, and this post offers some tips for dealing with them. Spoiler alert: Not all discrepancies can (or […]

  • Why Your Email Marketing Fails to Convert — Featuring Hunter Boyle of AWeber
    Hunter Boyle knows how to make email marketing pay. Senior business development manager at email marketing powerhouse, AWeber, Hunter’s skilled at showing you exactly what does and doesn’t work. He does so fearlessly and with a sense of humor. I found myself leaning into Hunter’s session at Conversion Conference San Francisco because he made so […]

  • Conversions and Statistical Confidence – What Does it Mean?
    If you read conversion optimization case studies regularly (which you should), you’ll often come across an example like this: The variation with [insert proposed tested idea here] increased downloads by 85% with 97% statistical confidence. But what does that really mean? And why do conversion fans love throwing that term around so much? Understanding the […]

  • 5 Psychological Principles of High Converting Websites (+ 20 Case Studies)
    You know the feeling when you pour your heart and soul into a promising new A/B test, only to have it flop like an entrepreneur’s first startup? I certainly do. Last year, I ran all product and brand marketing for an edutech company. For the first few months, things were amazing. I improved the CTA […]

  • Maximize Your Marketing Campaign’s Potential With Multi-Step Funnels
    Optimizing your online marketing sales funnel is a constant effort of testing and tweaking, long hours spent creating content for every lead segment imaginable, A/B tests that confound you, and open rates that boggle the mind. Sometimes it’s good to know you’re not alone. This article will take you through the steps of a cohesive […]

  • 22 Resources To Help You Master Growth Hacking Analytics
    Good growth hacking depends on the scrupulous use of data to make decisions that will ultimately stimulate business growth. Learning how to use data in order to lead your company towards growth is no small feat: it takes persistence, practice, creative thinking and analytical chops. Luckily, many top marketers and growth hackers have published tips, […]

  • 10 Ways to Convert More Customers Using Psychology
    The more you know about your customers, the better. If you know what makes people tick, the better off your business will be. Having at least a basic understanding of consumer psychology and why they buy specific products is a valuable asset for marketers. As an online marketer looking to improve conversions, you need to […]

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