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The KISSmetrics Marketing Blog
A Blog About Analytics, Marketing and Testing

  • 17 Testing Tools for Mobile UX
    Below, you will find 17 tools that will help you test various features of your app and obtain real-time feedback. The tools will help you discover where your users are struggling and, thus, how to improve your app. Let’s get started! 1. Userlytics Best feature – Recruiting couldn’t be any simpler. You can send an […]

  • 20 Ways to Reward Repeat Visitors on Your Ecommerce Site
    Many ecommerce businesses neglect the importance of rewarding their repeat visitors while they strive to drive revenue, increase social mentions, and build a loyal following. That is a mistake. Great ecommerce sites reward their recurrent visitors. They influence thousands and get the pick of their sales from loyal customers. Graham Charlton, Editor in Chief at […]

  • The Fundamentals of How Colors Influence Buying Decisions
    Colors play an important conscious and unconscious role in purchasing decisions. If you bought a car, the color of it undoubtedly played into your conscious decision-making. The same goes for house buying and interior decorating. The colors inside your house need to complement each other well and create a certain environment and sense of “warmth”. […]

  • 7 Deadly Web Design Sins You Might Be Making
    Web design is a tricky subject. People have different opinions about what constitutes good web design and what doesn’t. Some people think your site needs to be super sleek with an up-to-date, modern design in order to get attention. Others believe that web design doesn’t really matter all that much and you just need a […]

  • 5 Things You Need to Know About Social Media & SEO
    Quicksprout recently published an awesome new infographic on the state of SEO that illustrates how the field has evolved over the past few years in response to Google’s game-changing algorithm updates and the steady rise of content as king. While looking over the infographic one thing in particular caught my eye: the importance that companies […]

  • What American Ecommerce Businesses Should Know About European Customers
    In the old days, expanding your business abroad was a lot harder than it is now. Ecommerce has removed some of the most important hurdles, and it actually facilitates crossing borders. However, as most of the more experienced international ecommerce businesses might have realized, there’s still a lot to keep in mind when selling abroad. […]

  • Sell to Large and Enterprise Businesses Using This 16 Point Checklist
    Selling your service or software to large and enterprise sized businesses requires a different approach than selling to small and medium sized businesses. As a founder and CEO, I’ve spent my career selling to medium, large, and enterprise banks, credit unions, and lenders nationwide. The average deal size was $500,000 annually, the smallest was $25,000 […]

  • Why Social Selling Needs To Be In Your Organization
    Many marketing and sales professionals aimlessly use social media and don’t have a grasp on how to leverage social media to uncover opportunities. They create profiles, form connections, and even share content without a discernible strategy. Oftentimes marketing professionals don’t know how to make social engrained in the sales process, so that it is a […]

  • How to Salvage an Online Sale When All Hope Seems Lost
    You’ve done everything right. Your offer is irresistible and your conversion funnels are in place. But people still aren’t buying. Before you tear apart your split tests and start micro-analyzing your analytics take a look at this one key difference that may surprise you: The incentive. “But”, I hear you saying, “Isn’t that the same […]

  • How to Use Autoresponders to Accelerate Your Growth
    You can define conversion any way you choose. Marketers, especially those with longer sales cycles, often elect to call an email opt-in a conversion. It’s not wrong to do so; but let’s face it, most of your email subscribers don’t give you a lot of their time, and only a few give you their money. […]

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