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The KISSmetrics Marketing Blog
A Blog About Analytics, Marketing and Testing

  • How 9 SaaS Companies Hacked Their Growth
    I’m a huge fan of growth hacking. I’ve built several companies on the principles of growth hacking. Heck, I might just build several more and put growth hacking to work again. Traditional growth methods don’t work like they used to. I would argue that unless you have insane amounts of funding, traditional growth marketing is […]

  • Announcing the New CEO of KISSmetrics: Brian Kelly
    We’ve got some big news. Brian Kelly has joined KISSmetrics as our new CEO. We’re thrilled to have him. Why We’re Excited to Work with Him Brian Kelly has been on both sides of data – building it and using it. He began his career at Teradata, analyzing customer data for retail and financial institutions. […]

  • 11 Words that Enhance Trust in a Blog Post
    Every blog article is an attempt to secure the reader’s trust. If the reader doesn’t trust you, they won’t buy from you. If the reader doesn’t trust you, they won’t believe what you’re saying. If the reader doesn’t trust you, they won’t convert. Whenever you write, you should pay attention to this all-important subject of […]

  • Unlock Your Marketing Data to Reap its Full Potential with the KISSmetrics Revenue Report
    The KISSmetrics Revenue Report ties your revenue to real people, allowing you to get key metrics like lifetime value and churn. Most analytics tools tie revenue to sessions, not users. Since sessions have a limited time frame, the only revenue they register is that which transacts during the time period. All the sessions (and their […]

  • How to Use Conversion Optimization to Drive Growth
    Most people realize that conversion rate optimization (CRO) is important, but not all CRO leads to growth. With so many things to test and optimize, how do you find the optimizations that actually grow your business? In this webinar, Sean Ellis, CEO of Qualaroo and founder of, shares how to find the optimization opportunities […]

  • How to get Paying Customers with SlideShare Marketing
    Believe it or not, our firm has been using SlideShare as our only form of marketing this past year. SlideShare is low in cost, brings loads of qualified traffic, and is fairly straightforward to execute. Yet, people we’ve worked with have told us they experienced difficulties using SlideShare to generate profitable leads or conversions. Here […]

  • How to Stop Potential Customers from Comparison Shopping
    Every business owner, online or offline, suffers from a problem that decreases sales, narrows margins, and reduces revenues. The problem is comparison shopping. Think about the last time you were considering a purchase. You probably checked out several different places in order to find the best options, the best prices, and the best guarantee. Your […]

  • 6 User Interface Fixes That Can Greatly Increase Conversion Rates
    A good user interface is about more than just pretty graphics and stylish fonts. It’s about all the “little things” that add up to a professional, compelling brand presence.  It’s about creating websites that users actually look forward to browsing and using. So what kinds of user interface tweaks can you make that can improve your […]

  • Four Absolute Essentials of High-Converting Copy
    Outstanding copy is the solution to gaining higher conversions. But like so much of conversion optimization and digital marketing, outstanding copy is not easy to produce. A lot of the writing advice that I read and study isn’t very helpful. It blows out huge lists of must-haves that I can’t keep track of. Plus, nearly […]

  • Should You Listen to Your Customers’ Needs or Do They Even Know What They Really Want?
    “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” – Henry Ford Henry Ford famously said that he invented the Ford T without asking for any feedback from his potential customers. According to him, people were not capable of thinking about radical innovation. Since then, his words have sunk into […]

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