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The KISSmetrics Marketing Blog
A Blog About Analytics, Marketing and Testing

  • The Beginner’s Guide to Podcasting
    Harness the power of audio, and dive into a large and deep market by starting your very own podcast. Yes, that’s right… A podcast. Despite being “Oh, so 2005,” according to Time, it’s one of the best avenues for growing your audience, building strong customer relationships, and positioning your company. It’s also a powerful way […]

  • How Gail Goodman Optimized Constant Contact’s Funnel To Build the $1 Billion Email Marketing Empire
    Constant Contact is one of the biggest players in the email marketing space, and Gail Goodman has been with them since the beginning. She’s scaled the company from its early startup days to where they are now, a public company worth over $1 billion. Goodman gave a presentation at the 2012 Business of Software conference, […]

  • A Marketing Process That Built Two 7-Figure Companies in Three Years
    The marketing process I will share with you today built back-to-back 7-figure companies (a software company in 20 months and an ecommerce company in 12 months). The software company, Bloomfire, was acquired for 7 figures at month 20 and is continuing to grow today, with $18 million in total funding. I was its second employee […]

  • How To Create Headlines That Get Clicks (Infographic)
    “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” Those are the words of famed copywriter and the Father of Advertising David Ogilvy. He said this back in the 60′s. This was when […]

  • Nine Overlooked Techniques for Instagram Popularity
    We all want to be more popular on our social media profiles. As marketers, we need to be more popular. It’s kind of our job. So we do all the typical stuff: Read articles, use Buffer, follow best practices…whatever else we’re supposed to do. In my recent experiments with Instagram, I figured out a few […]

  • How to Find out What Marketing Campaigns are the Best for Acquisition, ROI, & Retention
    What marketing manager wouldn’t want to see exactly how their campaigns impact ROI? The better you understand what works, the more likely you are to deliver the growth your company needs to reach the next level. In this post, we’ll be discussing how to track your campaigns in KISSmetrics. We’ll discuss how to set them […]

  • Patrick McKenzie on Using Funnels and A/B Testing To Grow a Business
    Patrick McKenzie has made a name for himself as a respected thought leader in the SaaS marketing space. He has a popular blog called Kalzumeus and runs an appointment reminder service fittingly called Appointment Reminder. He’s also the creator of Bingo Card Creator. As a well known member of the Hacker News community, he is […]

  • How Not to Commit This Awful Landing Page Error
    Landing pages are a fixture of paid search. It’s virtually impossible to go a day without seeing a paid ad. But have you clicked on any of these landing pages recently? One common error presents itself again and again. If you’re in the business of making landing pages, advising people about landing pages, optimizing landing […]

  • 6 Data-Driven Strategies to Get Your Content Published on Influential Sites
    What’s the best way to raise brand awareness and position yourself as a leading expert in your industry? It’s a question marketing departments have been attempting to answer for decades. Some spend hundreds to millions of dollars on local or national print, radio, or television ads to reach a mass audience. Others send employees to […]

  • The Ultimate Guide to 150+ Google Analytics Resources for 2015
    Are you ready to get the most out of Google Analytics? If so, we’ve collected the ultimate guide to over 150 Google Analytics resources you can use, including the top official Google Analytics channels, Google Analytics integrations, tools for Google Analytics, and articles about Google Analytics. Official Google Analytics Channels Stay up to date with […]

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