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The Kissmetrics Marketing Blog
A Blog About Analytics, Marketing and Testing

  • What Makes B2B Content Remarkable for Buyers?
    It’s no secret. Everyone knows the biggest problem B2B content marketing faces today. Well, actually several give B2B marketers fits. Which one am I talking about? Making B2B content engage and actually drive more leads. How bleak does the situation look? Not good. Content Marketing Institute’s 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends report surveyed 3,714 B2B […]

  • Omni-Channel Marketing: A New Approach to Keyword Research
    For many marketers, performing keyword research is a pretty standard procedure. What has primarily changed over time are the tools used to source key search queries and determine the quality and intent behind those keywords. While the approach to research remains largely the same, the landscape in which consumers search and move toward a purchase […]

  • How to Persuade SaaS Customers When They Hate All Your Pricing Options
    Your pricing options suck. At least that’s what some of your consumers think. They like your products. But the pricing packages aren’t meeting their expectations. Customers may enjoy one feature, but it isn’t included in a specific package. Or maybe they admire the pricing but prefer different benefits. “Pricing is a moving target and found […]

  • The Little-Known Segmentation Issue that’s Directly Affecting Your Brand’s Relevance
    For marketers, the quest for branding that matters to consumers has always been about how to achieve deeper relevance. The more relevant a brand is in a customer’s life, the more they’ll begin to look for ways to integrate it into their lifestyle. Of course, many point to segmentation as the easiest and fastest way […]

  • The Lazy Marketer’s Guide to Customer Acquisition
    There are a billion emails sent every day by MailChimp alone. There are over two million blog posts published each day. Average page length has become a staggering ~2000 words, which based on average writing times, can easily take up to four hours (or half a workday) for a single post. The sheer volume of […]

  • How Your Sales Team Can Leverage Content Marketing to Close More Leads
    There’s been a long-standing division between sales and marketing that’s frequently discussed but few organizations have been able to resolve. On the ground it might seem like an age-old cultural friction but a survey conducted by Demand Gen shows us this lack of alignment between sales and marketing will directly impact your bottom line. Lamenting […]

  • How to Localize Your Marketing Campaigns to Increase Conversions
    It’s all local. Despite living in a global economy, many customers only care about what’s happening in their neighborhoods and cities. Brands must connect with consumers on their playing fields. And that means understanding people’s languages, cultures, and traditions. Marketing with location at the forefront offers some remarkable benefits. According to Nieman Journalism Lab, “geo-targeted […]

  • Why Your High Conversion Rate Might Backfire (And How to Avoid It)
    The numbers on your graphs are up and to the right. Conversion rates at or above industry averages. But… Revenue’s flat. Stagnating or declining even. The problem is that those seemingly high conversion rates are a red herring. The sheer quantity of free trials or new leads looks enticing, seducing you with the promise of […]

  • What Top Companies Know About Analytics (That You Don’t)
    Having the right kind of insights available at the right time is crucial in today’s business. But some brands are taking analytics a step further by not only relying on it to make sound decisions when opportunities present themselves, but making it the absolute core of every impactful business decision. And their analysis isn’t limited to […]

  • 4 Ways to Reduce Churn With Email Campaigns
    Churn is your arch nemesis. And it’s cutting into your profits. Research shows that “80% of your company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of your existing customers.” So, your team must focus on satisfying customers and ensuring they gain value. To keep ecommerce consumers in the sales cycle, create email campaigns that engage […]

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