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The Kissmetrics Marketing Blog
A Blog About Analytics, Marketing and Testing

  • The Top Five Kissmetrics Reports Every Ecommerce Marketer Needs
    Today’s ecommerce marketers have a tough job. Their main objective: get the messaging out about the store and deliver sales. You have the website at your disposal and a mediocre advertising budget. The challenge for you, as an ecommerce marketer, is how do you compete against a service like Amazon? They’re big, they can undercut […]

  • How to Use a Giveaway to Accelerate the Growth of Your Email List
    We all want a massive email list, but growing one can be like climbing a mountain. It takes a lot of time, hard work, and perseverance. Or, does it? Today, I’m going to share stories of three different businesses – a freelance writer/programmer, an iconic candy company, and an innovative fragrance products company – that […]

  • Increasing Sales From Mobile Visitors (Infographic)
    The use of mobile devices on the web is increasing, and Google is adding more updates to their search algorithm that favor mobile-friendly websites. So if you’re only thinking about desktop visitors, it’s high time to make your site mobile-friendly. From checking to confirm your website works with mobile to ensuring you comply with Google’s […]

  • 7 Things You Should Learn From The Customer Who Doesn’t Convert
    Everyone hates shopping cart abandonment. It’s the boogeyman of Internet marketing, the nemesis of conversion optimizers, and the headache of Internet sales. We fight it tooth and nail. We test incessantly. We optimize, reoptimize, and re-reoptimize, trying to defeat the rising tide of abandonments. But for all our frenetic battles against shopping cart abandonment, could […]

  • 6 Problems Lucid Software Solves Using Kissmetrics
    As Digital Marketing Manager at Lucid Software, I can really appreciate all the hard work that has been put into Kissmetrics. It’s a valuable tool for tracking, analyzing, and optimizing our marketing efforts, which include many day-to-day tasks that go above and beyond traditional metrics. Below, I’ve outlined six marketing questions Kissmetrics is helping us […]

  • How The Right Analytics Can Strengthen Customer Engagement
    Customer engagement is where the heart is. Data-driven marketing offers industry leaders the opportunity to increase their market growth, while shaping customer satisfaction. Based on the Forbes Insights and Turn report, “Data Driven and Digitally Savvy: The Rise of the New Marketing Organization,” executives agreed that data-driven marketing is critical in our competitive global economy. […]

  • How to Squeeze Every Drop of Valuable Visitor Data from Your Forms (Without Complicated Programming)
    It’s the great marketing catch-22: You need visitor data in order to create value-filled, personalized, highly targeted offers. The more information they provide, the greater your ability to build personas that fit your ideal customers. But your visitors still aren’t convinced. Like jittery fish, you’ve presented them with the tastiest bait, and they’re hesitant to […]

  • The Top 5 Kissmetrics Reports Every SaaS Marketer Needs
    Today’s SaaS marketers face many challenges. Their job, of course, is to spread awareness and drive customer acquisition. On top of these difficult tasks, marketers are always under pressure to improve their numbers and performance. You’ve got a 3% conversion rate? Great, how do you double that in the next month? Kissmetrics is here to […]

  • Getting Your First 1,000 Facebook Fans (Infographic)
    More and more people are using Facebook to research businesses these days, and they’re doing more than just finding a business’s location and reading posts. People are using Facebook for social proof. They want to see how many people “Like” a business. Think about it. If you want to go to a new restaurant and […]

  • Using the “So What?” Test to Transform Your Copy
    Take a look at various products and services around the web, and you’ll find one common theme. They all talk about themselves and what their product does. Few of them talk about what they can do for you. This is a devastating mistake that marketers and copywriters make. To write effectively, you can apply a […]

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