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  • Learn How to Increase Your Personal Brand with Mel Carson
    Mel and I did a Marketing Nirvana radio show two weeks ago on personal branding, where we: Introduced personal branding Covered how companies should think about personal brands Talked about corporate measurement And so forth… On this show, we move past the corporate influence and dove into how to increase your personal brand; and cover […]

  • The AdWords Workshop Early Bird Pricing Ends Soon
    The early bird pricing discount for SMX Social in Las Vegas ends October 17th. This pricing also gives you a discount on attending the AdWords Workshop; so if you want to attend, save yourself some money by registering today. There are two workshops left in 2014 (and the first 2015 one will most likely won’t […]

  • Learn About Personal Branding with Mel Carson
    Personal branding can help your reputation, your companies reputation, and can lead to a lot of positive gains such as new clients, larger salaries, and new opportunities. It can be difficult to put together a plan for personal branding. You might need your companies buy-in, have them send you to conferences, and of course, there‚Äôs […]

  • The Last Two AdWords Workshops of 2014 are in Las Vegas and Milan, Italy
    There are only two AdWords Workshops left in 2014; and the first one in 2015 won’t occur until March. The two workshops will be in Vegas and Milan, Italy. SMX Milan: AdWords Workshop: When: November 12th, 2014 Where: MiCo – Milano Congressi, Milan, Italy Details: Workshop Details Please note: The workshop will be in English […]

  • Top Considerations for Creating & Managing International PPC Accounts
    Creating and managing international PPC accounts has a set of challenges not seen by accounts run within a country. These challenges can range from picking a home time zone for all your data to semi versus partial translation of ads and websites. There are a lot of ways to tackle these challenges. For instance, you […]

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