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  • Listen to the Local Marketing Radio Show with Mike Blumenthal Part 2
    Local Marketing can be a difficult online field to navigate with the constant changes that occur in the field. To help navigate this confusing world of local marketing, Mike Blumenthal and myself did two radio shows on local marketing. If you’re unfamiliar wit MIke, he’s  been involved in local marketing for years. He’s the co-founder […]

  • The Complete AdWords Audit Part 10: Testing
    This is a continuation of the AdWords Audit Series. You can see previous parts here: Introduction, Goal setting, Measurement, Campaign Settings & Bid Adjustments, Ad Extensions, Impression Share & Auction Insights, Quality Score, Account Structure, Keywords & Match Types and Ad Copy.  ”Always Be Testing” Any serious online marketer One of the greatest things in […]

  • What You Need to Know About Local Marketing with Mike Blumenthal
    The digital world of local marketing can be a very confusing place to try and get traffic with the constant changes to Google My Business, Google updates, and the local search sites. To help shed some light on this topic, I invited Mike Blumenthal to share his thoughts on Marketing Nirvana about local marketing. Mike […]

  • Last Chance to Register for the AdWords Workshops in Las Vegas and Milan, Italy
    The last two workshops of the year are almost upon us; so if you’d like to go – this is your last chance to register. The two workshop leftin 2014 (and the first 2015 one will most likely won’t occur until March) are: SMX Milan: AdWords Workshop: When: November 12th, 2014 Where: MiCo – Milano […]

  • Learn How to Increase Your Personal Brand with Mel Carson
    Mel and I did a Marketing Nirvana radio show two weeks ago on personal branding, where we: Introduced personal branding Covered how companies should think about personal brands Talked about corporate measurement And so forth… On this show, we move past the corporate influence and dove into how to increase your personal brand; and cover […]

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