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  • Learn How to Build and Manage a Community With Matt Umbro Part 2
    Matt Umbro (the founder of PPCChat) and I did two Marketing Nirvana shows on building communities in your spare time. The first show aired on August 4, 2014, and the second show just aired and is now available for download. You can read more about the two shows here. The first show goes into starting […]

  • Early Bird Pricing for the Advanced AdWords Workshop in NYC Ends Next Week
    SMX East is quickly approaching, so if you’d like to attend the Advanced AdWords Workshop, it’s best to register now while the Early Bird Pricing is in effect. This low price will end on August 29th. The event will be held at SMX East in New York on September 29, 2014. You can use discount […]

  • AdWords is Forcing Variation Match Upon You–This is Why it’s a Terrible Idea
    Google just announced that all exact match and phrase matched words will be treated as ‘variation’ or ‘near’ match starting in September. I want to show you why this is an absolutely terrible idea if Google does not let you opt out of this (which it does today). What is Variation Match? If you are […]

  • Using PPC for SEO
    When putting pay per click (PPC) against search engine optimization (SEO) in a head-to-head comparison, there’s no clear winner. PPC’s speed-to-market and relative predictability are longtime advantages over SEO, while SEO has long enjoyed the advantage of being “free.” Perhaps because of SEO’s bargain price, Google has taken increasing actions to make SEO more honest […]

  • The AdAlysis Early Adopter Discount Ends This Week
    AdAlysis is a new ad management platform created by Emmanuel Gad and Brad Geddes that makes complex ad testing very simple. AdAlysis has a lot of ad features such as: Test ads by six different metrics Set you own minimum viable data by account or campaign (or leave the defaults) Automatically calculates the ‘effective device’ […]

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