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  • 3 KPIs You Can Use to Check Your AdWords Efficiency
    This infographic is provided by AdWorld Experience. It’s a fantastic show held in Bologna, Italy. The next show is April 14-15, 2016. You can learn more about the show from their website.

  • The Most Common PPC Mistake that is Never Mentioned
    The absolute most common PPC mistake is actually rarely talked about. It never makes the top 10 mistake lists; and it’s usually pointed out by someone else – in this case via Twitter. A special thanks to Robert Brady & Sam Owen in reminding me to check these mistakes. If you use one of the editors […]

  • 7 Great Uses for Broad Match (yes, really! broad match)
    Broad match keywords have a bad name, and rightfully so by performance marketers; however, there are times that using broad match is useful. Please note, we’re not talking about modified broad match, which is often very useful to use – only broad match. If you’re wondering why we consider broad match so terrible, just consider […]

  • The First AdWords Workshop of 2016 Will be in San Jose on February 29th
    The Advanced AdWords Workshops are full day intensive learning events taught by Brad Geddes to ensure you are getting the most out of your AdWords accounts. This will be our 10th year of hosting workshops, and each year we revamp the agenda based upon AdWords changes and user feedback. The next workshop will be in […]

  • Join Us for a Look at 2016 PPC Predictions
    It’s 2016: Are you thinking about what the year is going to bring to PPC? I’m doing a webinar on Thursday (January 28) with two of the industry’s best about what’s coming to PPC, some big recent changes, and we’re going to look into the future of paid search. You will hear from Marc Poirier, […]

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