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  • Interview with Barry Schwartz of the Jewish Ad Network
    In today’s online marketing world, we have become increasingly skeptical about jumping onto that next Ad platform that offers new and improved “bells & whistles” but in reality its just another “me-too” type startup looking to get a piece of market share. However, there is one company that has emerged onto the scene that doesn’t promote shiny bells and whistles, but rather harnesses one of the oldest and trusted forms of social media – email marketing. That new Ad platform is called the Jewish Ad Network.I had the privilege of interviewing Barry Schwartz, a legend in Search Engine Marketing and CEO of Rustybrick – the parent company behind the Jewish Ad Network (JAN). Barry was kind enough to answer a few questions to help better explain the benefits and the motivations behind his new venture.   Tell us a little about the Jewish Ad Network and why advertisers should consider it as ...

  • 5 Tips on How to Build a Successful PPC Marketing Consulting Business
    When thinking about starting your own business there are many things that you need to consider and choosing online tools are often one of the last things to consider. However, I have learned over the years that software that contains the latest “bells and whistles” will not make you a better marketer. In fact, in many instances, success is based on fundamental principles of Strategy, Execution, Analysis, Storytelling and most importantly Expectations. In this post, I will talk about some of the important tools, methodologies and overall client management needed to grow a successful consulting business.   #1 Harness Past Client Experiences Leveraging past client experiences is a huge advantage when starting your own company. This is especially true during the on-boarding process where the client would be inclined to feel more comfortable with someone who is already familiar with their particular industry. Not only would it be easier for Strategy, but also ...

  • Reasons Why Venture Capital Firms Need PPC Marketers
    From a PPC Marketers perspective, Startups are looking for every  advantage they can find to help launch their product or service to their prospected audiences. However, they have to be careful no to “bet the farm” too early especially when Venture Capital Firms are investing.  With all of the popular marketing tactics of growth hacking and social media being forged into the generalized marketing strategy, its important not to lose focus on the basics. With that said,  one of the fastest ways to gauge a businesses prospected audience and “move the needle” is with intelligent Pay-Per-Click Marketing. Hiring an experienced PPC Marketer can be a valuable asset to any VC that is looking to not only increase revenue for their portfolio companies, but also have the security and confidence of knowing they have the resource available to launch a new startup. In this post, I will discuss a few reasons why ...

  • The Social Media Manipulation of the PPC Success Metric
    As I am shaking my head in disbelief, I have to ask the question. Why is the online marketing industry becoming so clouded by pushing clicks/traffic as a success metric, while accepting the fact that actual conversions are now categorized as an “elite” metric? Has Social Media created a new landscape for PPC where basic metrics such as clicks are now being labeled as interactions and we are now forced to downplay standard conversions? Should we consider Conversions as a “BONUS” if those clicks led to actual revenue? Here are some thoughts on how this movement might have evolved (not on it’s own)   The Clouding of Analytics: When we add all of the online advertising targeting options these days (mobile, display, social media, traditional PPC, etc..) we are forced to rely on accurate Analytics and Attribution at a granular level. We need to connect the dots of all sources and identify (1)what worked, ...

  • 10 Mistakes Startup Companies Should Avoid in PPC Marketing
    Lets face it. When launching a new Startup Company everyone involved is excited and eager to start building their empire. However, many times entrepreneurs get “overwhelmed” when reading blogs or attending marketing conferences which are pushing the latest and greatest in online tools and gadgets that will promise them instant success. Too many times, this approach can be a disaster. In this post, I will discuss at least Ten (10)  instances where Entrepreneurs need to be careful about what they hear and what they spend their precious money on.   Marketing Conference Intoxication Don’t get me wrong, Internet Marketing Conferences are a “No-Brainer” to attend whether your a newbie or seasoned professional. However, entrepreneurs that are new to this space can easily feel overwhelmed with everything from SEO, PPC, Landing Pages, Social Media, Pay-Per Call Services, Analytics, Automation, etc…. and that plethora of information often leads to anxiety of what to focus on ...

  • eBay Search Algorithm Getting Dirty with eBay Watchers
    It’s no surprise that eBay’s Profits were damaged by the Google Panda 4.0 Algorithm Update where they lost an estimated 80% of it’s search listings. However, eBay has opened the door to “Black Hat” type practices that force Sellers to spend money on “FAKE Stats” in order to get better visibility. In this post, I will dive into some of the specifics of this new and questionable practice.   “eBay Watchers” Rank smells like Old Fashioned Link Farming According to a great article by entitled “You Can Buy eBay Watchers – But Should You?“, author Ina Steiner states “eBay gives greater exposure to listings that have a greater number of views and watchers than other listings. In addition, shoppers on eBay are naturally attracted to listings that have many watchers and views, often believing that popularity indicates a sought-after item that they should be looking at too. ” So now, there are ...

  • Phone Calls Becoming More Important than Clicks in PPC Marketing
    In a recent article in the Inside Adwords Blog, entitled “Charge up your phones with call-only campaigns” Google rolled out “Call-Only” campaigns where advertisers can have their text ads just show a phone number, short description and a call button. In this day and age, it makes complete sense, however one has to wonder if this new option has anything to do with drivers who continue to look at their phone while driving. According to Google, they state “With smartphones in hand, consumers are increasingly looking for products or services while on the go and then placing a call right away. In fact, 70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from search results.”   How to Maximize Call-Only Campaigns? Well, the first thing to optimize is the CTA (Call-to-action) for this, as we already know consumers will make a phone call and not click. So, in order to do this effectively, these ...

  • Timing is Everything in PPC and Social Media Marketing
    There is a quote from one of my favorite movies that truly struck a cord with me through the years and it’s never been more relevant now with regards to PPC Advertising on Social media platforms such as Twitter Ads and Facebook Ads. In the movie “A Good Year”, Maximillian Skinner (Russell Crowe) tells his employees that “The secret to riches, lab rats, is the same as the secret to comedy… timing.” In this post, I will talk about the benefits of leveraging this strategy and the storytelling effect on future events.   Back in 2005, when I was managing the PPC Strategy for an Automotive Catalog Company, I relied on Google and Yahoo to compliment a TV Show on the SpikeTV Network which was promoting the products from the Catalog. I actually won the 2008 Semmy Award for this article entitled “Optimizing Paid Search & Landing Pages for TV, Radio and ...

  • 2015 – The Year of the Stock Portfolio in PPC Marketing
    Ahh, remember the days when It was just Google Search, Yahoo Search and Bing Ads were the only platforms that Search Marketers had to worry about? Remember the catastrophic disaster of importing Google Search campaigns into Yahoo Search via failed spreadsheets? (geez, the more I think about it, that does seem like a very long time ago) Since the evolution of Display, Retargeting, Mobile and Social, our strategies are turning into a Chinese menu of sorts and we have to keep up with all of the changes if we want our clients to succeed in today’s world. In this article, I will take a “deeper dive” into why it is so important to have a “stock portfolio” approach mindset.   Where are all the Fish in 2015? Remember the old saying “Fish where the Fish are”?, well that is an understatement these days. Today, there are many different oceans, lakes and ponds that ...

  • Geico Outspends Flo and Aaron Rodgers to Dominate PPC
    Alright, it’s quite obvious that these Insurance Companies are spending tons of money on these very entertaining TV commercials and we can all agree that they have succeeded in cementing their brands into our subconsciousness. However, I was interested in seeing how these companies compared in the PPC World and what I found was pretty surprising. In fact, it appears that these Insurance Companies are putting a ton more money in PPC now than in any other years. Let’s discuss Overall Summary: As you can see in this screenshot provided by my friends over at, the insurance company(s) State Farm, Geico and Progressive have some strong competition going on in terms of keyword coverage. Statefarm provides the largest amount of keywords, while Geico and Progressive are similar. However,  it’s hard to imagine that (3) different advertisers are bidding on over 253k+ of the same terms, yet as you will see shortly, ...

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