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  • Conversion Conference 2014 in San Francisco – What You Need to Know!
    One of the biggest failures in PPC Marketing is the lack of an effective landing page and the usability of the entire conversion funnel. Metrics such as CTR%, Quality Score, Impression Share, etc…. mean absolutely NOTHING, unless a conversion takes place. Too many times, I have seen PPC Performance drop significantly due to changes that were done to either the shopping cart, or a Web to Lead Form. So, if your asking yourself, “how can we improve our Conversion Rates“, I have one idea that could help you get on your way to conversion success. Attend the Conversion Conference in San Francisco on March 17-19.   Conversion Conference, San Francisco, CA, March 17th – 19th Click Here to Save up to $550 on Conversion Conference SF 2014 (use code SEMG + early bird rates (until 1/14/14 only!) Click Here for the Conference Conference 2-day Agenda Who’s Speaking?Tim Ash, CEO, SiteTuners, Author, “Landing Page Optimization Bart Schultz, Chief ...

  • Ranking Rental Car Companies in Online Marketing
    The Rental Car Industry is not only a $24 Billion Dollar Industry, it is also highly competitive landscape, especially within PPC Marketing and Social Media. According to the USA Today article entitled Rental car companies court customers on social media, author Garry Stoller interviews Unmetric CEO Lux Narayan and reveals that “Hertz has the best use of Twitter and the best YouTube channel, and Enterprise has the best use of Facebook. It’s interesting to find that the two largest rental-car companies in the world, Enterprise and Hertz, have found separate niches for building up their social-media presences.” However, when we analyze PPC, SEO and Social Media trends from the top Rental Car Companies (with the help of, we uncover another interesting mix of strategies, success and missteps. Lets discuss…  Average Adwords Daily Budgets (Per Day) As you can see, Hertz spend the most in PPC, while their closest competitor is spending ...

  • Dominos Pizza Wins Epic Battle of Search Marketing Dominance
    Ever wonder which National Pizza Chain is winning the pizza war of online coverage in Search Marketing? Well, my friends, the wait is over and with a little help from, we can see more than budget trends. I chose to compare Papa Johns, Dominos and Pizza Hut and wanted to see how they all stacked up against each other with regard to Keywords, Organic Visibility and overall Monthly Budgets. In this post, you will some interesting trends that I will discuss in more detail as well as the winner of Search Marketing Dominance.   Keyword Similarities: According to this Screenshot below, there are 2,922 common keywords shared amongst the 3 Pizza Chains (which is pretty impressive, yet broad). However, they are pretty basic and revolve around the term Pizza and typical modifiers.  Keyword Volume:  This Chart below is very interesting because all (3) three chains expanded their PPC Reach at the same ...

  • The Importance of Leveraging Diverse Vocabularies PPC Marketing
    I would say one of the biggest misconceptions of the use keyword tools and research is forgetting about the interpretation of the searching behaviors. Understanding how people talk and translating them into how they search online. Just as in Persuasion Architecture and Persona’s, everyone searches differently, they have a different vocabularies and there is also “generational” gap that needs to be identified. In this post, I will dig a little deeper into how to capitalize on a searchers behavior. Understanding Searching Vocabularies: There are always going to be audiences that call things differently but in the end all mean the same damn thing. Let’s take Local Phone Service. Many years back, I managed a client who was a leading reseller of Phone and Cable Services. Over time, looking through search queries and honestly just listening to how people describe what they are looking for created a campaign within a campaign. For example, ...

  • Law Firms Using PPC Marketing to “Cash in” on Carnival Cruise Line Disaster
    Ahh, the power of PPC Marketing at its best and Carnival Cruise Lines is not only “missing the boat” with its own lack of Reputation Management, they are also dealing with Law Firms trying to “cash-in” from the latest cruise disaster. In retrospect, one would think Carnival would learn some online Reputation Management tactics from the efforts of BP with the 2010 Oil Spill Disaster, but it appears they are not. Let’s Discuss:   One (1) Simple Tactic that Carnival can Learn from the BP Oil Spill. As you can see, even (2) two years later BP is still in Reputation Management mode.   Carnival’s Reputation Management (or their lack of) When searching for “Carnival Cruise Lines” in Google, Carnival makes no mention of the latest disaster or even apologies about the event. Instead, they are trying to get the incident off everyone’s radar and continue with business as usual. However, when searching for long ...

  • The NRA Reloads on PPC Marketing To Protect 2nd Amendment
    In a Nutshell, The NRA (National Rifle Association) is leveraging PPC Marketing to help them increase membership and reinforce it’s base to protect the 2nd Amendment Rights. Regardless of politics and views on the subject of Gun Control, this is an effective Strategy for them to utilize PPC Marketing not only to gain Memberships, but to take advantage of Offers/Promotions and Reputation Management during this delicate time in our society. Below, you will see some examples brought to you by the great people at of this latest effort   Screenshot of NRA’s PPC Text Messaging: Quick Notes: This text ad does a great job in utilizing Sitelinks, Multiple Calls to action and also Reputation Management.  Keyword Expansion Trends over the past years: Quick Notes: Even though the NRA is a huge organization, the keyword expansion looks significant in the graph, however they are very small in terms of overall visibility. It’s very obvious the ...

  • The NHL Needs a PPC PowerPlay For Reputation Management
    Regardless if you are a Fan of the NHL or just your local NHL Hockey Team, the league in general has taken a bad PR beating. Whether it’s the Owners or the NHLPA, ones thing is certain. The NHL is back, but their reputation is not. I am not sure what the NHL Execs are preparing to do to win back the fans, but as a guy who lives and breathes in PPC Geekdom, there is an opportunity to leverage PPC Marketing, not so much from a Merchandising and Ticket Selling perspective, but more from a Reputation Standpoint. Let’s Discuss….   According to many Blogs and News organization, the NHL is in Bad Shape and they need to plan to get the Fans and Sponsors back. In a recent article by The Globe and Mail, entitled Marketing master must figure out how to regain NHL’s mojo, author David Shoats talks about the ...

  • Can PPC Marketing Determine the Winner of the 2012 Presidential Election?
    Ever wonder if PPC Marketing could be a viable barometer on who’s going to win the election, at least from a Savvy-ness perspective? Well, that is tough to prove. However what is not hard to identify, are the Campaign(s) Strategy to maximize their Search Engine presence. In this post, I have some interesting data from my friends over at Spyfu – PPC Competitive Software that may not necessarily determine our next President, but perhaps less importantly decide which campaign has the best PPC Strategy. Let’s talk.   Comparison Breakdown:  Estimated Daily PPC Budgets: According to Spyfu data, both the campaigns are showing the same gradual increase in PPC Budgets as we get closer to the election. However, it is safe to say that President Obama has a solid lead on Romney across the board from SEO to PPC.  Keyword Visibility Comparison Now that we know that the Obama campaign is spending more and getting more visits ...

  • Essential eBook for all PPC Marketers with Text Ad Writing Fatigue
    After doing PPC Marketing for over 10 years, one of the biggest time consuming and exhaustive challenges is writing ad copy for thousands of Text ads, especially within the character limits available. Well, I am pleased to announce a new eBook entitled “Write Ad Copy that Inspires Greatness” written by Elizabeth Marsten, Director of Search Marketing at Portent Interactive is absolutely refreshing and essential for PPC Gurus who need either a refresher course or new creative ways to write text ads. In this post, I will highlight my favorite areas of the book and discuss why.   My take on this Ebook: The reason why this eBook is so valuable, is because it not only caters to newbies, it also gives those veterans out there a quick guide on best practices and a fresh new perspective in creative writing. It’s obvious that the text ad examples are both creative and edgy, but Elizabeth ...

  • Romney Campaign Shows Lack of Consistency in PPC Marketing
    Ahead of the first 2012 Presidential debates, for those of us that live and breathe in the PPC World, the campaign team for the Republican Candidate Mitt Romney is showing rather strange inconsistencies in their PPC Strategy. As we should know, messaging within the Text Ads are crucial as they represent the service or product offering. Text Ads are supposed to be used as a vehicle to persuade, convince, influence and entice searchers to click on their ad. However, in this case, the campaigns’ text ads across Google, Bing and Yahoo are vastly different and are missing important persuasive language from the “offline” campaign rhetoric and that is confusing to voters. It’s also important to note that running mate, Paul Ryan is getting very little exposure in PPC and does not have his own messaging/platform being exposed. Anyways, judge for yourself. Here are some screenshots recently taken:   Google Search for Mitt ...

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