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  • Hertz Rental Car Winning in PPC Marketing
    The Rental Car Industry is not only a $24 Billion Dollar Industry, it is also highly competitive landscape, especially within PPC Marketing and Social Media. According to the USA Today article entitled Rental car companies court customers on social media, author Garry Stoller interviews Unmetric CEO Lux Narayan and reveals that “Hertz has the best use of Twitter and the best YouTube channel, and Enterprise has the best use of Facebook. It’s interesting to find that the two largest rental-car companies in the world, Enterprise and Hertz, have found separate niches for building up their social-media presences.” However, when we analyze PPC, SEO and Social Media trends from the top Rental Car Companies (with the help of, we uncover another interesting mix of strategies, success and missteps. Lets discuss…  Average Adwords Daily Budgets (Per Day) As you can see, Hertz spend the most in PPC, while their closest competitor is spending ...

  • Organic Wine Retailers Reveal Diverse PPC Strategies & Budgets
    As someone who has improved his palate over the years and is becoming sort of a “wine snob” these days, I decided to see what the PPC Landscape looked like for Organic Wine Retailers, and boy is it diverse. The Keyword coverage and budgets are vastly different and begs a few questions like: (1) Were they poorly executed from the start?, (2) Too much Competitive saturation? (3) Is it the right audience for a healthy ROI? With the help of PPC Competitive Software such as SpyFu, I have the ability to identify and compare what keywords specific online retailers are bidding on, as well as budget trends and even keyword phrases that are both same and different from each other. In this post, I have chosen (3) different Organic Wine Retailers who are in the top positions for the search query “Organic Wine”. In the screenshot below, you will see the ...

  • Hey Nonprofits! Meet Salesforce’s Power of Us Program
    The Foundation, (also known as Power of Us Program) help nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions can get access to products and resources to help expand our collective impact. These resources, combined with the programs and expertise of thousands of nonprofit organizations, allows us to create positive change in the world. The Power of Us Program includes:10 donated Enterprise Edition licenses Deep discounts on additional licenses, products and/or services from Discounts on training Discounts on events Access to nonprofit and higher ed specific user groups, events and Webinars Discounts on participating Apps and consulting partners from the AppExchange  Who is Eligible? makes it clear that even though they offer a powerful, enterprise level suite of products with the potential to dramatically transform the Nonprofit, they recognize that it is not for everyone To be eligible to apply for the Power of Us program, your organization must be recognized as a charitable, nonprofit, or ...

  • Hey 501(c)(3) Nonprofits! Want $10k in FREE Adwords Advertising?
    Google Grants Overview: Google Grants is a unique one-of-a-kind advertising program which is designed specifically for 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organizations. The goal of this program is to utilize and transform the Google Adwords system into a powerful tool to spread advocacy, awareness, volunteer-ism and provide the ability to increase donations. Google provides approved 501(c)(3) Nonprofits with $10,000 per month in in-kind AdWords™ advertising. However, if the Nonprofit consistently spenda the $10k per month for at least three months, Google will increase your monthly allowance beyond the $10k/month.   Who is Eligible for a Google Grant? If you are within the United States, your organization MUST have a current 501(c)(3) status, registered through the Internal Revenue Service and have an NTEE Number from If you are outside of the United States, you can view Google’s List of International Charitable Organizations.   Who is NOT Eligible?Organizations already participating in the Google AdSense program Organizations that are either religious or ...

  • Why Startups Need Search Marketing Experts
    Many Startups during their infancy stage have very limited resources as well as advertising budgets to help them get off the ground running. So, there is this delicate dilemma that Startups face where they need “Big Agency” services but can only afford small “Boutique” prices. In this post, I will discuss experiences as a Startup Agency myself and how I helped various Startup clients get off the ground and succeed even further once they reached that next level of success. Understanding Startup Mentality: I was fortunate enough to be a part of two Tech Startups before starting my own SEM agency. This valuable experience enabled me to have a much better understanding of the common questions, concerns and goals/objectives. For example, below are a few things that helped not only my business model, but also the client relationship.Setting achievable expectations Creating a Process for building a solid foundation Setting initial shorter length contracts so ...

  • Inside Adwords Blog Makes Obvious Claim About Branding in PPC
    Frankly speaking, I am rather shocked that the June 16th 2014 post in the Inside Adwords Blog entitled: New Study: Search Ads Lift Brand Awareness, concluded something that many PPC Marketers have already known to be true based on their own experiences of the “Non-Brand vs. Brand” typical life cycle. Personally, I have been involved in many debates with clients who did not want to bid on their brand terms because they felt that since they were already ranked #1 organically, what’s the use of spending more money. Moreover, what the client did not understand about bidding on Brand Terms are the following benefits.  Pushing time-sensitive Offers/Promotions within the text ads, which is not possible with Organic Search. Helping with Reputation Management strategies. Stronger Brand recognition against Affiliates and Resellers. Multivariate Testing on messaging, offers, etc… to help with overall business  Why Brand Terms gets stronger in PPC: However, the one thing they forgot to mention ...

  • Bing Ads Editor 10.4 Will Make Advertisers Very Happy!
    In the past and recent future, the Bing Ads Editor has not been the most user-friendly tool for advertisers. It has always lagged behind the Adwords Editor for many reasons. However I must say I was pretty impressed with their blog post about the release of the new 10.4 version. In the post entitled “Coming Soon: Bing Ads Editor 10.4 with Extended Targeting Enhancements” author Ping Jen provides some really good “in-depth” screenshots and information that speaks directly to their users. Another interesting thing to note from this post is that the language used continues to compliment the user experience from Adwords Editor, which is a very smart from a Marketing perspective. (If only it was compatible on a Mac )  Here are some of the new EnhancementsNewly established targeting grid provides a full view of geo-targeting entries within an account for bulk management capability.  With this targeting grid, you ...

  • The Importance of Rehabilitation in PPC Marketing
    Have you ever found yourself staring at PPC campaigns and wonder what else can I do to “move the needle”, especially after countless months of analyzing search queries, A/B Tests and Multivariate Ad Testing? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, its a very common dilemma which requires a vision of simplicity all the way from the birth of the initial launch date. In this post, I will talk about a few ideas to help bring back the life of account and possibly generate additional strategies.   Brand vs. Non-Brand: In almost all cases, Brand always Wins. However, it’s the “Non-brand” terms which generate the first point of contact for the potential customer who is not already familiar with the brand. Those “non-brand” terms are always going to be the most difficult to convert because of the following:Highly Competitive Higher CPC’s Lack of Loyalty and Trust Increased competitor comparison  Establish a Tiered Approach: One of the most important ...

  • Conversion Conference 2014 in San Francisco – What You Need to Know!
    One of the biggest failures in PPC Marketing is the lack of an effective landing page and the usability of the entire conversion funnel. Metrics such as CTR%, Quality Score, Impression Share, etc…. mean absolutely NOTHING, unless a conversion takes place. Too many times, I have seen PPC Performance drop significantly due to changes that were done to either the shopping cart, or a Web to Lead Form. So, if your asking yourself, “how can we improve our Conversion Rates“, I have one idea that could help you get on your way to conversion success. Attend the Conversion Conference in San Francisco on March 17-19.   Conversion Conference, San Francisco, CA, March 17th – 19th Click Here to Save up to $550 on Conversion Conference SF 2014 (use code SEMG + early bird rates (until 1/14/14 only!) Click Here for the Conference Conference 2-day Agenda Who’s Speaking?Tim Ash, CEO, SiteTuners, Author, “Landing Page Optimization Bart Schultz, Chief ...

  • Dominos Pizza Gets Bigger Slice of PPC Dominance
    Ever wonder which National Pizza Chain is winning the pizza war of online coverage in Search Marketing? Well, my friends, the wait is over and with the help from, we can see more than budget trends. I chose to compare Papa Johns, Dominos and Pizza Hut and wanted to see how they all stacked up against each other with regard to Keywords, Organic Visibility and overall Monthly Budgets. In this post, you will some interesting trends that I will discuss in more detail as well as the winner of Search Marketing Dominance.   Keyword Similarities: According to this Screenshot below, there are 2,922 common keywords shared amongst the 3 Pizza Chains (which is pretty impressive, yet broad). However, they are pretty basic and revolve around the term Pizza and typical modifiers.  Keyword Volume:  This Chart below is very interesting because all (3) three chains expanded their PPC Reach at the same time ...

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