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  • Instagram Expands Video Time & Facebook Releases Live Streaming To The Masses | Social Marketing Cluster Facts
    On Friday, we dive into the week’s social media news, providing you with real (and amusing) insight into this dynamic industry. What’s up this week? Facebook announces an update to News Feed, Pakistan gives YouTube the nod and Twitter tests a dedicated GIF button on mobile. Also, Bill Murray. Want more? Watch SMCF. Turn it […]

  • Relationship Persona Targeting for Valentine’s Grand SLAMS | Psychographic Hot House
    Striking out on relationship targeting? Minor league marketers identifying those who are coupled, engaged, married, and divorced/widowed can end up whiffing. Relationship targeting became a whole new ball game when Facebook entered the picture laden with parent, financial, relationship duration and, of course, interest layers (and so much more). Power-hitting marketers can now acutely identify […]

  • #SEO For Sale?! Exposing Google Loopholes In Light Of @FTC Native Guidelines
    Native content is all the rage, with many online publications launching advertorial programs to capitalize financially.  “Native” means paid content, from social posts and ads to full-on articles, which exist between, and blended in, with editorial content. Native Advertising & Publishers There are several areas of concern for publishers selling native advertising.  First, Google has well […]

  • Exclude ‘Free’ Loving Facebook Parasites Using Negative Targeting | Aimclear Psychographic Hot House
    Smart search marketers know. Don’t buy “Free” keywords, unless your conversion is free. Paid social marketers recognize no-freebies filtering is easily available using Facebook Exclusion Interest targeting. This Psychographic Targeting Hot House illustrates how to ban pesky freeloaders from the targeting mix. Copy seed targeting, offered as scraping text below. Paste scraped text into Facebook Ads for […]

  • Social Marketing Cluster Facts: Twitter Celebs Get A Break And Google Glass Social Pages Disappear
    On Friday, we dive into the week’s social media news, providing you with real (and amusing) insight into this dynamic industry. What’s up this week? Top-dog Twitter users get a break from ads, Facebook boosts publishers’ organic reach with Organic Audience Optimization and rumors swirl around the life or death of Google Glass. Want more? Watch […]

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