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  • SEO is Dead: Long Live Online Marketing | Zenith 2016 LIVE Blog!
    The owner of Search Influence (and disputed Locomotive Consultant), Will Scott, is all about helping customers successfully market online and building scalable solutions for local businesses and marketing teams. Having worked in the digital marketing space since ’94, he knows a thing or two about the industry. Today, he told  Zenith goers that SEO is dead. […]

  • Multi-Channel Integration and Leveraging Sales Funnel Attribution | Zenith 2016 LIVE Blog!
    Breakout session 3 finds Zenith 2016 #hungry! And not for lunch, which is just around the corner. The starved campaign scaling, multi-channel maneuvering-masses are grabbing their seats to join Megan Taggart, SEM Account Manager at Aimclear, and John Lee, Managing Partner at Clix Marketing, for their presentation… Creatively Scaling Campaigns: Multi-Channel Integration and Leveraging Sales […]

  • Reputation Monitoring & Protection: DATA EVERYWHERE! (B. S. U. R.) | Zenith 2016 LIVE Blog!
    Michelle Stinson Ross is a recognized authority in content marketing and the co-host of #socialchat. Jen Jama is involved in the phenomenally successful #smbmsp, one of the biggest and longest running social media breakfasts in the country. Let’s talk reputation management! It’s “the practice of crafting strategies that shape or influence the public perception of […]

  • The Machine Learning Revolution and its Impact on Search | Zenith 2016 LIVE Blog!
    Eric is the founder and CEO of Stone Temple Consulting and writes for Search Engine Land, Moz, Marketing Land and so much more. Eric is also the author of The Art of SEO – 992 pages of “light reading.” We’re thrilled to have him in Duluth! Eric once walked 25 feet across hot coals and […]

  • The Mobile-Social Web, Redux: How to Leap Frog Local Competition | Zenith 2016 LIVE Blog!
    Leap frog! We’re hopping into the mobile, social sweet spot with MobileMoxie’s dynamic duo, CEO Cindy Krum and Mobile Marketing Specialist Emily Grossman. After a stunning morning keynote, Cindy transitioned from the wild world of artificial intelligence into all-things-mobile. From Mobilegeddon to the science behind app results in mobile, Cindy and Emily gave the Zenith […]

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