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  • Increase PPC Workflow in a Snap! aimClear’s Deep in the Sheets (Episode #8)
    In this episode of Deep in the Sheets, Megan Demarais, aimClear SEM Account Manager, recounts 15 Excel hacks that increase PPC workflow. Here’s what you can expect to learn: Automatically sum Network days function (determine how many weekdays in a particular month) “CTRL” “PLUS” Repeating a formula in multiple cells Copying patterns Tabbing between worksheets […]

  • Social Media Grand Slam! Who You Are, Who You Want To Be
    Marty Weintraub, aimClear Founder & Evangelist, interviews Mark Traphagen, Senior Director of Online Marketing for Stone Temple Consulting, about the proper place in the marketing mix for social media. So often, brands fail at social because they are doing it for the “sake of social media.” As the C-suite asks how their investment in social […]

  • First Impressions Matter! Developing Clickworthy Content with Jordan Kasteler
    aimClear’s Manny Rivas, Online Advertising Director, sat down with Jordan Kasteler, Sr. SEO Manager at Red Door Interactive, to discuss what makes content successful and what steps marketers can take to set their content apart from the rest. In this video interview, Jordan describes strategies for structuring and packaging content to make users want to […]

  • Pay For Sex? How The Economist Pimps Old Content On CNN To Sell Subscriptions
    Sex sells and The Economist Magazine is taking the world’s oldest profession to a new level of content advertising debauchery to score subscriptions. There’s more to the tactic than meets the eye, especially as concerns The Economists escalation of “Sex” keyword content over the last few years, coupled with a prodigal decline of search interest in […]

  • Visualized Budget Pacing (Episode #7) – aimClear’s Deep in the Sheets
    Today’s episode of Deep in the Sheets illustrates how to manage and track your budget to ensure ideal pacing throughout any given time frame. Dion Plakos explains how to identify whether you are spending budget too quickly or if you should allocate more dollars throughout any PPC campaign by following this nifty Excel guide. Easily […]

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