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  • Sell With Social Marketing! This Is Our Love Of Music
    Because music is such a fanatical passion for so many of us who work at aimClear, it’s only natural that a lot of our social media conversations cross over into the music industry. Organic social media plays a huge part in music industry success… Some of the top accounts in numbers of social media followers/fans […]

  • Social Marketing Cluster Facts: Facebook Gets REAL w/ Retention, Twitter Autoplay Feeds… Oh Yeah!
    Welcome to Social Marketing Cluster Facts! We’ll be diving into the week’s top social media news, providing you with real (and amusing) insight into this dynamic industry. What’s up this week? Twitter introduces autoplay feeds, Facebook announces a new retention algorithm and LinkedIn’s Pulse news platform announces it’s bringing back HUMAN editors to tailor news to […]

  • Selling Luxury To Rich Online Buyers! Weekly Psychographic Hot House
    Welcome to our new series, aimClear’s “Weekly Psychographic Hot House.” On Thursdays we’ll publish a tasty targeting tidbit to serve as an example of layered social psychographic data.  We’ll share from either Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google audiences and a couple of dozen other data services. While example targeting will relate to various verticals, the […]

  • Marketers! Choose The Right Video Camera: Interviews To Flashmobs — Oh MY!
    Expanding social media video journalism is a smart move for any marketer. It’s hard to deny the potential for awe-inspiring content that thrills clients and leaves viewers captivated. We’re talking YouTube shorts, flashmobs, crowdsourcing, branded entertainment, conference coverage, Q & A sessions with experts, video segments… the possibilities are endless. Before scripts are written and […]

  • Bridge Search & Social Marketing Integration! 6 Unified Tactics
    Social and search marketing are inexorably wound crafts, lovers joined at the knees. Yet many marketers miss fantastic opportunities for actual, even revolutionary integration. Compounding the problem is a common misalignment of social SEO, PPC, display, PR, retargeting, content and social marketing departmental structure within larger and more established companies. Disconnected social and search can be fatal, especially […]

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