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  • Rubbing #PPC Pennies, Business Objectives, Egos & Chinese Links: A Conversation with Colleen Simpson
    At SMX Social in Las Vegas last week, aimClear’s Online Advertising Director, Manny Rivas, interviewed Colleen Simpson, Senior Media Manager at Pearson, a leading educational services company. They discussed strategies to support business objectives through PPC, for both large and small brands. Ultimately, PPC managers should start with the end in mind and have conversations with business stakeholders to […]

  • Social Through a Visual Lens: Understanding Pinterest, Instagram & Tumblr at #SMX Social
    Welcome back to more aimClear coverage of SMX Social! In the How to Dominate Pinterest session, Matt Siltala, President at Avalaunch Media, discussed how to master Pinterest. As Pinterest’s advertising model continues to trend toward supporting business goals, it’s important to understand just how popular the channel has become. The Power of Pinterest 62% of […]

  • Design Tactics to Enhance Social Sharing: Actionable Ways to Achieve Maximum Reach from #SMX Social
    What encourages people to share? SMX Social has been full of fantastic tactical advice for how to create great social content that will engage users, but today’s morning session on Designing for Social Media Sharing emphasized the technical ways creators can prompt sharing once their content is created. Marianne Sweeny, a Senior User Experience and […]

  • The Great Native Advertising Debate (& Where It’s Going) at #SMX Social
    Continuing our coverage of SMX Social day one, next up was Native Ads, Sponsored Endorsements & Paid Posts: Walking The Social Media Minefield with Mariana Rodriguez, Senior Account Director at Beeby Clark + Meyler; Phil Gomes, Senior Vice President at Edelman Digital; and Danielle Wiley, CEO at Sway Group. Associating company brands with a celebrity […]

  • Oops! [Brand] Makes Social Media Flub: How to Recover with Class, #SMX-style
    aimClear’s coverage of SMX Social continues with tips for recovering from social media blunders and steps to create viral content. Ric Dragon shared a preview of the session with us earlier, so check it out! To kick things off, Sandra Fathi, President at Affect, shared best practices for crisis communication in Recovering From A Social […]

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