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  • Analyze PPC Social Metrics with ONE Number – EPMI: aimClear’s Deep in the Sheets (Episode 16)
    Retweets, impressions, replies, likes, clicks, follows, social actions… oh my! Do you ever feel like you’re drowning in social metrics? In this week’s episode of Deep in the Sheets, learn to trim social metrics for each campaign into ONE number to judge EPMI (engagements per thousand impressions). Tune in again next time! Read on for the […]

  • Duluth’s Zenith Social Media Marketing Confab Preview! 8 Speakers, 5 Questions
    With over 25 speakers heading to Duluth, the countdown is on! The 4th annual Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference is coming up quickly and we can hardly wait! If you haven’t yet registered to attend the conference, don’t worry there’s still room for YOU! You will leave feeling inspired, armed with a powder keg of […]

  • Social Marketing Redefined: Expertly Curate Owned-Audience Retargeting Cookie Pools
    Historically, social media marketing KPIs were delightfully warm and fuzzy, hinged on appropriately ubiquitous presence, engagement, community, content distribution, quantifiable loyalty, retention and service. No doubt, these are completely worthy metrics. All still apply. All are crucial. They’re not nearly enough anymore. It’s not news to most social marketing players that over the last few […]

  • aimClear’s Q2 Conference Speaking Gigs: Chicago, Berlin, Portland, Duluth & Seattle!
    The temps are getting warmer, days longer and the aimClear team is gearing up to kick off our Q2 conference journey! April showers sure do bring plenty of fantastic conferences around the globe. Here’s a glance at aimClear’s upcoming speaking agenda. SEJ Summit: April 15, Chicago, IL First up, the aimClear team is traveling to […]

  • PPC Data Organization with VLOOKUP Formulas: aimClear’s Deep in the Sheets (Episode 15)
    Welcome back to aimClear’s Deep in the Sheets! In this episode, we organize a list of leads and zip codes, DITS Vlookup, into specific geographic locations using VLOOKUP formulas. Save hours of time when determining the city and state associated with each zip code. Follow along as we apply VLOOKUP formulas to PPC data to transform […]

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