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  • PPC Data Organization with VLOOKUP Formulas: aimClear’s Deep in the Sheets (Episode 15)
    Welcome back to aimClear’s Deep in the Sheets! In this episode, we organize a list of leads and zip codes, DITS Vlookup, into specific geographic locations using VLOOKUP formulas. Save hours of time when determining the city and state associated with each zip code. Follow along as we apply VLOOKUP formulas to PPC data to transform […]

  • WOW with CTR vs. CVR PPC Scatter Plots: aimClear’s Deep in the Sheets (Episode 14)
    On this week’s episode of Deep in the Sheets, we tackle a XY Quadrant Scatter Plot. Fancy term for a simple PPC plot that will make performance comparison visually interesting for the client and meaningful for the marketer. Using geographic location, click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate (CVR), we plot performance based on the set average. […]

  • Brand Protection! Squatters, Affiliates & PPC: #SMX Recap II
    Welcome back to our recap coverage of SMX West 2015! The booths were huge and conference rooms were jam-packed with marketing pros eager to both absorb and share information. The Challenges of Paid Search for Brands session was best described as a roundtable. (However, moderator Matt Van Wagner, President at Find Me Faster, quipped about […]

  • Search & Social are Marketing’s Dynamic Duo: #SMX West Recap!
    The aimClear team enjoyed our time at #SMX West in warm and sunny San Jose last week! On Day Three of the conference, we attended a really cool session on the Social Media Track, Better Together: Search & Social. Moderator, Lauren Donovan, Community Editor at Search Engine Land and Marketing Land, welcomed Ellen White, Director […]

  • Transform PPC Data into a Striking Pivot Table: aimClear’s Deep in the Sheets (Episode 13)
    Tune in for the final installation of our five-part Excel series on converting raw data into a presentable format. This week’s episode of Deep in the Sheets provides formatting tips to create stunning representations of your data. Follow along as we add style, color and font to really make data pop in an Excel spreadsheet. Enjoy […]

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