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  • #GoogleSummit Ads & Analytics Innovations Keynote Recap: From Mobile-First To Snazzy Display
    The Google Performance Summit revealed major changes for the coming months, including new text and display styles, mobile-first enhancements, look-a-like retargeting and beefed up analytics. Marketers are no longer asking if they should invest in mobile, but how they should invest. With over half of all searches happening on mobile, Google has been working with […]

  • Content Marketing Conference: 9 Top Takeaways To Turn It Up (Sans Bullsh*t)
    One theme rang true at this year’s Content Marketing Conference: Readers matter more than writers. Let’s face it. Content marketing can become — and often is — dull and self-righteous, focused solely on communicating to the world how wonderful a brand/product/service is (ugh). Yet when it comes down to it, nobody really cares how wonderful […]

  • Social Psychographic Targeting Hot House | Where Does The Data Come From?
    If knowledge is power, then Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are basically Power Rangers. These social media superheros mightily morph marketing minds with intuitive audience insights, hyper-focused targeting options and ever-evolving layers of data. How do they know so much about their vast network of users? By mastering declared, inferred and third-party data. When properly combined, […]

  • Pinterest Targeting Reach AMPED! 4 SMART Tactics | Psychographic Hot House
    Four data-driven tactics to increase Pinterest ad reach with SMART keyword targeting.

  • 6 LAME KPIs And How To Make Them Better + FREE KPI Cheat Sheet
    Marketing is an investment. And as with any investment, your company needs to know whether it is paying off. As digital marketers, we are blessed with an abundance of data. Every click and action can be tracked through various tools and systems, giving us close to real-time visibility of campaign performance. It’s really quite amazing […]

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