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  • The Power Of #SearchFest & Why Portland Means So Much To Me
    In 2008, Portland’s now iconic regional search marketing conference took place at the Oregon Zoo. I stayed at the freshly opened Nines Hotel downtown and took a TriMet: MAX train to the venue. I was struck by Oregon’s gorgeous natural beauty, the earthy nature of the city folk, the food scene and how vital things […]

  • #Zenith2015 Agenda Live! Duluth’s Legendary Social Marketing Conference Returns
    Each spring, digital marketing pros from across the country flock to the Zenith city for the Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference. Zenith is a true private business civic partnership between the Duluth Chamber and aimClear. We create the agenda, invite the speakers and sequence the conference with the Duluth Chamber each year. All proceeds are donated to FUSE, the Duluth Chamber’s organization devoted to keeping […]

  • PPC Pivot Tables & Charts: aimClear’s Deep in the Sheets (Episode 12)
    Continuing our pivot table series, this week’s episode of Deep in the Sheets shares how to efficiently organize data in pivot tables. Pivot charts arrange data in a visually appealing format and convey statistical changes over time. In this episode, we’ll also dive into: Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) Cost Over Time Distribution of Quality of Leads Tune in […]

  • Organic LinkedIn Domination! Build A Top 1% Profile By Human Nature
    Want hundreds or thousands of professionally relevant and absolutely real LinkedIn users to friend YOU, totally No Strings Attached? Wish when you post updates to your LinkedIn profile that many seriously connected LI users see your content for free? Dreaming your profile will rise to be in the top 1% of professionals like you, even #1? Know […]

  • From Southern Comfort to the Land Down Under! aimClear’s Q1 Speaking Agenda
    Let’s do this! The upcoming two months will be a thrilling time for aimClear as we trot around the globe to speak at and attend a multitude of conferences. We look forward to connecting with industry peers while sharing some of our own digital marketing gems. We’re pumped to offer a sneak peek at our […]

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