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  • 3 Marvelous Behavioral Retargeting Hacks For Power Marketers
    Emergent retargeting tactics segment cookie pools in clever and exciting ways. This article highlights three cool behavioral retargeting hacks: internal site search, multiples and extrapolated shopping segmentation.  These tactics apply to ecommerce, lead generation and most any digital marketing assignment. Sound like a techno-geek mouthful? Well it IS, so read on digital media-buying geeks! [LAY PERSON VOCABULARY: “Retargeting“ means […]

  • #Zenith2015 Captured in Action! BONUS: An Announcement you WON’T Want to Miss!
    Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference is a special event. Featuring topnotch speakers and diverse content, Zenith is one of the most comprehensive regional social media marketing conferences in America. These are the same speakers that you might pay thousands of dollars to see at national conferences. We’re excited to announce that #Zenith2016 is on April […]

  • You’re A Marketing Leader Now! Tips For Starting Your New job
    Congratulations! You’ve been hired as marketing leader, having grown through the production ranks. You’ve paid your dues for years and now you’re the boss. You have direct reports, employees, a team of doers. You’re hiring employees. Now the buck stops with you. There’s so much to learn during these exciting times. Congratulations! You’re about to make […]

  • Streamline PPC Tasks w/ Production Calendars – aimClear’s Deep in the Sheets (Season Finale)
    In PPC management, many tasks need to be done regularly and at different intervals. PPC is fast-paced so it’s crucial to stay organized. Creating a production calendar helps keep a balanced and organized workload. In the season finale of Deep in the Sheets, we’ll show you how to organize a PPC production calendar using Excel. […]

  • Matt Siltala Interviewed: Visual Marketing Trends! #Zenith2015 Interview
    Matt Siltala understands how to make content viral as FAST as an avalanche. His company Avalaunch Media specializes in content marketing, including video, interactive graphics, motion graphics and infographics. His key to making strong visual content is research and crafting a story out of (often) boring data. The best infographics spark controversy and debate. For […]

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