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Holistic Search Marketing
A holistic overview of Search Marketing | SEO | PPC

  • Local Search – Bigger than you think
    Last Wednesday (12th February 2014) I had the opportunity to talk at one of the last SES events (before it becomes Clickz Live) in London on Local Search with Gregg Stewart. In the talk I discussed the growing influence of local, with 1 in 3 searches now classified as having local intent – up from […]

  • Google revenue increases 12%, Profit up 36% – Enhanced campaigns starting to bite
    Its been a year of change, for both sides of the search landscape. It should come as no surprise therefore to see Google’s Q3 figures reflecting what should be construed as a positive 2013 with Google seeing a significant increase in the volume by which users engage with its ads, mitigating to a certain degree a […]

  • Are Google creating themselves a problem with Google+ Local
    Its been interesting watching the increasing encroachment of the Zagat recommendation framework into the mainstream Google results over the last couple of months. During the last 12 months, Google’s local framework – which lets be honest was never particularly great to start with – has undergone a significant overhaul and has now been incorporated into […]

  • Google SERP change – what impact will it have?
    It would appear Google are in the midst of a SERP test (as identified by my trustee sidekick Dan Bell) which could provide a significant boost to brands on brand related searches. In the test highlighted below, the relevant brand result appears to have a number of significant enhancements which significantly improve the “standoutedness” of […]

  • The Google Dichotomy – Authorship
    I don’t blog much. Mainly because I believe in not regurgitating things that have already been said better by someone else. An approach that means (due to my very talented network of colleagues past & present) I’m usually the last one to turn up whenever anything exciting happens in the industry. However, sometimes I can […]

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