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  • Review: 4 New Online SEO Tools to Try in 2014
    * Wow. It’s 2014 already. I started practicing SEO consciously 10 years ago. Despite all the nonsense we have been hearing from publicity hungry mainstream media SEO is growing, at least judging from the plethora of in many cases new...

  • Does SEO Make You Sick?
    * A recent survey has yielded shocking results: one in ten Americans considers HTML to be a sexually transmitted disease. This sounds funny, doesn’t it? Now consider one of the other survey questions. It also asked what SEO means. Here...

  • SEO vs SEO 2.0: Top 15 Differences
    * What is SEO 2.0? These are the 15 most important differences between SEO and SEO 2.0 or in other words old school and modern SEO: SEO SEO 2.0 Link building as in manually adding them by submitting static websites...

  • Improving Productivity While Working Fewer Hours
    * You have probably heard the “work smarter not harder” thing a few times haven’t you? Unless of course you have never read about productivity. It’s true. As I got older and the blogging, social media and search industries more...

  • Google Sells Endorsements to SEO Agencies
    Last time I have written about Google on this blog I promised to be more positive about the search-monopolist mega-corporation advertising company. You know, it’s not easy for me after all the issues I had with Google. Nonetheless this time...

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