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  • How to Popularize Ideas Online
    * Ideas are not websites. You do not optimize them for search or social media. Ideas get spread by people when they are agreeable memorable provide solutions and can be implemented on their own without buying expensive solutions. How can...

  • SEO Has Evolved – It’s About Popularization Now
    * SEO is not the alpha and omega, it has evolved to become more than just search engine optimization. Also it’s not just marketing, you can optimize things without selling them on a market. SEO has progressed and advanced in...

  • 101 Unique Blog Post Ideas to Grab
    * As you probably know I not only blog here on SEO 2.0 I also write for client blogs. Every month I pitch a dozen or more ideas to a select few blogs. I sell half or more of them...

  • SEO 2.0 Tools and Resources from the Ebook – Part 4 of 4
    Yeah! It’s almost there, the by now mythical SEO 2.0 ebook. To keep you intrigued here comes another large tools and resources list from the ebook itself containing 30+ links to free tools and helpful articles that elaborate on what...

  • Creative SEO: Fixing Things is Not Enough
    * When the Web is a series of tubes SEO experts are just the plumbers of it. Just cleaning up and fixing things only gets you so far. What about creative SEO practices everybody can implement beyond just fine tuning?...

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