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SEO 2.0
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  • SEO 2.0 Tools and Resources from the Ebook – Part 2 of 3
    As mentioned in the first part of my SEO 2.0 tools and resources from the upcoming ebook of the same name I have split the list with way too many links into three parts. This is part two. Again this...

  • How to Blog Without Creating Content Yourself?
    In the Internet marketing industry most pundits declare that you have to create quality content all the time. It’s often an overwhelming task. You have to reinvent the wheel all the time. In most other niches that’s almost impossible. What...

  • Hyperbole is Dead or Writing for Trust
    * The excessive use of superlatives and hyperbole in blogging today leads to such an over-saturation that you actually lose parts of your audience when doing it. Can you write attractively without exaggeration and cheap special effects so that you...

  • 10 Habits of Highly Efficient Social Media Power Users
    * Many people view social media as a waste of time while others expect them to be some kind of promised land for self promotion. Both groups will never use social media to their fullest potential. The truth lies of...

  • SEO 2.0 Tools and Resources from the Ebook – Part 1 of 3
    As you might have already know I have been preparing the SEO 2.0 ebook for more than a year by now. I am aware that it’s a long time to wait and that I also have less time to write...

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