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  • Is Your Site Really Mobile-Friendly or Just Pleasing Google?
    * The good news first: making a site mobile-friendly is easy. I have converted my custom built and decade old main site to responsive web design myself even though I don’t work as a web developer for 10 years anymore...

  • humans.txt – Which Parts of Your Site to Hide for People Which Not
    * Recently I’ve read a very good guide for humans on the robots.txt file which most people including me neglect. Why block content from bots at all? I prefer to optimize for people not bots and thus I imagined what...

  • Popularization Techniques to Learn from Music and Science
    * Now that I reframed SEO as part of the bigger popularization efforts I’d like to show you some popularization techniques to learn from music and science to make products and people known. No, you don’t need to “twerk” or...

  • How to Popularize Ideas Online
    * Ideas are not websites. You do not optimize them for search or social media. Ideas get spread by people when they are agreeable memorable provide solutions and can be implemented on their own without buying expensive solutions. How can...

  • SEO Has Evolved – It’s About Popularization Now
    * SEO is not the alpha and omega, it has evolved to become more than just search engine optimization. Also it’s not just marketing, you can optimize things without selling them on a market. SEO has progressed and advanced in...

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