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  • Simple Blogging Inspiration Techniques
    Blogging on a regular basis requires constant research for new topics to cover. In order to search for new material you need to know what to search for in the first place. Thus you need blogging inspiration as a prerequisite...

  • What is Your Implicit Content Strategy in One Sentence?
    You don’t really need content strategy do you? You don’t even have one! You just write and publish. That’s it! Why do I need a strategy “I’m not a general leading an army” you think. Yet you do have one...

  • utm_source=crap: How Google Analytics Breaks Links + User Experience
    * Over the years Google – the dominant analytics provider on the market – and marketers have increasingly inserted so called utm_source etc. parameters into third party website addresses (so called URLs). I have warned against this type of URL...

  • Peak Outreach: Don’t Bug Influencers – Follow Engagers
    * Over the years so called influencer marketing has become the new standard. A few years back it was already difficult to reach out to an influencer, after all such successful people were always busy.   Peak outreach These days...

  • SEO is Dead – PIG is the New SEO
    * With a new wave of “SEO is Dead” posts appearing I thought it’s about time I added something to the debate again. Nowadays Google forces us to grant them access to private files like CSS stylesheets or JS scripts....

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