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  • Google Authorship Expansion for People
    Recent update I’ve noticed in the UK today for the first time, when you type a name into Google while logged in you get similar results as you would get for brands in Google+ You can see Google is pulling a lot more information from Google+ personal profiles including the avatar, number of followers, bio, […]

  • Google Plus Results in Organic SERPS
    This morning after being inspired this weeks MOZ video on Google+ and how it impacts personalised search results I decided to do some testing on Google for myself. Literally the first keyword I searched for showed a new result that I’ve not seen before – individual Google+ posts are now appearing as organic search results! […]

  • Google+ Hangout Tips 2013
    Say what you will about Google+ but the hangout feature brings something different to the table. From my perspective they are a great tool to increase engagement levels to your followers on Google+ and provide an alternative way of presenting new content. Recently the company I work for (Farfetch) celebrated it’s 5th Birthday and while […]

  • Changing Job – Agency SEO to Freelancer – Interview
    How I see it there are three types of SEO; you either work at an agency, client side or on your own as a freelancer. Working in agencies and client side are the most common of the three so I was interested to hear that Steve Morgan had recently left agency life and set up […]

  • Guest Blog Posting – Post Penguin 2.0
    Firstly I just want to start by saying this is NOT another blog post preaching that simply good content is the answer to guest blog posting, it’s really much more than just that. What I want to talk about is how I’ve seen a shift in what works and what doesn’t when using guest blog posting and hopefully […]

  • Google Update “Similar Searches” Changing in SERP
    Just a small observation this morning in the United Kingdom – if you conduct a search with a “name” + “company name / website” you will get a new similar searches layout in the search results: As you can see there is now a line break towards the end of the page separating a new […]

  • Linklove Link Building Takeaways
    Hey guys, I’ll be updating some of the highlights from #linklove 2013 during the day: Will Reynolds  There is no finish line when it comes to link building Use your out of office to let people know what you do, Will’s wife received £1k donation Nudges – small actions can lead to bigger goals Use newsletter […]

  • Advertorials Still Appearing After Interflora Links Scandal
    As the majority of the SEO community now knows and too the now presumably unemployed agency/in-house team of Interflora – advertorials and link networks will cause you great problems in organic search. If you want to read the two best articles on why Interflora lost rankings for a number of high value keywords (including their […]

  • Google Plus Changing in SERPS
    So it seems that Google is currently in the process of updating how Google+ brand/business pages are being displayed in the SERPS. Besides the new thumbnails showing the old brand logos has reduced in size and the business description now removed.  At the moment (9am GMT) the thumbnails are not showing fully in the UK […]

  • Owning your organic Brand Results in Google – like a boss!
    This is an area that I’ve always been questioned with by large businesses that want as much ownership from their brand in Google’s search results as possible. There are a number of reasons for wanting to own the first page of Google’s results (be it 10 or 7 results) but the simple fact is that if […]

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