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  • HostPapa Hosting Still Sucks: Now Extorts Customers
    A few years back I blogged about HostPapa getting hit with a widespread hack that they lied to their customers about, and instead tried to blame on a non-existent WordPress security issue. More than just WordPress sites were affected, so obviously it was not that. It was most likely a cpanel bug that other hosting […]

  • New WordPress Backdoor Style Discovered – Hackers Think They Are Sneaky
    I was cleaning a client’s site today that had been hacked, when I discovered a new backdoor implementation that I had never seen before. This one is a perfect example of why automated scans are often not sufficient when cleaning up a hacked WordPress installation. You can see the full file here: 99bde887d.php. The file […]

  • Warning: Does Not Tell You If You Download An Infected Plugin From Them
    Have you ever logged in to your WordPress dashboard, noticed that there were some updates pending, but simply couldn’t be bothered pushing the button to run them? Sure you have. Who hasn’t? A good majority of my work comes from dehacking websites that have been compromised, and even I slack on that from time to […]

  • Hosting with HostPapa or Netregistry and Hacked? Switch Hosts Now. (hacked by hacker)
    It looks like another pair of hosts have joined GoDaddy in the “Not our fault” game when their servers get breached. Yesterday I had a few people contact me whose sites had been hacked, all with the identical symptoms: the only thing showing on their sites are the words hacked by hacker in plain text, […]

  • Sometimes I Worry About the World I Live In.
      Click on the picture below. Click Like, then Share, then type the words “Show me” in the comments. Watch and see what happens.

  • The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth
    It would be interesting to see what arguments those who opposed the law come up with as well.

  • Best.Nigerian.Scam.EVER! (We gonna send you to jail if you don’t read this email, do you get me?)
    I have seen some pretty off the wall Nigerian Scam letters in the past, but this one has to be one of the most amazing I have ever received. Reading through this is an anthropological goldmine of insight into just how disconnected the scammers in that country are from how life really works here in […]

  • Florida Just Outlawed Chocolate, Y’all
    Florida has definitely had it’s “doh!” moments, but this one is a doozy. It seems as if last month, March 23rd 2012, Florida HB 1175 went into effect, with the following intent:   Controlled Substances: Adds to list of Schedule I controlled substances certain specified materials, compounds, mixtures, or preparations that contain hallucinogenic substances or […]

  • I Got My Eye On You
      No, really…     I think this may be a sign that I am watching too much The Walking Dead. By the way, this would look great on you or your boyfriend/girlfriend on a t-shirt! 😀

  • Google Says “Fuck It” For The Christmas Season, Removes The Ability To Report AdSense Violations
    It has to be tough policing a program like AdSense. It must be exceptionally difficult during the holiday season, when the payoff to running scams grows so much more. It is so tough, in fact, that this year as the holiday shopping season grows near, with Black Friday just a few short days away, that […]

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