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  • A Button Without The Treat

    A few months ago I wrote a post entitled +1 is Explicit, but is not Relevance Feedback.  I am often personally concerned that, with many of the posts I write, I am being pedantic.  However, last week TechCrunch came to the same conclusion: +1 Is Like A Button You Push For A Treat — [...]

  • They Won People Over By A Logical Argument

    Via @glinden, I enjoyed this article on why GDrive (an early cloud document/file store) was never launched by Google:

    At the time [2008], Google was about to launch a project it had been developing for more than a year, a free cloud-based storage service called GDrive. But Sundar [Pichai] had concluded that it was [...]

  • Workshop on Collaborative Information Retrieval (CIR 2011)

    Workshop on Collaborative Information Retrieval (CIR 2011) CIKM’2011, Glasgow, UK, October 28th.

    Organizers ———-

    - Gene Golovchinsky, FX Palo Alto Laboratory, Inc, USA. - Jeremy Pickens, Catalyst Repository Systems, USA. - Meredith Ringel Morris, Microsoft Research, USA. - Juan M. Fernández-Luna, University of Granada, Spain. - Juan F. Huete, University of Granada, Spain. [...]

  • +1 is Explicit, but is not Relevance Feedback

    A week or so ago, Google introduced it’s answer to the Facebook “Like”.  It is called “+1″.  Here is a quote from the official announcement:

    The +1 button is shorthand for “this is pretty cool” or “you should check this out.”  Click +1 to publicly give something your stamp of approval. Your +1′s can help friends, [...]

  • Top Posts of 2010

    Here are the five top posts on this blog for 2010, in order:

    Kasparov and Good Interaction Design Search Versus Recommendation: Not the Only Tension More on Simplicity and the Paradox of Choice What You Can Find Out Don’t Forget Explicitly Collaborative Information Seeking

    Thank you to all three of my readers who made [...]

  • Close the Loop!

    The web is abuzz this week with talk of the Google Books Ngram Viewer.  It’s a great tool, and leads to some very interesting exploration and trend visualization.  So does this tool fly in the face of my rant from a few days ago, about how Google’s improvements to search are all automated improvements, [...]

  • Search Algorithms versus Asimov’s First Law of Robotics

    Search Engine Land has a short article on bias versus brands.  The issue at hand is whether Google Instant has a brand bias.  Google says it does not:

    Singhal explains that when someone types in T, mathematically “most people typing T will go to Target. That’s the probability model. If you add R to [...]

  • Miffed and Confused

    Have been on a six month blogging hiatus, and wouldn’t you know it.. it took another fun Google article to pull me back.  It is a recent FastCompany piece, entitled Google to Zuckerberg, Bing: We Still Innovate.  The premise of the article is that Facebook has recently partnered with Bing to deliver social search [...]

  • The Search User Wants a Story

    I fired up reddit this morning and was completely flabbergasted by one of the top posts.  The title of the post was “This is Why I Use Google, Not Bing”.  And it linked straight to this screenshot (which I reproduce here, in case the target disappears at some point):

    This blew my mind, [...]

  • More on Simplicity and the Paradox of Choice

    I came across an interesting blogpost today, entitled “The Paradox of Choice is Not Robust“.  To requote their quote:

    Benjamin Scheibehenne, a psychologist at the University of Basel, was thinking along these lines when he decided (with Peter Todd and, later, Rainer Greifeneder) to design a range of experiments to figure out when choice [...]

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