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Sebastian's Pamphlets
If you've read my articles somewhere on the Internet, expect something different here.

  • Context to my activities on social media
    You might be curious why the heck a geek stops posting pamphlets on Web development, search, and whatnot in favor of supporting the revolution in a remote country in the middle east. Well, here’s the story: I do care. Syria’s recent history Since the coup of 1970, Assad’s mafia clan occupies Syria, operating the country like a [...]

  • Purchase yourself a link (bargain!)
    Since my campaign links for t-shirts failed miserably, probably because I forgot to put up a shipping address, I thought of new ways to boost my shady tiny link monkey business. The recent trend to SEO cannibalism (SEOs outing their former clients for inbound links which the SEO agency purchased, fabricated, stole, faked, or bartered [...]

  • Dear webmaster, don’t trust Google on links
    I’m not exactly a fan of non-crawlable content, but here it goes, provided by Joshua Titsworth (click on a tweet in order to favorite and retweet it): What has to be said [View the story “A rant on Google’s outlandish link policy by SebastianX” on Storify] Google’s link policy is ape shit. They don’t even believe their own [...]

  • About time: EU crumbles monster cookies from hell
    Some extremely bright bravehearts at the European Union headquarters in Bruxelles finally took the initiative and launched a law to fight the Interweb’s gremlins, that play down their sneaky and destructive behavior behind an innocent as well as inapplicable term: COOKIE.Back in the good old days when every dog and its fleas used an InternetExplorer [...]

  • My Top 10 Predictions for 2012
    SEO refuses to die. In other words, SEOs who grasped HTML5 might survive. Flash on the other hand, died earlier. Google delays the launch of their mind-reading-search-implant (beta) after Altavista threatens to give away their babelfish earpiece for free. Yahoo launches a huge comment link spam attack in order to boost the ranking of its few remaining [...]

  • Geo targeting without IP delivery is like throwing a perfectly grilled steak at a vegan
    So Gareth James asked me to blather about the role of IP delivery in geo targeting. I answered “That’s a complex topic with gazillions of ‘depends’ lacking the potential of getting handled with a panacea”, and thought he’d just bugger off before I’ve to write a book published on his pathetic UK SEO blog. Unfortunately, [...]

  • Bizarre facettes of war in social media
    As a matter of fact, wars happen in social media, too. I don’t mean flame wars. I don’t refer to Arab dictators who, closely following the #ArabTyrantManual, during uprisings shut down Facebook, Twitter, or even the whole friggin Interwebs. I admit, those scumbags are somewhat creative. For example Syria’s junior dictator Bashar al-Assad, wo [...]

  • Get IE9 today! Free download - start surfing fast and safe, instantly!
    Days before Microsoft is going to release their new-ish Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), you can get your free copy of a state-of-the-art Web browser here: GET IE9 The Internet says thanks to James Groome from London, UK, for an amazingly short IE9 download URI: Of course, you can still download the best and fastest Web browser [...]

  • Get the Google cop outta my shopping cart!
    So now Google ranks my shopping SERPs by its opinion of customer service quality? Do not want! I’m perfectly satisfied with shopping search results ordered by relevancy and (link) popularity. I do not want Google to decide where I have to buy my stuff, just because an assclown treating his customers like shit got coverage in the [...]

  • Buy Free VIAGRA® Online! No Shipping Costs!
    Your search for prescription free Viagra® ends here.Pfizer just released the amazingly easy-to-understand Ultimate VIAGRA® DIY Guide (PDF, 30 illustrated pages). Look at the simple molecule on page one, cloning it is a breeze. Go brew your own! With a little help from your local alchemist, er, pharmacist, you can make even pills and paint [...]

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