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  • Scribes Without Souls: Why Automated Content Generators Come Up Short
    Content generators are getting smarter. What does this mean for search engine optimization, and are human writers finally obsolete? The age of machines is upon us – or, rather, we’ve been living in it for a while now. With the rise of Google’s RankBrain, self-driving cars, and companies in numerous industries pumping money into the […]

  • Why Advertisers Should Reconsider Their Google Dynamic Search Ad Qualms
    How to Use Google’s Dynamic Search Ads to Efficiently Boost Long-Tail Traffic   There’s nothing more frustrating to search marketers than receiving only a handful of clicks after spending countless hours researching and building out thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands, of campaign keywords. For advertisers looking to expand lower-funnel traffic without all that work, there […]

  • RankBrain Rising
    A Deep Dive into Google’s RankBrain Launch RankBrain, Google’s newly launched artificial intelligence component, which works in conjunction with the search engine’s Hummingbird algorithm, was announced late last month – setting SEO experts spiraling into a frenzy. While to most, Google’s RankBrain announcement felt like a huge surprise, we’ve taken the time to back track, […]

  • Drive Top-Notch Holiday Traffic with Strategic Content Marketing
    How to Gear Up Your Content Marketing for the 2015 Holiday Season Pumpkins, turkeys, and presents, oh my! Holiday planners and shoppers are on the online prowl, searching out the hottest deals and coolest ideas to make their holidays fantastic. If you don’t have a full-blown holiday content strategy already in place, never fear. There […]

  • Periscope: Putting the Social Back in Social Media
    How to Reimagine Your Social Media Campaigns with Periscope What is Periscope, you ask? Periscope is Twitter’s live video streaming app that lets you broadcast yourself, or your brand, to all of your followers and others all around the world instantaneously. Periscope’s unique approach to social media promotion gives brands new opportunities to create and […]

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