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  • Make Display Ad Impressions = Display Ad Views
    Google recently released an infographic, The Importance of Being Seen, on the viewability of display ads by consumers. Short and succinct, the study determined that… Overall, only 56% of all display ad impressions are actually viewed. The study also found that, Above the fold is a better position than at the top of the page, […]

  • How Exactly Do Sitelinks Affect PPC Performance?
    Using Various Paid Search Ad Extensions to Gauge Online Performance     Today, too many search marketers struggle with both increasing search volume while also systematically measuring the origins of that growing traffic. This kind of visibility can crucially impact where you choose to position spend, and ultimately, which audience segments your advertisements reach. It’s […]

  • Finding More Volume in Paid Search
    Clients are always looking for more volume and more efficiency, whether by way of driving more traffic to their sites or by gaining more conversions, sales, or leads. While it is nearly impossible to get both at the same time, there are a few ways to boost volume on your paid search campaigns without breaking […]

  • Structured Data Gets a Face Lift
    New Vocabularies and Terms Introduced, essentially the Dewey Decimal-style organization governing how the Internet categorizes and distributes both digital and real-world information, has been hard at work expanding its full hierarchy of structured data types. Since, comprised of Internet experts from Google, Bing, and Yahoo, started back in June 2011, many industries […]

  • Are App Installs Google’s Next Mobilegeddon Move?
    Google Rolls Out App Install Button in Search Results Amidst the ado, hubbub, and general hullabaloo concerning Mobilegeddon, Mopocalypse, or whatever you want to call it, Google quietly rolled out a smaller, separate mobile update a week prior to April 21st. Well, “smaller” in terms of scope, but perhaps not in terms of importance. Google’s […]

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