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  • Strategies to Boost Online Engagement
    How to Use Social Media to Forge Bonds between Your Brand and Your Customers In the world of digital marketing, high audience engagement is one of the key indicators of a successful marketing campaign. Whereas a decade ago, direct-mail marketing used to be the only form of communication between a brand and its consumer, the […]

  • Dude, Where’s My SERP?
    An SEO Urges Calm as Another Top-page Ad Appears It’s happened once again – Google has made a major change to the SERP. This time they’ve discontinued right-rail ads and opened the door for a fourth ad at the top of the page. No doubt many SEOs recoiled in horror when they heard the news. […]

  • How Google’s Right Rail Desktop Ads Removal Will Impact the Future of Search Marketing
    This week, Google stopped serving desktop ads along its right rail. The newly available space will primarily serve as inventory for both product listing ads and Google’s knowledge graph. While the top of the SERP will still generally yield three ads, any query that Google deems “highly commercial” will be eligible to trigger four top-of-page […]

  • Recapping Google’s 2015 Algorithm Updates with an Eye to the Future
    Mobile, Machine Learning, and Quality Content, Oh My! Every year, Google changes its algorithm hundreds of times. While most of these changes go unnoticed, some have drastic impacts on the way the search engine serves its organic results. For digital marketers, having a working knowledge of these algorithm changes and the timeline of their release […]

  • Scribes Without Souls: Why Automated Content Generators Come Up Short
    Content generators are getting smarter. What does this mean for search engine optimization, and are human writers finally obsolete? The age of machines is upon us – or, rather, we’ve been living in it for a while now. With the rise of Google’s RankBrain, self-driving cars, and companies in numerous industries pumping money into the […]

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