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Newsfeeds from around the industry
Inside AdSense
A look inside Google AdSense.

  • AdSense Global Spotlight: Capture opportunities in Indonesia

    Baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia di bawah.

    More and more users from all over the world are gaining access to information online. For current AdSense publishers, this presents an opportunity to grow your audience globally. This new Global Spotlight series can help educate, inspire, and provide you with insights into how you can grow your business and share your content in emerging markets.

    Today we’d like to bring you to Indonesia, an archipelago country of 17,000 islands and home to 260 million people. Indonesia is experiencing rapid internet penetration growth with approximately 100 million internet users[1] and an expected 37% new internet user growth through 2020[2]. Indonesian online ad revenue is also expected to grow aggressively - with over 40% annual growth in digital ad spend expected over the next few years[3].

    Jeanny Haliman is a Strategic Partner Manager on the AdSense team with deep roots in Indonesia. She helps publishers in her home country of Indonesia grow their businesses by accelerating their success using AdSense.

    “My mission is to empower my partners to pursue their passion and gain financial independence by creating content that they love.”
    Here are Jeanny’s top three tips for publishers who are looking to expand into or start their business in Indonesia.

    1. Optimize your site for mobile to meet the needs of Indonesian users
    Indonesia is a mobile-first market where 65% of Indonesians access the internet via their smartphones more often than a desktop or tablet and urban Indonesians spend three times more of their daily online time with their smartphone rather than a desktop[4]. It’s extremely important to optimize your sites user experience and ad strategy for the large number of Indonesian users accessing content via smartphones.

    Here are two resources to help you optimize your content for mobile users:
    • Download the #AdSenseGuide to Mobile Web Success to learn best practices on how to make the most of every mobile opportunity.
    • Use Page-level ads. Page-level ads are a family of ad formats that offer a new and innovative way to help you earn money from your mobile content. They’re designed to automatically show the right mobile ad format at the right time - potentially increasing your earnings without interfering with your users’ mobile experience. Implementing Page-level ads is easy. Check out this 2-minutes tutorial that will walk you through the process. 

    2. Audience engagement is key to increasing your presence in Indonesia
    Engaging your audience is all about telling the story that users are looking for, in a unique and creative way. As publishers, it’s your role to make it easy for users to consume content. Easy to consume content creates more chances to engage with an audience, ultimately yielding greater ad impressions.

    Here are two resources Jeanny shares with publishers that want to engage with an audience:
    • Download the #AdSenseGuide to Audience Engagement. This eBook is packed with tips to help make your content easy to consume. 
    • Use the free AdSense content recommendation tool, Matched content, to encourage your site visitors to consume more of your content. Place the Matched content unit at the bottom of your articles and it will promote additional contextually relevant and personalized articles from your site. Check if your account is eligible for Matched content here.

    3. Ensure that your site is policy-compliant
    Understanding AdSense Policy will help Indonesian publishers to build a healthy and sustainable business in the long-term. Here're some tips Jeanny usually gives to her publishers:

    • Understand the AdSense Program Policies.
    • Avoid accidental clicks on your own ads and notify us if there is invalid activity in your account
    • Check your AdSense-registered email regularly. If you receive a policy warning email, quickly fix your policy violations. If your ads get disabled, fix your policy violations and send an appeal via the form given on the email.

    Do you want to hear more from Jeanny about successfully monetizing your content in Indonesia? She regularly hosts live Hangout on Air sessions with her publishers to talk through best practices, ad placement tips, and ways to grow your business. Be sure to register your interest to receive updates on the next session. Until then, you can watch a recording of a recent Hangout on Air she hosted about Policy and Mobile Web Optimization.

    Stay tuned for the next global market spotlight. In the meantime, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Google+ to hear updates and account optimization tips. Also, check out Google Indonesia on Twitter, they curate great content to grow you business in Indonesia.

    Posted by: Ha Truong, from the AdSense Emerging Markets Team


    Semakin banyak pengguna dari seluruh dunia yang mendapatkan akses ke informasi secara online. Untuk penayang AdSense saat ini, kondisi ini menghadirkan peluang untuk menumbuhkan pengunjung situs secara global. Seri AdSense Global Spotlight baru ini dapat membantu mengajarkan, menginspirasi, dan memberi Anda wawasan tentang cara mengembangkan bisnis dan membagikan konten di pasar negara berkembang. 

    Pada kesempatan ini, kami ingin mengajak Anda ke Indonesia, negara kepulauan dengan 17.000 pulau dan berpenduduk 260 juta orang. Penetrasi internet di Indonesia sedang mengalami perkembangan pesat dengan pengguna internet berjumlah sekitar 100 juta orang dan pertumbuhan pengguna internet baru sampai tahun 2020 diharapkan mencapai 37% Pendapatan iklan online Indonesia juga diharapkan tumbuh secara agresif - dengan pertumbuhan tahunan dalam pembelanjaan iklan digital diharapkan mencapai lebih dari 40% dalam beberapa tahun ke depan [3].

    Jeanny Haliman adalah Manager Mitra Strategis AdSense yang memiliki akar kuat di Indonesia. Ia membantu para penayang di negara asalnya, Indonesia, dalam mengembangkan bisnis dan menyukseskan monetisasi mereka menggunakan AdSense.

    “Misi saya adalah memberdayakan mitra untuk mengejar cita-cita mereka dan mendapatkan sokongan finansial secara independen ketika mereka membuat konten yang mereka sukai.”
    Berikut adalah tiga tips utama dari Jeanny untuk penayang yang ingin berekspansi atau memulai bisnisnya di Indonesia.

    1. Optimalkan situs mobile untuk memenuhi kebutuhan pengguna Indonesia:
    Indonesia adalah pasar yang didominasi pengguna seluler. 65% orang Indonesia mengakses internet lebih banyak melalui ponsel dibandingkan melalui desktop atau tablet. Masyarakat kota Indonesia juga menghabiskan waktu harian online-nya tiga kali lebih sering di ponsel dibandingkan di desktop4] Penting sekali untuk mengoptimalkan pengalaman pengguna dan strategi iklan di situs Anda untuk sebagian besar pengguna Indonesia yang mengakses konten melalui ponsel.

    Berikut adalah dua sumber referensi untuk membantu Anda mengoptimalkan konten bagi pengguna seluler:
    • Unduh The #AdSenseGuide to Mobile Web Success untuk mempelajari praktik terbaik cara memaksimalkan setiap peluang seluler.
    • Gunakan Iklan tingkat laman. Iklan tingkat laman adalah jenis format iklan yang menawarkan cara baru dan inovatif untuk membantu Anda memperoleh uang dari konten seluler. Iklan tingkat laman ini didesain untuk menampilkan secara otomatis format iklan seluler yang tepat pada waktu yang tepat - berpotensi meningkatkan penghasilan tanpa mengganggu pengalaman seluler pengguna. Selain itu, iklan tingkat laman mudah diterapkan. Lihat tutorial 2 menit yang akan memandu Anda melalui prosesnya. 

    2. Memikat pembaca adalah kunci untuk meningkatkan kehadiran Anda di Indonesia
    Konsep dasar dalam memikat pembaca adalah dengan memberikan konten yang dicari pengguna situs, dengan cara yang unik dan kreatif. Sebagai penayang, misi Anda adalah mempermudah pembaca untuk menikmati konten Anda. Hal ini dapat memikat pembaca untuk membaca lebih banyak konten di situs anda, yang pada akhirnya menghasilkan jumlah tayangan iklan yang lebih besar.

    Berikut adalah dua sumber referensi yang dibagikan oleh Jeanny kepada penayang:

    • Unduh #AdSenseGuide to Audience Engagement. E-buku ini dilengkapi sejumlah tips untuk membantu membuat konten Anda mudah dinikmati. 
    • Gunakan fitur rekomendasi konten AdSense gratis, yaitu Konten yang sesuai, untuk mendorong pengunjung situs menikmati lebih banyak konten Anda. Tempatkan unit Konten yang sesuai di bawah artikel Anda, yang kemudian akan mempromosikan artikel tambahan dari situs anda yang relevan secara kontekstual. Periksa kelayakan situs Anda untuk Konten yang sesuai di sini.

    3. Pastikan situs Anda mematuhi kebijakan
    Memahami Kebijakan AdSense akan membantu penayang Indonesia membangun bisnis yang sehat dan berkelanjutan dalam jangka panjang. Berikut beberapa tips yang biasanya diberikan oleh Jeanny kepada penayang:
    • Pahami Kebijakan Program AdSense.
    • Hindari klik yang tidak disengaja di iklan Anda sendiri dan beri tahu kami jika ada aktivitas tidak valid di akun Anda
    • Periksa email yang terdaftar di AdSense secara teratur. Jika Anda menerima email peringatan kebijakan, perbaiki pelanggaran kebijakan secepatnya. Jika iklan Anda dinonaktifkan, perbaiki pelanggaran kebijakan dan ajukan banding melalui formulir yang diberikan dalam email.
    Apakah Anda ingin mendengar lebih banyak dari Jeanny tentang memonetisasi konten dengan sukses di Indonesia? Ia secara rutin memandu sesi Siaran Hangout bersama penayangnya untuk mendiskusikan praktik terbaik, tips penempatan iklan, dan cara mengembangkan bisnis. Pastikan untuk mendaftarkan minat Anda untuk menerima informasi terbaru tentang sesi berikutnya. Sementara itu, Anda dapat menonton rekaman Siaran Hangout terbaru yang dipandunya tentang Kebijakan dan Pengoptimalan Web Seluler.

    Nantikan AdSense Global Spotlight berikutnya. Sementara itu, pastikan Anda mengikuti kami di Twitter dan Google+ untuk mengetahui informasi dan pengumuman terbaru.

    Ha Truong, Dari Tim Pasar Negara Berkembang

    1. eMarketer, Indonesia Internet & Social Media Metrics 2015
    2. eMarketer, Comparative Estimates, 2016
    3. eMarketer, Total Media, Digital and Mobile Ad Spending in Indonesia, 2015
    4. Sample base: Indonesian consumers in 5 urban cities (Jakarta, Bodetabek, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya) Source: Google / GfK Indonesia Digital Habits Study (2015)

  • Google Certified Publishing Partner Spotlight: learn about how Ezoic and SalesFrontier boosted publisher’s monetization
    Whether you’re just starting out with ads, fine-tuning your existing ad setup or looking for brand new revenue sources, Certified Publishing Partners are ready to help you achieve your goals. Learn about how two of our partners helped websites like yours earn more revenue through innovative approaches.

    Ezoic is an automated website testing company that helps publishers to evaluate and optimize ad placements and website layouts. According to an internal study commissioned by Ezoic,, a popular education site, increased revenue by more than 400% and saw an 84% rise in time spent on site by optimizing their website layout. John Cole, Chief Customer Officer of Ezoic says “What Ezoic does is use analytics to make sure that the user experience is superior. We’re tackling the enormously complex task of balancing user experience, content, and monetization. And we’re doing it through data that spans all platforms.” Read more in Ezoic’s partner spotlight.

    SalesFrontier, a strong partner for mobile optimization, helps nearly 200 publishers optimize their digital strategies and increase revenue. James Lan, New Media Business Department Vice President of Sanlih E-Television, says “SalesFrontier is a highly recommended Google AdSense partner that dramatically increased our market share in digital advertising. We trust their professional technical support and outstanding consultant services.” Read how SalesFrontier helped Sanlih E-Television Co., Ltd., a large media publisher, grow its mobile revenue business. Read more in SalesFrontier’s partner spotlight.

    Since its launch in 2015, the goal of the Certified Publisher Partner is to find the best partners to give publishers like you the extra support to grow your website. To learn more about the program or get started, check out the Certified Publisher Partner website.

    Posted by Danielle Landress, from the AdSense team

  • Join #AskAdSense on Google+ and Twitter
    We’ve expanded AdSense support to our English AdSense Twitter and Google+ pages. Join our weekly #AskAdSense office hours and speak directly with our support specialists on topics like: ad placements, mobile implementation, account activation, account suspension, ad formats, and much more.

    #AskAdSense office hours will be held every Thursday morning 9:30am Pacific Daylight Time beginning September 29th, 2016. Participating is easy:
    1. Follow AdSense on Twitter and Google+ 
    2. Tweet, post, comment, or reply to AdSense on Twitter or Google+ asking your question during the office hours. 
    3. Please do not provide personally identifiable information in your tweets or comments.
    4. If you can’t attend during our office hour times, be sure to use #AskAdSense in your tweet, post, comment or reply to AdSense and we’ll do our best to respond during our weekly office hours.

    On October 27th, John Brown, Head of Publisher Policy Communications for Google, will be joining our office hours to provide transparency into our program policies. John is actively involved with the AdSense community helping to ensure that we continue to make a great web and advertising experience. You can also follow John on the column "Ask the AdSense Guy" to learn more about Google ad network policies, processes, and best practices.

    AdSense strives to provide many ways to help you when you need it, we’re happy to extend this to our Twitter and Google+ profiles. Be sure to follow us and we’re looking forward to speaking to you there. 

    Posted by: Jay Castro from the AdSense Team

  • AdSense help, when and where you need it
    Whether you need help urgently or just want to learn, Adsense provides different ways to provide help when you need it.  In this post we’ll share the different ways we offer support to our AdSense partners.

    Did you know you can get help on any AdSense issue from within your AdSense account using the help widget? You can find the help widget by clicking on the Help button on the upper right corner of your AdSense account. This will take you directly to informative articles related to the topic or issue you provide.

    We hope that this widget will help solve your problems directly within your AdSense account, eliminating the need to switch back and forth between tasks.

    Additionally, if you consistently earn more than $25 per week (or the local equivalent), you may be eligible to email the AdSense support team. If you don’t meet the earnings threshold, you can still get help through the issue-based troubleshooters in the AdSense Help Center or by using these relevant resources:The AdSense support team is here to help so you can continue to focus on creating amazing content for your audience. Use the support resources noted above when you require assistance and let us know on Twitter or Google+ how we can improve your support experience. 

    Posted by Melina Lopez, from the AdSense team

  • The secret to share-worthy content

    People love to share things with their friends, family, and colleagues. Presenting your users with relevant and unique content is the best way to encourage sharing and give you a competitive advantage. Content that is underscored by emotion, in particular, can help you strengthen your brand’s presence.

    Here are some tips to help you get into the minds, and hearts, of your audience:

    1. Be relatable

    Taking the time to research what your visitors are interested in is the first step to creating shareable content. Diversify to cover multiple facets of your audience’s interests by including work, lifestyle and social topics to keep things fresh and engaging. Contextualizing your stories also increases the chances of your audience relating to and wanting to share your site.

    2. Know what’s trending

    Staying up-to-the-minute can require a lot of time and research. Luckily, online tools such as Google Trends can help you identify what’s important to your audience as well as offer helpful insights about people in specific regions you are trying to target. Being a thought leader means not only sharing up-to-the-minute industry news with your audience, but also offering insightful observations and predictions of what this may mean down the road. A trusted source is a followed source.

    3. Increase your content’s shelf life

    While timely articles are great for generating instant buzz, having content that maintains its importance over time yields higher traffic rate overall. Evergreen content is information that stays relevant no matter when it is consumed. Make sure to interlace trendier content with evergreen pieces every so often. 

    To learn more about familiarizing your audience with your brand, check out the AdSense Guide to Audience Engagement.

    Posted by Jay Castro
    Audience Development Specialist

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