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  • Ask Named Top 10 East Bay Tech Employer

    We’ve always been proud of our East Bay roots but it sure gives us a nice little ego boost to be recognized by the San Francisco Business Times as one of the 10 largest East Bay Tech Employers of 2015! has more than 200 employees in our downtown Oakland office and we’re still growing our East Bay family. With 15 current openings and plans to add another 20 positions by the end of 2015, there are plenty of opportunities to join the team. Check out our Careers Page for the latest and let us know if you’d like to join us!  

  • Welcomes the Foodily Team

    It’s been a busy eight months since acquired the global social networking service, and today our growing team is about to get bigger. is excited to officially share that the team behind the beautifully designed and award-winning Foodily service will join, effective immediately. Members of the Engineering, Product and Design teams will join in both our Oakland and Latvia locations to help build the next generation of the service.

    The Foodily team has demonstrated world-class talent in building engaging social experiences. A social recipe network where people can discover, share and connect around recipes, the site won a Webby for its beautiful, magazine-like layout and its ability to facilitate rich conversations and social interactions among its members.

    The team joins a growing business. Since being acquired by last summer, has been working diligently to increase loyalty and engagement on the Q&A service by ensuring a safer remains a top priority, and by continuing to roll out service enhancements.  

    With the team that built Foodily now on board, we’re more excited than ever about the ability of to accelerate growth,  wow our users and bring a deeper layer of value to our global audience.

    Again, a big welcome to our new colleagues – it’s going to be a fun ride!

    The Team

  • Our Path To a Green Future

    Did you know that the information technology that brings us the Internet dumps 830 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year? We love the Internet just as much as anyone, but that’s a pretty sobering statistic.

    Like many companies in our space, actively assesses the impact we (and our portfolio companies) make on the environment each year, and continuously work hard to reduce our share. Sites of our size require thousands and thousands of computers to actively consume power – stored in data centers located all over the world. Every year, we target one or more of our data centers and aggressively attempt to make it more efficient the use of innovative technology and best practices. 

    Let’s take a look back at some of our efforts:

    In 2013, we started off with “The Squash” – our virtualization project focused on the consolidation of our East Coast data center. First we ripped out and recycled hundreds of old machines and replaced them with modern, high-efficiency systems. This dropped our power consumption by nearly 500,000 watts – almost as much power as 40,000 13-watt CFL light bulbs and almost as much power as it takes to run 1.3MM iPhones! Using virtualization technology, we were able to squeeze 20 “virtual” computers into each physical computer. This allowed us to substantially decrease our power consumption and the amount of physical space we occupied while still growing the size of and the other websites in our portfolio.  

    Inspired by our 2013 initiative, we decided to kick things up a notch and replace an entire data center with a new, high-efficiency facility. In 2014, we launched Project Zeus. With Project Zeus, we targeted an older, inefficient data center in West Coast. In addition to recycling enough infrastructure to power and serve 50,000 computers, we dropped the power consumption of our computers by almost 1.5 million watts. That’s three times our “Squash” efforts from the previous year and equivalent to over 1200 American homes. Check out our team hard at work to complete Project Zeus:

    Now it’s 2015, and we’re on a roll! As continues to expand its portfolio of consumer web properties, our operations team is committed to tirelessly finding ways to increase data center efficiency across all our businesses. At the beginning of this year, we consolidated data centers in Riga, Latvia and Stockholm, Sweden, by moving hosting over to our East Coast facility. We’re also planning a redesign of another one of our European facilities that should yield a power savings of more than 15x.

    At Ask, we are proud of our commitment to making our services increasingly efficient and green. Every bit helps, and we’ll continue these efforts this year and every year. Keep an eye out for updates!

  • Ask Holiday Giving Challenge

    This year, Ask kicked off our holiday celebrations with the following challenge from St. Nick - to take the $100 gift from and pay it forward. 

    Askers stepped up to the challenge big time! Heart-warming stories benefiting people throughout our community came flooding in. Ask was especially touched by the below pay-it-forward stories (WARNING: tissues may be needed!) and made additional donations on our employees’ behalves to:

    We hope this inspires you to pay it forward this season and every season. 

    Happy Holidays from!




    A group of us from accounting (Meeta, Gerard, Lauren, Chris, Lucas, Stephanie and myself) decided to combine our $100 and gift it all to Bad Rap ($700 in total). Our donation will go to serving their mission and providing for the needs of Pit Bulls in the Bay Area. The donation will assist in providing food and toys for some special furry friends and will provide vaccinations or dog training to individuals in need of assistance so that they can keep their dogs. A few of us spent some time with the Founders of the organization at their Barn in the Oakland hills. The Founders, Donna and Tim, are really fun, outgoing and super knowledgeable about the dogs and what is needed to help keep them out of the shelters. They even let us play with a few of them and take some great photos to remember our trip. Now a little about Bad Rap…

    They are an organization that focuses on Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixed breed dogs and their needs in our communities. Their focus and offerings to the community have evolved over their history as they develop new understanding about how to keep Pit Bulls out of shelters and promote the breed as a fun loving family dog. Presently they are focusing on the following:

    • Offering training classes and resources so that owners can create breed ambassadors. The program has become so popular that they have expanded to Canine Good Citizen program. The CGC allows dogs to be certified as having learned specific skills and being capable of handling a variety of situations. Additionally, they offer training to dogs in the Berkeley Animal Care Services shelter.  Shelter volunteers bring over the dogs from the shelter to the training class, giving them a way to get out of the shelter and learn some tricks to help them become more adoptable.
    • Providing assistance to dog owners struggling to find housing. The organization has found many responsible dog owners become forced to give up their dog to find a place to live. As a result, Bad Rap provides resources and assistance to those dog owners to help keep good dogs out of shelters.
    • With the help of donations, they provide a mobile spay/neuter clinic which can go out to communities, such as West and East Oakland, and provide free or discounted procedures. They have acquired a van(the “Nut Truck”) which serves as a mobile unit to provide the procedure.  We decided that if we win, the full $2,000 will go to them. The $2,000 plus our original donation would cover the cost of sponsoring a spay/neuter clinic which costs them about $2,500. 
    • They also rescue dogs from animal cruelty cases, high kill shelters and other situations. They help get the dogs ready for new homes by housing them in their Barn or at a foster home. Their most famous group of dogs were from the Michael Vick’s dog fighting group. They have great information on where those dogs have gone and all the fun stuff they have been up to since joining the west coast.
    • Lastly, we are hoping our story will end by finding a particularly cute and spunky dog a new home! While at the Barn, we meet Chiquita(below) and fell in love with her. She is just a sweet little thing and couldn’t have been cuter. We would love to share our story and hopefully an Asker is looking for a furry friend to add to their homes!

    Here is a link to their website and a link to a video created to thank donors. 

    Bad Rap website:

    Donation page:

    -Stephanie, Chris, Meeta, Gerard, Lauren, Lucas and Allison


    I had plans to go to Walmart or Toys R Us and pay off someone’s lay away. I did not get to it and realized that today and walked out of the office at 11:00 to go do it. From the parking garage I called Toys R Us in Emeryville and was told they no longer have lay away. Then I called Target. They don’t do lay away. Walmart – no answer. Crap! I stood on the 5th floor of the parking garage mildly annoyed and then realized I am missing the point and rushing this. I paused and said, “okay God, what should I do with this $100? You show me”

    I walked out and headed down Clay – saw a guy cleaning the street. “Maybe him? God? Helloooooo” Nope. Keep walking. Go by City Hall. Anyone? Nope. BART station? Nada. Is there something near the police station? No. It’s been nearly 10 minutes and no sign!?!? Cross Broadway onto 14th street, what to do what to do. Two ladies standing in front a building get my attention, “do you need something for Christmas?” Not really but, I am going to see where this goes. I buy a scarf for my wife and as I do I am talking to the woman who tells me this is her pop up store. She then tells me her story of losing her business after 27 years in downtown Oakland due to rent increase. She now has $10,000 of merchandise she needs to clear and has debts and no place to unload her merchandise. Her name is El Tyna McCree. Reverend El Tyna McCree. She has been in Oakland her whole life and helping others. In 2005 she was at a bus stop and a man came out of nowhere and severely beat her and two other women. She could not open her right eye for two years.  Not long after that she lost her business and is in debt and 68 years old. She is proud and spent her life working and leading her community.

    She reaches in her purse and takes out a small bottle of oil and tells me to hold out my hands. She drops oil into it and tells me it is an eternal blessing and I can take it forward and what I touch is blessed. She tells me about her ministry helping women that were abused, helping people considering suicide and that she was bullied as a kid and wants to put an end to this. She’s tired and broke and still wants to help others. She says, “well, thanks for listening to my story”  She wanted to bless ME.

    At this point I am speechless. I say to her, “you don’t know why I am here.” I proceed to tell her I have been walking around hoping God will tell me who I should give my $100 to. Her eyes water, so do mine. I take out the envelope, hand it to her and say, “this is clearly yours.” I take the rest of the money out of my wallet and say, “here you go.” At this point we are both crying and hugging each other. I gather myself, take a few fliers for her pop up shop and walk back to work. So this is a bit late but I think it is a good story. If I get the $1000 I want my portion to go to Rev El Tyna Mcree. 

    That’s all





    Here’s what my family (myself, wife Courtney, and kids Chapel, Natalie, and Scarlet) did with the Gift:

    ‘Twas the night of our Tradition, our family held yearly, To eat out, hunt Christmas lights, and enjoy some "together” time dearly, But for this festive occasion, we’d add a small twist, We’d give it a try, though it felt filled with risk.

    We’d been given some money, from good ol’ Saint Doug, With a mission to share some of this Christmas love, The Hondo was “broken”, down to Lincolns and rolled quarters, So our family could collectively give, no rules or orders.

    We sat at the restaurant, with cards and a pen, Hiding money inside, all wondering how this would end, We would endeavor to find, those in need perhaps broken, And share a small gift, a charity token,

    So after dinner we dashed, to the laundromat local, To provide fare to the patrons, who seemingly lost their vocals, Speechless they were, when we gave them some money, And said Merry Christmas…it felt warm and funny. 

    Off we went, lickety split with a dash,

    To drop some more, of this gifted cash,

    The giving sensation grew, as we went to the thrift store, And found an immigrant family with a boy about four,

    As my son handed an envelope, to the mom with wary eye, And my wife to the downtrodden woman, who struggled to try, Tell us how much it meant, to have a stranger on her way, Give her a card and a Merry Christmas, it made her day.

    Finally downtown, were the shoppers and the like, The streets bustling with taxis, buses, and bikes.

    On a corner sat an old man, strumming his guitar, When my daughter strolled up, and handed him a card.

    He said thanks and his eyes seemed so weary, And on this cold winter night, we discovered something clearly, That to give with abandon, to love as a mission, Is the meaning of Christmas, and forever now part of our family tradition.

    Thanks for an amazing gift.  We got way more out of it than money could ever buy.



    Here’s my story of “giving” and spreading happiness for the holidays:

    Before I moved to the Bay Area in 2012 to work at, I had visited my brother in 2006, who used to live here in San Francisco. I feel the city is much different now than what it was back in 2006, in terms of the number of homeless people seen on the streets. Its a very disheartening sight to see so many people without homes and especially food. Me and my wife believe that we are fortunate enough to eat well and should help people who starve from hunger. We live in Fremont but we periodically visit the city and distribute food to the homeless on the streets. So with $100 we got, we donated a part of it to Glide ( towards helping the needy with living and food support. And like our routine activity, we spent some part of the money to buy food and distributed it amongst the homeless people on the streets.

    We always feel happier when we get more than we expect. Inspired by some videos on youtube, I decided to give bigger tips to the workers at the car wash and the pizza delivery guy, with the remaining amount. This year’s holiday gift is a very nice idea and I would be happy to see this continue and grow in future so that more and more people can give happiness to the less fortunate.

    PS: Attached are some pictures of us “giving” happiness :)





    Recently I came across a family of 4 - Mother, father and 2 kids. Father works on a farm and is the sole bread earner for the family.  The 2 kids (5 year old and 7 year old) go to the local make shift school. Unfortunately mother lately got diagnosed with Cancer and chemo recommended. They absolutely have no funds for the treatment as they could not afford an insurance. With the inspiration of Ask's "giving spirit", I chose to give $200 (a $100 from my pocket of course) to this family. My hope is that this $200, a few more hundreds from others like us AND our prayers for the family - together can make a huge difference. Each day the mother lives makes a lot of difference to the young hearts.





    Meet Kylie - I learned about Kylie because she is the daughter of someone with whom I share a strong bond in the California gymnastics community. Her daughter Kylie, at 19 months old, was diagnosed with high risk stage 4 neuroblastoma.

    She’s in the fight of her life and her parents have both had to leave their jobs to be with her full-time at a treatment facility in New York. She is originally from San Diego but to treat her form of cancer, they have moved their lives to New York to get her care. I’m hoping our gifts can help them get her grandparents out there for the holidays and/or any other family members who have been unable to afford to go see her. 

    She was diagnosed almost a year ago  - it will be almost 365 days in a hospital, only 9 of those has she been able to go outside at all - and they’ve been so close to losing her so many times this last year. 

    Our funds can seriously impact her treatment and her family’s ability to be able to be with her. Please consider donating. Her story is below.

    Ask givers: $700 total

    $100 from Michelle Skoor (with $100 match of my own),  $100 from Craig Vega (with $100 match of his own)$100 Emily Kidder, $100 Paul Saito, and $100 Alisa Barnes

  • Ask Reveals Nation’s Most Asked Questions of 2014


    What a year! Ask just revealed the 2014 trends that piqued the interest of Ask users nationwide. But with so many highs and lows this past year, users were more inquisitive than simple keywords would allow. Questions spiked around favorite celebs and users couldn’t ignore big newsmakers like the Ebola outbreak or political unrest in the Middle East.

    Check out our list of top trending questions tied to the biggest search terms of this year - did any of your questions make the cut?

    Top news questions from

    1.    What are the symptoms of Ebola?

    2.    What is ISIS?

    3.    What happened to the Malaysia Airlines flight? 

    4.    What is the Ice Bucket Challenge?

    5.    What happened in Ferguson?

    6.    When is the Sochi Winter Olympics opening ceremony? 

    7.    Who will win the World Cup?

    8.    Who kidnapped the Nigerian girls?

    9.    Why did Malala win the Nobel Peace Prize?

    10.  How big is the iPhone 6?

    Top celebrity and entertainment questions from

    1.    Why did Robin Williams kill himself?  

    2.    Where are Jennifer Lawrence’s nude photos?

    3.    Why did Beyoncé’s sister hit Jay-Z?

    4.    Where is the Ray Rice video?

    5.    Where are Kim Kardashian and Kanye getting married?

    6.    How did Joan Rivers die?

    7.    Where are Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress photos? 

    8.    What happened to Renée Zellweger’s face?

    9.    When is Kate Middleton’s due date? 

    10.  When is Derek Jeter’s last game?

    Top political questions from

    1.    What happened between Hamas and Israel?

    2.    What is happening in Ukraine?

    3.    How many people voted in the Indian election?

    4.    Will Scotland become independent?

    5.    Why are there protests in Hong Kong?

    6.    Who is Janet Yellen?

    7.     Why is there political unrest in Thailand?

    8.    Why were veterans waiting so long for medical care?

    9.    Is Kim Jong-un sick?

    10. What happened in the Hobby Lobby case?  

  • How Employees Inspired Ask’s HQ Redesign


    This past summer, Ask HQ was busy undergoing a complete office remodel and we can’t wait to show it off! We ditched cubicles in favor of an open newsroom-style workspace to encourage an even more collaborative environment for employees. Gone are the days of private offices, and in its place, we’ve added a variety of meeting spaces where people can more freely interact and exchange ideas. Interns sit next to our CEO, engineers sit next to designers, giving employees across all departments the chance to work together in a more informal and spontaneous setting. But it’s not just about the work spaces, our new digs boast a large coffee-bar lounge decorated with pieces honoring the amazing work of local Bay Area artists and paying homage to our home town of Oakland, California. Employees and visitors to our new offices have raved about the new, fresh design. We sat down with two of the people involved—Ben, who project-managed the whole redesign, and our very own style and interior design expert, Maria Sharp, who led the decorating charge, to learn more about the conception of this new space.

    When did you first begin discussing an office redesign?

    Ben: Our lease in Oakland was set to expire in 2012, so in 2011 we set out on the search for space. We had to decide whether we would renew here, or find a new building. 80% of our workforce is out here in the East Bay, and we have such strong roots in Oakland, so that was one big factor that pushed us towards staying here. After considering the cost and availability of spaces here, comparing them to rent prices in San Francisco, we decided it made the most sense to stay here and reinvest in our home in Oakland. We renewed our lease and set out to update the offices.

    What was your starting point in conceptualizing what this new space would look like?

    Ben: The concept was to not grow our space footprint, but to increase our seating density so we could continue to increase our headcount. We wanted to give people more open common areas to get away from their desks and collaborate in ways that we were not supporting. We didn’t have any fun or updated areas, and we hadn’t updated the space in probably eight years. We needed to modernize.

    Why did you decide to take away the private offices?

    Ben: We really wanted to move away from the appearance that private offices dictated a person’s rank in the company. More importantly, we had 50 people in private offices and only 10 bookable conference rooms leaving most employees scrambling to find meeting places. The new redesign makes much more sense for our employee needs.

    What were some of the challenges you faced during the remodel?

    Ben: On a project of this scale, budget is always going to be an issue. We were looking at completely gutting multiple floors, reworking our entire layout, and had to keep space for our employees to comfortably work while all of this was happening. Our construction team really worked with us to help stay within our budget, and I think the quality of the overall look we finished with is incredible. We managed to stay within our budget, and within our timeframe and I don’t think our end result suffered at all from the adjustments we made along the way.

    In what ways did the project change from its original vision?

    Ben: A lot of last minute changes. We were going to do huge graphics on the walls, but ended up doing a rotating art show instead. That decision allowed for variety within our offices, and also benefits the local artists that we showcase. When we remodeled our third floor, we created a huge open space lunch area, lots of lighting and room to breathe, and because of the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received after that was done, we realized we needed to invest more on our fourth floor remodel. We weren’t going to do quite as much on the fourth floor, but decided to give it more than just new desks and fresh carpet. That’s when we changed the vision to include the coffee bar, the fro-yo area and the bigger lounge space. And I’m glad we made that decision.

    What was your inspiration for a theme in decorating this new space?

    Ben: Our old break room was really small and outdated, so we didn’t have people staying on site for lunches or meetings. This new space has really leant itself to those gatherings.

    Maria: The space itself was planned around the idea of collaboration. We knew that without offices, we would need spaces that people could use for impromptu meetings and informal gatherings. We had already decided that we would build a coffee and espresso bar. We also kept in mind that employees often like to meet over lunch and selected several large tables and chairs to accommodate those that were taking a break as well as those meeting with colleagues.  

    Who else worked through these initial stages of the redesign with you?

    Ben: STUDIOS is the architectural firm we went with. The people on the STUDIOS team really seemed to gel with our team, and they have experience with our parent company, IAC, so that was an added bonus. We worked with Novo Construction on the actual build-out. They worked with us during design development to help contain costs while we were designing. In total, there were about 12 people overseeing the project, and then about 100 people subcontracting.

    Was there a specific vibe that you wanted to evoke throughout the redesign?

    Maria: We definitely wanted to bring in a sense of comfort and warmth. A lot of the space on our new floors is very open, but we didn’t want it too feel so wide open that it felt cold and unwelcoming. We created these smaller vignettes within the larger spaces, each little pocket has its own theme, a different mood. So in the coffee bar, for example, you can sit in a particular corner of couches and comfy chairs and have a 1:1 conversation with someone or you can sit in another area with dining table to set your laptop on. All of the furniture we selected can even be rearranged to accommodate our all-staff meetings. Both floors also include a separate library area, with diner-style booths where you can plug in and work in a quieter and more private area (as opposed to the open newsroom-style desks). 


    You had to design a common spaces for over 200 people—how did you design areas that would appeal to such a wide range of people?

    Maria: Artistically, we started from the idea of picking things that we felt reflected our neighborhood (Oakland), from the crane models and the old coffee pots from a local estates sale, to the coffee itself, which is purchased from Peet’s. We wanted it to look modern and contemporary, but also used reclaimed and local pieces, and I think the finished product just gives off a vibe of timelessness.

    Ben: You can’t really go wrong with a Fro-yo bar. We also did a lot of demolition of hard wall offices to bring in more natural lighting. Just letting in more sunlight has made a huge difference, and I think everyone has appreciated the change.

    How did you find the local artists to contribute to the furniture decor?

    Maria: I was shopping in Temescal Alley, and I started talking to the owner of a shop called Walrus. I was looking for shelving, which was going to be the centerpiece of the coffee bar. Through my conversation with her, we came up with the idea of adding custom-made artwork and seating. We used reclaimed belts and wood for the shelves, and the seating was made from 100 year old lath.


    And how about all this incredible artwork decorating the walls?

    Maria: We’re working with Slate Art, and Danielle Fox has been our curator for sourcing local Bay Area artists. We change out the artwork every quarter which lets us refresh the space, and our employees have the opportunity to purchase the art. We really want to support the local art community in Oakland, and this arrangement lets us expose our employees to a variety of local artists which is great!  


    The move – that’s a big undertaking all on its own. How was that orchestrated?

    Ben: In total, we had three floors that we were working on. At the beginning of the project, we had people working on floors four and five, and we began construction on the third floor. When that was completed, we kept rotating employees between the floors that weren’t under construction. We had to work around general office hours as well, making sure we didn’t disrupt people too much so we restricted heavy construction to after-hours. Communication with employees also played a big role. We made sure they knew when to pack up, when things would be moved, when floors wouldn’t be accessible to ensure the smoothest transition possible. There were a lot of long nights and weekends, but it all came together thanks to the great team we had working on this whole project.

    What does the future hold for this space, have any new design plans you can share?

    Maria: Yes! We are actually branding the coffee bar, to “Perks of the Job”, complete with branded coffee jackets and a custom lit sign. A grand opening party is in the works and will be an open-mic style party, showcasing our employees and their hidden talents.

    What’s your favorite thing about this new space you’ve helped to create?

    Maria: I really like how everyone at the company has embraced this space. I eat lunch in the big open kitchen with all the natural light, have brainstorming sessions in our new conference rooms, and then grab a coffee with friends in our coffee bar.

    Ben: I think the end result is pretty incredible. It was our goal to create a space that fostered collaboration while providing more comfortable work areas to accommodate all of our employees’ needs. I’d say we hit the nail on the head - it’s great to see it all come together so well.

  • It's Official - Eric McKirdy Named 1to1 Media Customer Champ!

    We’re excited to announce that’s Manager of Global Customer Care, Eric McKirdy, has been named as one of 1to1 Media’s 2014 Customer Champions. The 1to1 Media Customer Champions program recognizes leaders who focus on top-notch customer service and instills those practices throughout their entire organization. 

    Eric’s earned the the honor by completely revamping’s CRM platform, which helped enable consumers to use convenient self-service and social media features. This is a much deserved win, as Eric is also the face of the company’s customer service - check him out on Twitter and LinkedIn. He is on the front lines each day, interacting with customers over phone, email, social media, and chat to give personalized support to customers reaching out for help. 

    “1to1 Media’s Customer Champions is a one-of-a-kind awards program that honors and spotlights the individuals responsible for game-changing customer-focused strategies,” said Mila D’Antonio, Editor-in-Chief of 1to1 Media. “From sweeping voice-of-the-customer initiatives and data analysis strategies to employee engagement and omnichannel initiatives, these 12 winners stand for creative disruption and are responsible for advancing their organizations’ customer strategies.”

    You can see Eric’s full story here: Congratulations on the win, Eric!

  • He Had a Question, She Had an Answer

    Of all the great emails we receive daily from our 100 million monthly users, few were quite as memorable as the one we received from Anthony Mak of Toronto, Canada:

    “I was hoping to use to propose to my girlfriend. I was hoping I could have a picture of us with the words ‘Kelly Im, Will you marry me?’ when searching her name in Is this possible? If so, how much would it cost? Thank you.”

    With some details from Anthony and pictures of the happy couple, our Knowledge Engineering team built a custom Smart Answer that would trigger with the appropriate query. When they were finished, it looked like this:

    Anthony approved and then it was hurry-up-and-wait time until the proposal date! About a week later, we received the update we were all waiting for. After a romantic date night, Anthony convinced Kelly that she should work on her LinkedIn profile and start with a quick search on herself to see what came up. With his iPad already queued up to the homepage, Anthony coaxed Kelly to search her name and, well, the rest is history! 

    Congratulations to Anthony and Kelly!

  • Big News Today: Acquires

    As you may have read in the NYT today, has acquired, the world’s largest social Q&A service with more than 150 million global monthly users.
 has been in the business of finding answering to questions from millions of people over the course of our 18 years, and we are proud that as a result we’ve built our brand to become synonymous with Q&A online. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that as started gaining increasingly significant traction over the past 18 months, we became concerned about the potential to confuse users. Accordingly, we considered, even pursued, several different courses of action; but all the while, becoming much more familiar with the product and its various use cases.
    What we discovered was an incredibly engaged community, one growing growing rapidly all over the globe. Today, after just a few years in business, has an astounding 180 million users who are asking 20,000 questions per minute and making 670 posts every second – this puts on par with some of the biggest, most well-known social networks in the world.
    What also was, and has been, abundantly clear, is that the need to materially enhance safety on the site is paramount – critical, really, to unlocking the service’s true potential. And the good news, is we’ve already started the process of making changes on the safety front, on day one of acquisition. Today, I am excited to share the following:

    • Because we believe in a safety-first philosophy, it is important that this philosophy starts at the top of the organization.  Accordingly, we are putting in place a new leadership team that shares this vision, and will have a fresh start to enact policies and procedures that are consistent with it.  As a result, the founding leadership team of Ilya and Mark Terebin are no longer involved in the operations or ownership structure of the company. I want to thank them for building such a vibrant company, for their help and support in completing this deal, and wish them success in their future endeavors.
    • We are thrilled to announce we’ve hired Chief Trust and Safety Officer Catherine Teitelbaum, formerly Director of Safety at Yahoo! to drive global trust and safety initiatives. Catherine’s years overseeing countless safety initiatives at Yahoo!, combined with her years as a trained educator and school teacher, make her the perfect leader to shape the future of’s trust and safety strategy.
    • We have also appointed Annie Mullins OBE, Children’s Digital Worlds and Safety Expert and former Global Head Vodafone Content Standards, to the role of overseeing safety efforts in the UK, in addition to supporting Catherine on a global level. Annie is responsible for producing the Industry Social Media Good Practice standards for protecting children across the industry in the UK and Europe, as well as advising US companies such as Facebook, and Google on these matters. Annie has made recommendations to over the past year; we are now working together more formally to ensure her recommendations get put into practice.
    • We plan on investing millions of dollars into enhancing moderation through a robust, human-powered approach and state-of-the-art automated filtering technology. Our key focus is to dramatically increase the amount of content we can review on the service through these efforts and start making real traction in terms of intervening when we abusive patterns of interaction or cries for help – doing our best to connect users in need of support with the right kind of services.
    • Also announced today is our partnership with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler in the creation of parallel agreements under which will implement a set of best practices focused on increasing the safety of its services. Both the agreements underscore’s commitment to partnering with government and law enforcement in an effort to create a safer and more engaging product experience on the site.

    Safety issues are real for all global communications platforms and we are committed to solutions, not excuses. We have every intention of dedicating the time, manpower and resources to make a safer, more engaging experience to the benefit of not only its existing users, but millions of new users who have yet to discover it.
    I am of the firm belief, and our investigation of the usage data confirms, that 180 million people aren’t on to be horrible to each other.  So by making the site safer, we also make it more engaging to use, and allow’s compelling and unique take on social media—the ability to express yourself through the lens of what other people want to know about you—to shine through. With the right technology, guidelines, programs and procedures in place, we can root out bad actors to create a meaningful, compelling and fun place to connect, communicate and learn more about each other.

  • Women 2.0 Comes to Oakland

    Women 2.0’s City Meetup has arrived in Oakland! As long-time supporters of Women 2.0, we were at the event to help welcome them to our city. Speakers Angie Chang, Director of Growth, Hackbright Academy, Co-Founder, Women 2.0 and Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners and Farnaz Ronaghi, Co-founder and Director of Engineering at NovoEd spoke to a packed room of both women AND men at Pandora’s offices.

    With such a diverse, talented and passionate group of professionals here in the East Bay, we’re excited about these types of networking events and we can’t wait until the next one!


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