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This is a place devoted to giving you deeper insight into the news, trends, people and technology behind Bing.

  • Resetting Expectations – What Business Today Needs To Learn
    Today’s new businesses have much in common with their older counterparts. The need to acquire new leads, drive revenue, market their product or service. The need to manage overhead, do more with less and stay one step ahead of the competition. So from, say 1974 to 2014, some things haven’t changed much. One thing you never started a business without “back in the day” was a business plan. And that…

  • Bing-Inc Roadshow Final Stop: Houston
    The Bing/Inc Roadshow is coming to an end. It’s been a jam packed tour for the last 4 events in Nashville, Chicago, Atlanta and Boston, with capacity crowds, excellent questions and easy access to answers. The panel, with industry heavyweights such as Maisha Walker of Message Medium, Bruce Clay of Bruce Clay Inc, Marty Weintraub of aimClear (and myself) is set to meet up again during the final road show event…

  • Bing Site Safety Page
    Malware, and the possibility of infection, is an unfortunate reality facing internet users today. At Bing, we take our job of providing a safe searching experience to our customers very seriously and this anti-malware effort is one of the core elements of the Bing Index Quality charter. We’ve been in this game for many years and have developed comprehensive solutions that minimize user’s risk of infection and maintain the integrity…

  • Usability, Content and Calendars: 3 Areas To Understand And Focus On
    For every business online come an almost limitless number of areas to learn about, become proficient in and continually work on. Many people end up good in an area because repetition and the “school of hard knocks” teaches them a workable path. And while some areas are no brainers (knowing your product, for example), they still can present legitimate challenges to a business. Areas like Usability often get talked about,…

  • Filtering Low Quality Links in Bing SERP
    The internet can often feel like a giant cesspool of low quality, illegal or malicious documents. The mere mention of malware, adware and viruses is enough to send even the most experienced internet surfers running for cover. And yet, these represent just the tip of the iceberg of poor quality documents. Searchers also have to deal with phishing sites, fraudulent sites or sites propagating scams, spammy sites…. Well, you get…

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