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  • Understanding and Testing: Implicit Local Queries
    For this post, we spent some time with Wei Wang, a Senior Program Manager in the Mobile Relevance team here at Bing and asked him to explain some of the basic things they face when answering “local” queries via mobile, and to explain a bit about how Bing fills in the blanks to determine the “best” result for a local-intent query.- Duane In web search, many queries are associated with…

  • Recommended Reading: The Role of Content Quality in Bing Ranking
    You’ve heard us talk about quality quite a bit on this blog and we can all agree that creating quality content is the only sustainable strategy in attracting and retaining visitors. Naturally, as a search engine we always aim to connect our searchers with the best content out there, so content quality plays an important part in our algorithms.  Which brings me to the “recommended reading” part: My colleague Michael Basilyan from the Bing…

  • How Bing and Your Mobile Device Became Friends
    As we discussed in Meet our Mobile Bots recently, Bing probes websites using device-specific crawlers to understand if they provide a good experience on different devices and platforms and to inform our mobile ranking algorithms. Today we are joined by Mir Rosenberg from the Mobile Relevance team to add some color to the subject by discussing a recent mobile ranking update that resulted from this effort. Enjoy!  — Vincent Traditionally, Bing…

  • Meet our Mobile Bots
    In today’s post we are joined by Lee Xiong from the Bing Crawl team. Lee is going to discuss some new developments on the crawl front pertaining to mobile SEO.  Enjoy!  – Vincent We can all agree that mobile is the future. Actually, we can’t really say “mobile is the future” anymore. Mobile is the present. Mobile is now. With that in mind, it’s time to take a fresh look at some essential things…

  • Quick! We’ve Doubled our Webmaster Sign-Up Credit!
    Two weeks ago I told you how to get $100* in free advertising credit by becoming a new Bing Ads user if you had a Bing Webmaster Tools account. As it turned out, many of you seized this opportunity to claim your ad credit, just in time for the holiday season. And for those of you who didn’t act yet: simply log into your webmaster tools account today and click…

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