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  • 6 Online Video Insights from comScore to Inform Your 2017 Media Plan
    As marketers kick off 2017 planning, consumer preference for online video is higher than ever. Today’s study from comScore, commissioned by Google, shows that adults are 30% more likely to prefer online video platforms over TV when given a choice where to watch video content. Does your media plan reflect that kind of preference?

    If online video is your audience’s priority, it should be your media plan’s priority, too. We dug into the recent study and came up with six things to keep in mind about this changing audience as you develop your 2017 plan:

    1. They Prefer Online Video Platforms to TV 

    The popularity of online video continues to grow. Today, when given a choice where to watch video, adults prefer online video platforms 30% more than watching on TV. Among millennials, that number jumps to 105%.
    6 Online Video Insights from comScore to Inform Your 2017 Media Plan

    2. People Watching Long & Short-Form Video Prefer YouTube 

    Among viewers that watch both long and short-form content, 81% cite a preference for YouTube, making it the #1 choice. Compare that to the next-highest choice, TV, which earned just 56% of viewer votes.
    6 Online Video Insights from comScore to Inform Your 2017 Media Plan

    3. They Choose YouTube Over Other Online Video Providers 

    YouTube also wins when compared to other online video providers. When asked to pick one online video platform, 48% of adults chose YouTube (vs. 29% for Netflix and 10% for Facebook):

    4. Viewers Take Action on Video Ads, Especially on Short-Form Content 

    Online video has forever changed the media landscape, with more than half of all people regularly watching short-form videos (like branded content or viral videos), and two-thirds of millennials watching short-form weekly.

    That’s good news for brands: comScore’s research shows viewers are more likely to take action after watching ads on short-form content compared to traditional content (like movies and tv shows). Taking action could include sharing on social media, looking for more information about the brand advertised, recommending the brand or product, etc.

    5. They Prefer YouTube for Branded Content and Videos 

    Uploaded by Users. We already heard that adults who watch short and long-form content prefer YouTube, but it’s also preferred across multiple content types. For example, 74% of adults prefer YouTube for videos uploaded by users and—critically—69% prefer YouTube for videos uploaded by brands, companies, and institutions.
    6 Online Video Insights from comScore to Inform Your 2017 Media Plan

    6. YouTube Super-users May Surprise You 

    The final part of comScore’s research examined YouTube’s most passionate fans—“die hards”—and they aren’t who you might expect. Many are parents, live in a city, and 49% are women:  

    6 Online Video Insights from comScore to Inform Your 2017 Media Plan

    Posted by:
    Celie O'Neil-Hart, Product Marketing Manager, YouTube B2B
    Howard Blumenstein, Product Marketing Manager, Strategy and Insights, YouTube B2B

  • Introducing YouTube Director: A suite of video ad creation products for businesses
    Whether it’s for entertainment, indulging a passion, or discovering something new, more people are turning to YouTube to watch video. In fact, growth in watch time on YouTube is up at least 50% year-over-year.1 Now, more than ever, businesses can connect with their customers through video advertising on YouTube.

    But we know that creating a video ad can be challenging. To make it easier for every business— from a dog walker to a barber shop owner—to get started with advertising on YouTube, we’re launching the YouTube Director suite of products. Three products that make video ads more accessible to businesses.

    Make a video ad right from your phone

    With the free YouTube Director for business app (available for iPhone today in the U.S. and Canada) anyone can create a video ad for their business quickly and easily—right from their phone. No editing experience required. People like Woody Lovell Jr., owner of the The Barber Shop Club in Los Angeles, are already seeing positive results with YouTube Director.

    Woody shot and edited a video ad by himself, uploaded it to YouTube, and worked with an AdWords expert to run a campaign. As a result, Woody’s business saw a significant increase in potential customers being able to remember and recognize his ad.2

    We challenged five business owners—including Woody—to create a video ad in twenty minutes or less. Watch what happened and download the app to give it a try.

    Get a professional to make your video ad

    In select U.S. cities, we’re also offering YouTube Director onsite, a service that sends a professional filmmaker to shoot and edit a video ad for free whenever a business spends at least $150 to advertise on YouTube. YouTube Director onsite is available in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C.—and coming to more cities soon.

    Is your business an app? We can create a video ad for you too

    YouTube Director automated video creates a video ad automatically from existing assets like logos and app screenshots in the App Store or Google Play Store, and is available globally. Reach out to a Google expert (1-855-500-2756) for more information.

    No matter what kind of business you’re in, getting started with advertising on YouTube just became a whole lot easier. We can’t wait to see what you make. Happy filming.

    Posted by Max Goldman, Product Manager, YouTube Director, recently watched "YouTube Director Video Challenge."

    This post originally appeared on the YouTube Blog.
    1 Google Internal Data, 2016
    2 Woody’s YouTube Director video ad for The Barber Shop Club drove a 73% increase in ad recall among target customers on YouTube, and a 56% lift in brand awareness (AdWords Brand Lift Study, June 2016)

  • To Viewability and Beyond: Active View coming to TrueView
    Ensuring that your ads are able to be seen is an important baseline for driving brand impact. That's why we've been so focused on improving viewability measurement. We’ve spent the last several years investing in our Active View technology, which measures whether or not an ad was able to be seen. Active View makes viewability measurement effortless and free. Over the next few weeks, Active View will become available for all YouTube in-stream inventory, including TrueView, whether bought through Google AdWords or DoubleClick Bid Manager.

    Viewability on YouTube 

    As the place people choose to watch video, YouTube has an industry-leading average viewability of 93% globally1. To help you measure the viewability of your ads, Active View now provides viewability measurement on a per-campaign-basis, so you can understand how your campaigns are performing.

    Catching the WAVE to greater brand impact 

    Viewability is crucial, which is why we're excited to extend Active View to our full range of in-stream formats on YouTube. But it’s important to keep in mind that with video, viewability is an indicator of whether or not your ad was on screen – not the impact of your ad. In addition to viewability, there are several factors that drive results for brand campaigns, such as: Are your ads heard as well as seen? Is the viewer interested in seeing video and paying attention to your ad? And most importantly, for how long do they watch and listen? We take each of these factors – not viewability alone – into account when we deliver your ads. It’s Watchtime, Audibility, Viewability and Engagement together that drive the greatest impact for your brand, and YouTube alone delivers the whole package:
    Watch Time: Looking at hundreds of Brand Lift studies, we saw that the longer a user watches your ad, the higher the lift in awareness and consideration2
    Audibility: We tested 280 campaigns and found that among users exposed to ads that were both viewable and audible, ad recall had a lift of 43%. Among users exposed to ads that were viewable alone, ad recall was significantly lower at 31%3
    Viewability: YouTube has industry-leading 93% viewability
    Engagement: Looking at 89 US brands that ran Brand Lift studies, we found viewers exposed to TrueView ads are 10x more likely to engage with the brand on YouTube, such as visiting or subscribing to the brand channel, watching more from that brand, or sharing the brand video4

    WAVE is what makes video ads on YouTube different. And we tune our video ad system to optimize for all of these factors, to ensure advertisers get the full benefit of video.

    The more we can help you understand what drives impact and reach those viewers who want to hear from you, the more you can drive towards your ultimate goal of greater impact per dollar spent.  

    Posted by Zach Lupei, Product Manager, Video Ads and Alec Berntson, Product Manager, Measurement

    1. Source: Google and DoubleClick advertising platforms data, April 2016
    2. Source: Google August 2015 Meta Analysis: Understanding How Viewability Relates to Brand Metrics for Video Ads
    3. Source: Google Brand Lift Data, 280 US campaigns, May 2015
    4. Source: Google August 2015 Meta Analysis: Measuring TrueView Impact on Brand Channel Engagement

  • Introducing AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce
    For many marketers, dealing with the technology and scale necessary to tie offline conversions back to the keywords and ads that drive them can be a difficult task. Often, they have to make important decisions based on aggregated data from different sources or no data at all, making it difficult to understand the true value of their AdWords campaigns.

    That’s why we’re introducing AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce. AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce measures the value of your offline conversions that result from online AdWords clicks, without the need to reconcile your AdWords and customer relationship management (CRM) data manually.

    How it works 

    After linking your AdWords and Salesforce accounts, you can pick which important milestones, like 'lead qualification' or 'deal won', you want to track as conversions. When someone clicks your ad and visits your website, your website captures a unique Google click ID that tells your website which ad the visitor clicked on. If that visitor submits a lead form on your website, your website passes along the click ID to Salesforce, where it’s stored with the corresponding lead and any future sales opportunities.

    AdWords will regularly check your Salesforce account to see if you’ve recorded any new important milestones in your sales funnel that resulted from ad clicks. If so, AdWords will count those milestones as AdWords conversions.

    Peninsula, the UK’s largest team of HR, Employment Law and Health Safety experts says, “With AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce, we now have the ability to easily see the keywords that drive qualified leads. This has allowed us to concentrate efforts in the right areas and make better use of our budget. Since we started using this feature, we’ve seen an 11% decrease in cost per lead as a result of reallocating budgets and decreasing bids on poorly performing keywords that were sitting in top positions.”

    AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce

    Focus on the clicks that matter 

    With AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce, you’re provided with a more comprehensive view of your sales activities, and the ability to adjust your bids and budgets to be more effective. For example, you can increase your bids on keywords that drive highly qualified leads, or pause ads that result in clicks but no opportunities. This allows you to not only utilize your existing budgets more wisely, but also optimize your ad strategy for better performance.

    Learn more 

    You can learn more about AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce by visiting the AdWords Help Center. This solution is only available by invitation for the next few months, and will become available to all advertisers later this year. If you'd like to request an invitation before it becomes available to all advertisers, please contact your Google Sales rep or submit your information here.  

    Posted by Jon Diorio, Product Manager, AdWords

  • A new guide to attribution with AdWords - Google Best Practices
    The customer journey can be complex. Being able to identify which ads actually influenced someone’s decision can be challenging, but it’s crucial to get right.

    In May, we launched the ability to update your attribution model in AdWords. It’s an update that can help you go beyond last-click measurement, the default in AdWords, and understand your customer’s journey on a much deeper level. As of today, this change has been rolled out to all AdWords accounts.

    We’ve published a new guide to help you understand attribution and make the right decisions for your account. This resource offers best practices about what you need to do to go beyond last-click, covering topics such as:
    • Determining if going beyond the last-click is something that you need to do 
    • Choosing a model that fits with your needs 
    • Acting on attribution 
    • Evolving your approach to attribution as measurement gets better 

    By going beyond last-click attribution for your Search ads in AdWords, you can understand your customer journey and make changes to improve your campaigns. Users take a while to make decisions; by changing your approach to attribution you can identify how your advertising affects people across all of their crucial, decision-making moments.

    Want to stay on top of even more Best Practices? Sign up to receive our monthly newsletter.  

    Posted by Matt Lawson, Director, Performance Ads Marketing

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