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Under the hood; the SEOGadget Keyword Research, BetaUnder the hood; the SEOGadget Keyword Research,  BetaA Tag-team Review from Level 343 In the SEO world, new tools are a dime a dozen. Some make the grade,...

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15-Min Showdown with the Link Prospector Tool...
90+ Email Addresses of Potential Customers who Accept Guest Posts I have been playing with the Link Prospector Tool by Citation Labs over the past few days, and I have to say “it’s awesome!” I am the Marketing Director for a Kiosk company, Phoenix Kiosk, where we provide Kiosk solutions for small to large size companies. Let me show you how I am using the tool right now for finding not only link-prospects, but potential companies that want to purchase our Kiosks (our...Read More >>
Optimize; Integrating SEO, Social Media and Content...
I don't read many books, especially, books on SEO. I only got through about 2 chapters of the last one by some Fishkin character. Lets just say it wasn't exactly ground breaking stuff. However, when I read that Lee Odden was releasing a book called Optimize "How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing" I knew I wanted to buy it. I didn't even care if I read it. I bought it because Lee has been on my radar for a...Read More >>

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What we need to leave behind in 2013...

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Whats your favourite rank checking  tool?What's your favourite rank checking tool?We recently ran a poll over at our sister site to get a sense of which applications SEOs were using or preferred for rank checking. Yes, we all know that rank checking isn't exactly as important a metric as it used to be, due to flux, geo-localization, personalization and more... but clients tend to hold them tightly and some historical data never hurts when programming or assessing problems.The poll itself had...Read More >>
Technical SEO: The Frog that Tromped Google  Webmaster ToolsTechnical SEO: The Frog that Tromped Google Webmaster Tools(co-written by SEO Gal) You’re absolutely confident you’re doing things right. You’ve gone down your personal SEO checklist: yep, yep, yep. Everything is running perfectly… Of course, that was back when you first set up your online shop. You know, back before you got busy with clients and had nothing but time to spend on your site. Here it is, a year or two later, and you’re still thinking you’re site is...Read More >>
Under the hood; the SEOGadget Keyword Research,  BetaUnder the hood; the SEOGadget Keyword Research, BetaA Tag-team Review from Level 343 In the SEO world, new tools are a dime a dozen. Some make the grade, some don’t; some are (frankly) laughable, others are worth their weight in gold. Over the past week, we’ve been reviewing a new SEO tool on the scene: the SEOGadget keyword research tool developed by Richard Baxter.Overview: The SEOGadget tool states it is there to help you “...Read More >>
From Minsk With Love - A Rank Tracker ReviewFrom Minsk With Love - A Rank Tracker ReviewKnowing where a website ranks for a given keyword, discovering additional keywords and understanding their competitiveness is really essential to internet marketing and is at the root of SEO. Rank Tracker does just what its name implies, it tracks your rankings, but its what's under the hood as far as the features, the ease of use and the fact that Rank Tracker updates and keeps current with ever changing algorithms that made me...Read More >>
Microsoft Ad Intelligence - That Other Search Engine Keyword ToolMicrosoft Ad Intelligence - That Other Search Engine Keyword ToolSEOs want keyphrase volume numbers like Zombies need BRAINS! However, the quality of brains keyphrase volume numbers has recently been a major topic of conversation amongst SEOs. The target of a lot of the attacks against volume numbers was directed at the new Google Keyword Tool. Well, at this point it really isn't "new" anymore. However, Google is continuing to improve the tool by offering better volume numbers by eliminating partner site data and a better user interface by not...Read More >>
The truth behind Ontolos awesomesauceThe truth behind Ontolo's awesomesauceGold Mining and the Land of Links I met my Grandfather only once. I was about 9 or 10 years old. He was a retired gold miner and had a little gold nugget he kept in his pocket. I kept asking him to take it out so I could inspect it over and over again. "That little piece of gold your holding came at a price" he would say." Men have risked their...Read More >>

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