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10 Gift Giving Ideas for Your Favorite SEO’s Stocking

This year, apparently Google is Santa Claus and the SEO industry has been bad, because we’ve definitely received a few lumps of algo-coal in our stockings. Amen? Amen. So here you are, staring at a newly used-to-be-coal-free stocking and thinking, “Man, that’s rough. I didn’t cloak one page or hide links or anything“¦” I can guarantee you aren’t the only one with the big “what’d I do?“ question mark over your head.

Your optimizing friends are probably feeling the same way. With Christmas coming up, why don’t you give them a present they can really use and enjoy?

What to get an SEO for Xmas

Gift Shopping for Optimizers

It’s hard to come up with a gift for optimizers; normal gifts almost always fall flat. Try getting an optimizer a bath kit with loofah, salts and soaps. They’ll look up the site because they’ve never heard of the company. Next thing you know, the company is their client and they’ve never actually used the bath kit. In fact, most optimizers I know don’t have time (or won’t take time) for pampering themselves; there’s work to be done, and we’re going to be the ones to do it.

So how do you shop for an SEO who never takes a break? Here are 10 great gift-giving ideas for this years’ Christmas season, in no particular order:

  1. Optimization ““ Hey, you’re an optimizer, right? Offer a few hours to your SEO friend for whenever they need it, whether it’s upkeep on their own site or work for one of their clients. You could even make it fun by sending them a “gift certificate”. Something like “You’re entitled to one whole day with your optimizing buddy.”

  1. Web design““ How many times has one of your SEO friends sent you a link to their site and you clicked”¦ and wished you hadn’t? Let’s face it; a lot of optimizers need some design help. I’m not naming names ““ but I could. Of course, maybe they really like their design and don’t realize they’ve broken every visual law known to man, but I’m sure you can figure out a fun, delicate way to say “Your site sucks so bad that I’ll pay to get it fixed.”

  1. Copywriting ““ Although an optimizer has to be able to recognize good copy, they don’t have to be able to write it. There are many successful SEOs whose on-site content sucks; often, it’s because they’ve never had the time to beef it up or fix it. On the other hand, a lot of optimizers could use some extra help in the copywriting department for clients, but can’t afford to hire another writer. Converting copy ““ the gift that keeps on giving.

  1. Advertisement ““ Surprise your optimizing friend with a blog, on your site, about”¦ them. Boost your friend’s self esteem and reputation with a well worded article about their slammin’ SEO skills. Don’t be stingy with your online property; share a little space with your friends.

  1. Dojo Membership ““ Maybe you don’t have to struggle with a choice between a cool new tool or a membership for the SEO Training Dojo, but some optimizers do. Help your optimizing buddy out by paying for a few extra months, or introduce them with a sparkling new membership. An optimizer first visiting the Dojo is like a kid unwrapping a new present ““ fun and excitement everywhere!

  1. Espresso Machine ““ A lot of optimizers I know are also coffee drinkers, yet who really has time for all those trips to the coffee machine? Sure, they’d still have to make trips for the espresso, but, since there’s a lot of coffee packed into that little thing, it’ll be a lot less trips.

  1. Keyboard ““ You can’t go wrong with a new keyboard for your SEO pal, especially for those who also write copy. Within a few weeks, a keyboard used by an optimizer has half its letters rubbed off. In a few months, there’s hardly any letters left at all, and finger groves have been worn into the keys. If they’ve just bought a new keyboard, they can put your gift away until they use the new one up. The only real question is, “To wireless or not to wireless?“

  1. Batteries ““ A big box of batteries can be a SEOs saving grace. Think of all the things in daily work that use batteries; most small, wireless things use batteries, and not everyone remembers to take the USB jack out and put it back in the mouse to save on battery life. To non-marketers, this may seem like a crap gift; to an SEO, it can be a project saver!

  1. SEO gifts

    SEO Gifts ““ No matter what they’re doing or where they’re doing it, your optimizer friends still need things like clothes, mugs, mouse pads and so on. Why not give them a gift that helps them brag about what they do? You can find a slew of geek-related products at Zazzle, ThinkGeek and Cafepress for your optimizing buddy.

  1. Shiatsu Massager ““ The cliché is “think fast on your feet”. The reality for SEOs is that we have to think fast on our rears. The problem is, too much sitting causes everything to go to sleep ““ and how can you think with a dead derriere? Help your favorite SEO with a Shiatsu massage cushion. It keeps blood moving, and it’ll help with posture, too ““ because who’s going to slouch when all you have to do is lean back to feel good?

Gift-giving for workaholic SEOs is never easy. Hopefully, the 10 ideas above will help you come up with something truly fantastic for your favorite SEO. Christmas isn’t too far away, however, so get to shopping!



  1. Doc December 5, 2011

    Some really great ideas, Gabs! I guess I can return that 75″ big screen I picked up for ya!

    Just as well… it was gonna be a bitch getting it into your stocking! 😉

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