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6 New Content Research & Optimization Tools You Should Try This Year

See, I love tools because I love action. I don’t have patience to read a lot of tutorials unless I am implementing the tips right away. I use tools for both learning and analyzing.

And consequently I love tool lists: I am always on a hunt for new tool ideas. Yet, there’s one problem with almost any tool list in our industry: It’s the same tools traveling from article to article all over again.

I mean I am guilty of that as well: I write about the tools I am using myself, and I cannot possibly be using dozens of them on a regular basis. But there are many more tools that can bring something new – an innovative approach to a well-discussed tactic, a new way to organize or analyze data, etc.

With that in mind (and to help all tool list bloggers in our industry out), here are six newer content research and analytics tools that deserve more attention:

1. Kparser (Freemium)

I do a lot of the research for keywords and just provide my writers with the necessary information for them to use it. But in some instances, the job has been too big for me to manage that alone.

That is when Kparser comes in handy. We can search as a unit, find the best keywords for our particular niche and purpose and work together to generate matching content, hashtag campaigns and more.

Kparser generates thousands of keyword suggestions and allows you to easily filter them by using common modifiers. You can run a tool without registering an account, so you can play with it right now:

Kparser keywords

There are lots of other – better-known keyword research tools, most of them are great – but I believe this one deserves more spotlight.

Clicking through those filters to the left is my brainstorming secret: The queries are grouped instantly and you can scroll through ideas within any groups to find the one to cover.

2. Text Optimizer (Free Trial)

Text Optimizer is my go-to tool whenever I am working on any article. It’s my content writing driving force showing me the direction and helping me research and put content together.

Text Optimizer runs your target query in Google, grabs generated search snippets and applies semantic analysis to extract related concepts and terms. The idea is: Google generates search snippets based on what parts of each web page answer the given query in a best possible way. This way, search snippets represent the best possible summary of any topic:

Google SERPs

Therefore TextOptimizer uses these snippets for semantic content research showing you what concepts and entities relate to your chosen topic:

TextOptimizer analysis

It also helps build meaningful sentences in case you need additional writing help:

Text Optimizer sentences

Thanks to Text Optimizer, I know which areas of my future article need additional research, and how to structure my content to meet Google’s and my audience’s expectations.

3. Finteza (Free Trial)

Finteza is an independent analytics suite with a huge focus on conversion analysis. Finteza is an easier-to-use clearer alternative to Google Analytics which even surpasses its well-known competitor in some areas.

Finteza can be easily set up to closely monitor multiple events within one content asset. You can then clearly see which parts of your content do the best job engaging your audience.

Finteza funnels

To add any links to events, simply use the link attribute:

<a data-fz-event=”Click+Link” href=””></a>

(Replace Click+Link with the name of the event)

Finteza events

Analyzing your in-content calls-to-action allows you to better optimize your content strategy.

4. Statista (Freemium)

If you don’t know what this website is, you really need to check it out. Statista is a search and visualization engine that allows you to search for statistics and facts to help back up any detailed research. You can find a great amount of information there, so add it to your tool list.

Keep in mind though that Statista is just an aggregator. Whenever you find any visuals or stats you feel like using in your content, find original source. It can take some time, surprisingly. In most cases, you’ll have to register a free account at Statista to find the sources but please do that. All Statista sources need to be verified:

Statista sources

Don’t trust Statista blindly: It is just an aggregator. Your sources still need to be verified.

Further reading: Is Statista a Reliable Source?

5. Alter (Freemium)

Speaking of in-content conversions, I use Alter to improve and analyze mine. Alter is an artificial-intelligence based software that analyzes your user behavior and improves your content engagement.


There’s no configuration needed: Alter works behind the scenes to figure everything out. It also has a free account which is nice for smaller blogs and sites. Alter provides content engagement reports and analytics which are also quite handy.

6. Content King (Free Trial)

Content King is content analytics and monitoring app that keeps an eye on your content structure, broken links, meta data, etc. If you were looking for a tool to finally get your old content in order, this is what you need.

It keeps track of all site changes and alerts you if anything has gone wrong. After a few months of working on a site, you’ll be able to access and search a detailed log of all changes. Now you can know which changes triggered a sudden visibility boost.

Content King changes

If you’re working on improving your existing content performance, Content King is the way to go. You can organize your existing content in groups (e.g. newsworthy, ever-green, lists) to see which one of your content strategies performs better over time. The tool urges you to improve important on-page elements like titles and headings.

There are a few more analytics and monitoring tools you are likely to have never heard before listed here.

Watching your past actions will help you create a well-informed strategy for the future.

Disclaimer: None of the above links is affiliate. Enjoy the tools!


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  1. John Whitlock January 5, 2020

    Thank you, Ann for the tools, your right most of the other articles write about the same tools. I have never heard of any of these and look forward to trying them out.

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