Customized Data in a Changing Business Landscape

For a couple of decades now, a lot of larger corporations have been using sophisticated data models that help them pursue different business intelligence goals. Now, a lot of executives at smaller firms are waking up and realizing that they, too, can benefit from these kinds of cutting-edge technologies — even though it might be a bit different from the specific ways that a blue chip company or a Fortune 500 firm creates its own internal data analytics vehicle.

While corporate creations

How to Improve Conversions Through A/B Testing

What is A/B testing? A/B testing is a method of testing that allows one to see what certain design changes on their website do to their conversion numbers. In order to see what changes are effective, A/B testing is necessary so that blind changes that lead to negative results do not occur. So, what are the benefits of A/B testing?

A/B testing allows you to see, with quite certain results, how changes on your website will impact your conversions. What one particular audience likes on one website

Seeing The Benefits of SEO: Effective Analytics Reporting

As SEOs analytics are an essential part of our jobs – reporting to the client how their website is performing in the search results.

Now, more than ever, it is important to communicate not only the right metrics to our clients, but a measurable improvement in value. At the end of the day, we are there to help increase business for our clients overall and add to their reputation in the marketplace as a market leader.

Rankings are one way to accomplish this. But they are not the metric

Unreliable Data Will Yield an Unreliable Analysis

It drives me nuts to see people publishing the results of “tests” they’ve conducted, that are so poorly designed that they could have gotten findings just as meaningful from a random drawing.

DOE, or design of experiments, is a strict protocol, focused on eliminating variables (ideally, all but one), so that a result can be identified as causative, rather than simply correlative. Designing such a test is a complex

Wait, You Want How Much for That Website?

A recent discussion I had with the owner of an Australian domain forum inspired me to begin to write this post, it revolved around processes for domain appraisals but is it more complex to value of an entire website based on aggressive Google algorithm updates so I thought I would start there.

If you are investing big money in buying a pre-built site you want to ensure you correctly value the site as is also easy to fake signals and overstate revenues and traffic numbers. If