Learn Attraction Marketing Now, or You’ll Hate Yourself Later

Attraction marketing is a simple concept, as this strategy dictates that you market yourself, rather than the product or service that you are selling. In doing so, you can turn yourself into an online expert, which will make any venture in which you partake more successful.

How Attraction Marketing Works

Nearly every major product that is being sold has a spokesperson. The company hires a spokesperson that the public trusts, as potential customers are more likely to buy from a person if they have a positive opin1`ion

Dialing in Your Call to Action

Throughout the course of any marketing campaign, it is necessary to count conversions as a metric that will determine your overall success. What is the ultimate metric of your overall success?

It’s not rankings.

It’s not how many links you got.

It’s not how much traffic you got.

It’s how many people bought the product or signed up for the service from your website. That’s what impacts your bottom line: how much money has the website generated during the course

Evaluating Digital Marketing ROI

Imagine investing $15,000 on a print-based ad campaign. Your company would want proof the ad investment generated sales and increased brand awareness. You’d probably compare campaign results to benchmarks established by preciously campaigns to gauge effectiveness. In the unfortunate event of a failed campaign, you’d use what you learned from the failure to improve future campaigns.

These are time-honored and proven ROI strategies, yet the same company diligently monitoring print and

Best Practices for Ecommerce Category Pages

Often for ecommerce sites a lot of attention is paid to building the perfect product page. It all needs to come together perfectly – the product imagery, description and features, strong call to action, incentives, cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, and many more facets that make a great ecommerce product page.

But there’s another type of page, very common on ecommerce sites, which gets about as many views as product pages but often receives a lot less love and attention

The Importance and Power of Launching an SEM Labs Program

Many companies work hard to develop and optimize their paid search campaigns. And when those campaigns in both AdWords and adCenter are performing well, it’s sometimes easy for complacency to set in. There might be hundreds of ad groups set up, tens of thousands of keywords running, and ROAS is strong across campaigns. Based on what I explained, you might think this is a good time to keep things as-is, bask in the glow of high ROI campaigns, and drink a margarita at your desk, right? Wrong