Doc Sheldon

Doc Sheldon has been providing SEO consulting services for 14 years. His passions are technical on-page SEO and the Semantic Web. Fluent in Spanish, he has also provided consulting services to several large clients, specializing in cross-border operations in Latin America. Early on, he saw exciting potential for those that could figure out what the search engines might do next, and were willing to work within the guidelines set by the search engines. To that end, he first founded his content strategy agency, and later launched his SEO agency, now serving clients on four continents with content, WP web development and SEO services.

Call for Contributing Authors

Back in 2010, David Harry (@theGypsy) launched, an online publication intended to give existing and aspiring search professionals a place to teach, learn and share. He built a very respectable group of contributing authors over the next few years, each offering their own perspective on all things search.

In August of 2013, an article was published that would be SNC’s last for a long while, which prompted me to ask Dave what his plans were for the magazine.

… and Search News Central is BACK!

SNC header image

Many of you should remember (hopefully, with some fondness) Search News Central, which Dave Harry brought to us for several years – its last issue was in August of 2013. Some two dozen authors, the majority of them prominent SEOs and digital marketers, contributed their knowledge, interpretations, advice and rants, sparking some lively conversations.

For the next couple of years after SNC went dormant, Dave and I had several conversations, discussing what, if anything, to do about the site.

Measuring Up: Yandex Vs. Google

Google Vs YandexA couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across an article that talked about the European search engine, Yandex, and it led me to take a closer look at them. It’s probably been about a year since the last time I poked around in there – the change was impressive, if not entirely satisfying.

The first thing to do, of course, is to switch to the English version, which is easily accomplished by clicking on the small flag icon in the footer and selecting UK English.

Ranting can be Therapeutic

We all have our hot buttons – things that just drive us up the wall because they just never seem to go away. I was bored for a couple of hours yesterday, because the electric company knocked our power off for the third time in five days… so I started making a list of things that bug me.

At first, I was trying to limit it to my specific fields of SEO and online marketing. But as I recalled more and more, I remembered that there’s a lot of disagreement on the boundaries between

Will Google’s Agent Rank Ever Become a Ranking Factor?

I’ve seen some interesting discussions recently on the question of whether authority (Agent Rank) will ever become a ranking factor, such as this one on Google+.

Let me preface this with a reminder that although authorship and authority can interrelate, they are two entirely different things. Authorship is merely a mechanism to link an entity and a work together – authority is a rank placed upon an entity for its value within a certain topic area or field of interest.


Cyber-Security is Everyone’s Gig

Most of us have an idea of what cyber-security is, but our definitions probably vary quite a lot. So before we can begin to take steps to protect ourselves and our systems, we have to decide first, exactly what we’re trying to protect ourselves from. Let’s take a look at some of the different perspectives.

The IT Manager

The IT Manager probably thinks that cyber-security focuses mostly on system security, whether against DDOS attacks or downloaded malware by one of the guys in the sales department

Why Can’t We Killl Bad SEO?

I haven’t been around as long as some folks… it’s only been a little over ten years ago that I even became aware of SEO. But I’ve been doing it full time now for nearly 7 years, so I figure I’ve earned the right to call BS when I see it. And like most of us, I see a lot of it.

I have the luxury of having six decades under my belt, too, which gives me honorary curmudgeon status. So I don’t have to be too concerned about who does or doesn’t agree with

Finding your Own Hot Button

Those who have shunned the idea of working for others, preferring to earn their daily bread without having to deal with bosses and time-clocks, usually face a realization at some point: it’s not quite as perfect or ideal as they might have once thought.

Still, everything has trade-offs – it’s just a matter of what one’s looking for. Some people take the plunge into independence, but economic necessity pulls them back into the more traditional corporate cubicle. Some have