Learn Attraction Marketing Now, or You’ll Hate Yourself Later

Attraction marketing is a simple concept, as this strategy dictates that you market yourself, rather than the product or service that you are selling. In doing so, you can turn yourself into an online expert, which will make any venture in which you partake more successful.

How Attraction Marketing Works

Nearly every major product that is being sold has a spokesperson. The company hires a spokesperson that the public trusts, as potential customers are more likely to buy from a person if they have a positive opin1`ion

Customized Data in a Changing Business Landscape

For a couple of decades now, a lot of larger corporations have been using sophisticated data models that help them pursue different business intelligence goals. Now, a lot of executives at smaller firms are waking up and realizing that they, too, can benefit from these kinds of cutting-edge technologies — even though it might be a bit different from the specific ways that a blue chip company or a Fortune 500 firm creates its own internal data analytics vehicle.

While corporate creations

United, We Share: Brand Partnerships and Social Media

Social media provides businesses with opportunities far beyond the obvious. Most businesses understand how social media can improve the customer/business relationship, and provide important market research information. Knowing what your customers like — and more importantly, dislike — is never a waste.

Too often, however, businesses never explore social media’s business-to-business opportunities. By forging partnerships, businesses can increase readership, spread their message

Is Your Local SEO Traffic Leaving Town?

Generally, when small business marketing meets the Internet, people talk about the benefits of accessing a national or even global marketplace. While an expanded consumer base can certainly profit a company, local markets remain the bread and butter of most small businesses.

A local business may overlook online searches as a source of consumers, trusting instead the more traditional local forms of advertising. The truth is that local businesses benefit greatly from local internet

Evaluating Digital Marketing ROI

Imagine investing $15,000 on a print-based ad campaign. Your company would want proof the ad investment generated sales and increased brand awareness. You’d probably compare campaign results to benchmarks established by preciously campaigns to gauge effectiveness. In the unfortunate event of a failed campaign, you’d use what you learned from the failure to improve future campaigns.

These are time-honored and proven ROI strategies, yet the same company diligently monitoring print and

How to Glide Effortlessly Through Changing Social Media

Are you surfing the social media wave to great success but feel the winds of change at your back? Don’t jump on the bandwagon until you are sure your proposed customer communication strategy integrates well with your business plan.

Adapting Your Business to Customer Desires

Businesses that maintain a social presence can easily interact with their customers on a 24/7 basis. Insightful blog content that establishes you as an expert in your industry, timely Tweets and relevant, interesting posts on Facebook, Pinterest and

Why Panda Hates Ecommerce

Google launched the Panda algorithm in February of 2011, targeting so-called content farms. Content farms are large sites containing articles written by multiple authors and optimized for search engine results. Farm revenue comes from click-through ads.

Overall, content farms offer little to readers. Writing quality tends to be poor, of low word count and often duplicates other sources. Panda dealt such sites a serious blow, reducing traffic in many cases by more than 60 percent.

How Panda Affects Ecommerce


Worth a Thousand Words: Using Instagram to Market Your Business

The Internet is all about communicating visually, and for a business marketing online, showing and telling are equally important.

A picture’s worth a thousand words, isn’t it? Online marketers certainly think so, which is why photo sharing is one of the fastest growing trends in social media marketing. At the head of this trend is the increasingly popular, Facebook-owned app Instagram.

Major brands have used this artsy photo-editing and sharing app to good effect, and most businesses