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Bing Goes Google on it’s SERP’s

Devoted Bing users will have undoubtedly caught glimpses of their new SERP layout, but as of today the change has gone U.S.-wide for all to see.

The new results page is a stripped-down and cleaned-up version of the old style with a few minor adjustments to search options and history.

Here you can see the difference:

Bing new serps

Hmm…Looks Strangly Familiar

While Bing’s new layout does look somewhat Google-esque, it’s not likely a move to drive converts. Microsoft is well aware that virtually no one was waiting around for this change to make the switch from G to B.

That being said, it’s quite clear that they are however paying attention to what most people are currently enjoying in a results page, and simply want to allow their users the benefits of an uncluttered SERP.

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