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New Google Doodle For Tut’s Tomb Discoverer Howard Carter

A new Google Doodle today celebrates the 138th birthday of Archeologist Howard Carter.

Born May 9, 1874, Carter rose to fame when in November 1922 he discovered the tomb of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun, the most intact tomb of any Pharaoh in Egypt. His extensive research and coverage of the treasures of Tut’s tomb are credited with the world-wide intrest in Egyptology, or Egyptomania.

Howard was honoured today by Google in their latest ‘Doodle’, which features Carter amongst the treasures of his discovery in the forground and a large Google logo in the background.

google tuts tomb doodle

Unfortunatly, there are no fun animations this time. It could have been fun to have Tut come out of the sarcophagus, scaring Carter away, or perhaps doing a Glee-style song and dance routine. Oh well.

Pic courtesy of Google


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