Doc Sheldon has been providing SEO consulting services for nearly 15 years. His passions are technical on-page SEO and the Semantic Web. Fluent in Spanish, he has also provided consulting services to several large clients, specializing in cross-border operations in Latin America. Early on, he saw exciting potential for those who could figure out what the search engines might do next, and were willing to work within the guidelines set by the search engines. To that end, he first founded his content strategy agency, and later launched his SEO agency, now serving clients on four continents with content, WP website customization and technical SEO services.

Are you Proactive or Reactive?

Some SEOs have been telling folks far and wide, for a long time, that it’s the proactive SEO that has the advantage in their optimization efforts. Flexible, proactive, adaptive, future-proofing… these are terms most of us have heard many times in this context. Proactive SEO? What a Concept! Obviously, that…

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The Bell Tolls for Thee

Folks have been in an uproar lately over recent fluctuations in their rankings in Google’s SERPs… like that’s never happened before, right? Conjecture, as is always the case in the SEO world, runs rampant, with everyone and his cousin tossing out theories about what’s on Google’s agenda. Some have an…

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