SEO, Documents and Search Engines

A wall of pages from books.

The term “SEO” may conjure up negative reactions for some and rightly so, if the only experience someone has with an SEO are outdated, high priced practices that produced temporary solutions. Optimizing for a search engine isn’t the goal anymore.  It never really was.  Few people truly grasped the reality… Continue Reading SEO, Documents and Search Engines

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Information Need and Relevancy

Laptop on table opened to Google

The Web is sometimes referred to as the information highway where we can go online in search of relevant information we can use.  Nothing about information retrieval turns out to be so easy. In fact, the accuracy and relevancy of search results are unpredictable.  Google and Bing never stop experimenting… Continue Reading Information Need and Relevancy

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How Optimizing for Featured Snippets Makes Your Content Better

Google’s featured snippets are like Authorship – we don’t know how long they’ll last, but we keep talking about them. Now, many search marketers would argue the usefulness of this SERP feature for an obvious reason: featured snippets steal clicks from search results. Many people see the answer to their… Continue Reading How Optimizing for Featured Snippets Makes Your Content Better

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