The Growing Emphasis on Accessibility and Inclusive User Experience

Person using a tablet

There is growing interest in web accessibility around the world, with more companies seeking to make their web properties inclusive and user friendly for all people. Perhaps it’s to increase conversions, or create an ethical brand, but whatever the driving force behind the increase in accessibility testing and need for…

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US Budgets up to 18 Million to Educate Businesses On Being Accessible

Quote about Accessibility law

Congress intends to revise the Americans with Disabilities Act so it is legal to NOT do business with disabled persons without first getting an education on the subject. Being accessible is now optional. Should someone file a civil complaint, their journey begins by waiting for the business to first learn…

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Increase Conversions by Designing Who the Website is Intended For

Small person facing a set of stairs

A web page isn’t a flat business card or three-fold brochure with words and pictures. Successful websites are technological entities capable of displaying empathy – that’s how they garner conversions. Beginner websites, web sites hosted by WIX and other companies that supply the web parts without the theory customers need,…

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