Cyber-Security is Everyone’s Gig

Most of us have an idea of what cyber-security is, but our definitions probably vary quite a lot. So before we can begin to take steps to protect ourselves and our systems, we have to decide first, exactly what we’re trying to protect ourselves from. Let’s take a look at some of the different perspectives.

The IT Manager

The IT Manager probably thinks that cyber-security focuses mostly on system security, whether against DDOS attacks or downloaded malware by one of the guys in the sales department

Finding your Own Hot Button

Those who have shunned the idea of working for others, preferring to earn their daily bread without having to deal with bosses and time-clocks, usually face a realization at some point: it’s not quite as perfect or ideal as they might have once thought.

Still, everything has trade-offs – it’s just a matter of what one’s looking for. Some people take the plunge into independence, but economic necessity pulls them back into the more traditional corporate cubicle. Some

Firefighting: Can We Break the Addiction?

You’ve probably heard the term at some point in your career: “firefighting” or “putting out a fire”. You may even use it in your everyday vernacular. Something like, “Hey man, I’d love to come and hang out tonight, but I’ve got this fire to put out at work.

And, when we use it, we mean it to describe a high-stress emergency that needs immediate attention and an immediate solve. And, like fire, if left unattended, the emergency threatens to collapse an entire structure and structures

The SEO Conference Conundrum

I just got back from my second SES San Francisco Conference, courtesy of the generous folks at Linkdex. As always the conference was an amazing opportunity to network with some great minds in the industry, and as a bonus even a handful of the sessions were valuable. But part of me wonders if I would have missed much had I not attended.

The Benefits of Attending Conferences

The Networking Opportunity

If anything has been consistent among the two SES San Francisco and the one SMX West conference I have attended is that the networking opportunities

Is Your SEO Job Hurting Your SEO Career?

There’s a lot of talk in the industry on how to do SEO, but its rare that I find a lot of advice about how to navigate SEO from a career standpoint.

Tony Verre has done some great posts on this site in the past and more recently the moz featured a post on career advice from 21 big names in the SEO industry, but ultimately I find content on the topic is lacking.

In the last six months I’ve applied for positions from Seattle to Nashville and a few locations here locally, but have failed