How To Train Your SEO

The fact of the matter is that you can’t be replaced. The years of search and algorithmic knowledge (the science), the nuances of search you’ve accumulated (the art), can’t simply fit into neat little box.

As more and more of us move into different positions, with different responsibilities, we’re being tasked with bringing in new team members to fill the gaps we’re leaving. And, let’s face it, a good SEO is hard to come by these days. The ranks of SEOs are being filled by folks that

Breaking Down the Silos (Part 2)

I wrote a post last month about breaking down the silos and bringing alignment between cross-functional teams like paid search marketers, web analysts, and developers. In this follow-up post, I’ll broaden the scope and speak a little bit about why designers, copy writers, and social strategists should also be included in the mix.

In retrospect, this post should have been the first in the series given Google’s recent algorithm updates centered on user experience, social signals, and quality

Start Looking for a Marketing Co-Founder

There have been a number rants about stop looking for a “technical co-founder” but what about a rant about start looking for a “marketing co-founder” so people will actually hear about you and your awesome product!

Sure you have some startups that just seem to work well and users love them without massive marketing budgets like Instagram but think about all the many products that close down because they failed to get enough traction in the market.  

There are so many times that

Which SEO Vendor is Right for You? (Part 1)

Choosing vendors for your in-house SEO program is trickier than just doing a Google search and selecting the first vendor that ranks for “link building” or “SEO copywriting” in Google. Before you go blindly searching on the Internet for a few good vendors, take the time to understand what kind of SEO agency it is that you need.

Then, narrow your selections based on:


How much does SEO cost? It can vary based on

Starting Your New In-House SEO Job

You’ve done it! You’ve gone through the job search, nail biting interviews, endless days of waiting, the reference checks and perhaps a little soul searching as you sort through offers. You’re excited, nervous and hoping that your new SEO career shift will provide a fresh start.

Then the first day arrives, you have a chance to get under the hood and see what everyone hid from you during the interview. You get the litany of requests, problems and wish lists sent to