Balancing the Win Now Mentality with Real Life

While at BlueGlass TPA this year, Brian Clark (founder of CopyBlogger Media) and Jeremy Schoemaker (founder of ShoeMoney Media Group) led the session “Blog and News Optimization: How Publishers Can Dominate Google and Beyond”. Brian said something that struck a chord with me, “half the things you try will fail”. The problem is Brian is right.

The Culture of Win Now

“Win Now” has become a pervasive mentality over the last 5 to 6 years in corporate/business culture. Like most major sports team in

Giving Up the Ghost: When is it Time to Leapfrog?

Everything about the economy screams uncertainty these days. Pundits and talking heads tell you it’s recovering and just hang tight, your pocketbook tells something entirely different. I’m of the opinion that the days of 15-20 year careers with a company are of a bygone era. It’s far and few between that you find someone who’s been at a company a large chunk of their adult life. Those you do find are close to retirement age anyway, giving up the ghost themselves.

As companies got more ruthless

Online Reputation Management: Taking Control

Funny story… While at Pubcon, I had this complete stranger drill me about online reputation management. I’d never been to Pubcon before; I figured he was somebody who’d read a previous post I wrote about ORM and was just testing me. I mean, everybody knows something at this conference, right?

In reality, he was just some guy who’d managed to wander into a Pubcon cocktail party and got interested. He wasn’t even part of conference! This was somebody “off the street” who really