Effective Social Media Channels for Different Niches

find your social channelMarketing to a highly specialized niche can be tricky business – after all, not everyone has a healthy appreciation for cat-themed eyewear or needs organizational tools for their sombrero collections.

The thing about Internet marketing, though, is that your niche customers, no matter who they are, are out there somewhere – it’s just a matter of finding them.  This is when social media can become your greatest asset or biggest energy sink.

Learn Attraction Marketing Now, or You’ll Hate Yourself Later

Attraction marketing is a simple concept, as this strategy dictates that you market yourself, rather than the product or service that you are selling. In doing so, you can turn yourself into an online expert, which will make any venture in which you partake more successful.

How Attraction Marketing Works

Nearly every major product that is being sold has a spokesperson. The company hires a spokesperson that the public trusts, as potential customers are more likely to buy from a person if they have a positive opin1`ion

United, We Share: Brand Partnerships and Social Media

Social media provides businesses with opportunities far beyond the obvious. Most businesses understand how social media can improve the customer/business relationship, and provide important market research information. Knowing what your customers like — and more importantly, dislike — is never a waste.

Too often, however, businesses never explore social media’s business-to-business opportunities. By forging partnerships, businesses can increase readership, spread their message

The Legalities of Social Media and How to Stay In the Lines

When it comes to social media, companies are always worried about the rules that those particular companies—Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.—have put into place. There are quite a few guidelines to follow and things to keep in mind so that search engines don’t penalize you and social networks don’t ban you.

However, what many companies fail to realize is that the “real” law is also involved. Whenever you do something online, you still have to abide by the general laws we live with everyday

Raven’s 30 Social Metrics for Success

We all know that social signals are providing wicked search juice to the online marketing efforts of our clients.  In just a handful of years, establishing a social media presence for businesses has become almost as important as building a killer company website.  And yet, clients seem more mystified with the whole social process than we have time to explain.  Most are skeptical about spending hours every week to goof off on websites where teenagers congregate.

When they ask the burning question

#SocialChat – The Hidden Value of Social Media Marketing

Welcome to the recap of the #SocialChat discussion from Monday April, 8th.  For those of you already familiar with the chat and our blogging style, feel free to scroll on down the page for the highlights of the chat.  For those of you who are new to #SocialChat, let me give you a little introduction.

So What is #SocialChat?

SocialChat is a hashtag facilitated discussion group on Twitter.  For the last two years Alan K’necht and I have been organizing this opportunity for social media professionals

How to edit your Google Plus cover photo

Not too long ago Google Plus changed the way the cover photos in profiles and pages are displayed. One of the odd drawbacks was that they are, by default, freakin’ HUGE! What we call a BAG; big ass graphic. And, as it turns out, getting something manageable isn’t all that easy.

Not even for Google channels. Look at this one from Google Analytics;

The Google Plus cover photo work-around

We did figure out a work around and some folks have been asking how. So below is a video and a quick description on how you can get it to work

Getting the Most out of Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook is no doubt the social network of changes. With the recent changes in the timeline layout, the acquisition of Instagram, and new data available for business page analytics, it can sometimes be hard to keep track of it all.

Start-up companies oftentimes have to take a look back on a change before they react and reflect, and for many, the Facebook custom audiences are no different.

If this was one Facebook update that you’ve let slide under the radar or put on the back burner until you’re