Will Google’s Agent Rank Ever Become a Ranking Factor?

I’ve seen some interesting discussions recently on the question of whether authority (Agent Rank) will ever become a ranking factor, such as this one on Google+.

Let me preface this with a reminder that although authorship and authority can interrelate, they are two entirely different things. Authorship is merely a mechanism to link an entity and a work together – authority is a rank placed upon an entity for its value within a certain topic area or field of interest.


Algorithm Updates vs Manual Penalties – Some People Still Don’t Get It

In the fallout of the last publicly announced (sorta) Panda update and as the internet prepares for Penguin: The Next Generation I find myself talking about algorithm updates and penalties a lot. 

Unfortunately it seems like even folks in the industry can’t differentiate the difference and I am having conversations I wish I didn’t have to have.  Which is why I thought I would take the opportunity to help break down the difference between the two in hopes of educating SEO’s

3 Quick Fixes to Enterprise-Level Technical SEO

As Google continues to transpose the idea and essence of the real world, physical marketplace through its various platforms (Google+, Shopping, Google+ Local, etc), big brands will continue to have a distinct advantage over everyone else. They can build faster, spend more, amplify their messages/reach farther through multiple channels (traditional and digital), all of which translate to “consumer trust”.

As Eric

4 tools to review Google Algorithm Impacts

More and more clients are asking for insight around the reasons for the Google algorithm updates and how they impacted them, but also when they happened and what was the actual intention. I thought I’d examine 4 popular options to make your job easier.


The benefits of this tool are that it is a Chrome plugin that makes it easy to review activities/events that impacted traffic and overlays external data across Google Analytics & Quantcast reports.

There are likely future updates that

Link Pruning – is it Rocket Surgery?

Many sites have found themselves penalized in recent months for unnatural links. Webmasters around the world have been forced into self-examination, the painful process of asking to have links removed that were hard-won (or co$tly) and the difficult task of contacting other webmasters asking to have links removed. I’ve had occasion to work on a couple of sites that received manual penalties for unnatural links, and have learned a few valuable lessons in the

The Ugly State of Google SERPs: Rich Snippet Abuse

With Panda’s and Penguin’s nipping at the tails of SEO’s it seems as though everyone is finally trying to go by the straight and narrow and do their part to generate useful, unique content targeted at their audience and work to generate links naturally. 

But just as many SEO’s let out a sigh of relief as they hope to conquer some of their more spammy competitors I am noticing some new forms of webspam rear their ugly head.

Rich snippets have been evolving rapidly over the last couple

Index Status – Google’s Gift to SEO Site Auditors

Google’s latest addition to its ever-expanding portfolio of tools and reports in Webmaster Tools is Index Status. This new report (under the Health section) shows you a variety of details about how many pages on your site Google has found and chosen to include in its index.

The basic report shows you the amount of pages Google has included in its index as a graph over a one-year period. Below is one example from a client website:

What is immediately evident here is that in early May