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Check out the changes at Search News Central!!

Hello and welcome to a new version of Search News Central. I don’t want to get into it too much, but felt a quick post was a good idea.

Mainly we just wanted to spruce things up visually, while making some layout changes that allowed editors to bring to light the more interesting/important/popular articles. We’re just over a year old and felt it was time to breath some new life into the place.

New site layout

In the future we’re considering some video content and possibly some ‘member only‘ content (no worries, membership will be FREE to start) among other things. As will all things we do (SEO Dojo, SEOBS etc) things are always in the continuous improvement process. I do hope you like some of the changes and be sure to keep coming back as we look to keep on making things better for you.

Also, a huge thanks to Tanya Crawford (design/programming) and Mike Clarke (editor) as well for all the help.

still making new fans


Always looking for new authors

While we’re at it, we are also on teh hunt for a few more good writers here at SNC. You can write about SEO but we’d also just love a few more folks with a passion for areas such as PPC, Social and Analytics/Conversions. If you think you might have what it takes to keep up with our gang, please do get in touch ASAP (only looking for a handful). Some of the benefits include;

  • Free access to the SEO Training Dojo ($250/yr value)
  • Private chat room for authors (compare notes, shoot the shit)
  • Hanging out with cool peeps like these
  • Win $$$ or swag for best article of the month
  • A voice in the marketing community

Ok, sure… it ain’t much, but we’re just small fish in a small pond over here. Why not come help us grow into something more and network with great peeps along the way right? If you’re interested, get in touch today!

As you were….


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  1. Gerald January 4, 2012

    Looks nice and fresh like a summer breeze Dave! ­čść

    Damn has it been a year already? Seems like it was just yesterday. time flies!

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