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Customized Data in a Changing Business Landscape

For a couple of decades now, a lot of larger corporations have been using sophisticated data models that help them pursue different business intelligence goals. Now, a lot of executives at smaller firms are waking up and realizing that they, too, can benefit from these kinds of cutting-edge technologies “” even though it might be a bit different from the specific ways that a blue chip company or a Fortune 500 firm creates its own internal data analytics vehicle.

Small Data

While corporate creations are often highly staffed, completely developed in-house and guarded with a fierce tenacity, a lot of smaller shops choose to outsource elements of big data use to companies offering products and services that are more geared to their specific needs.

Small Analytics Providers

As big data has become more of a buzzword and convention for SMBs, a diverse generation of vendors has emerged to offer a lot more precise, customized solutions for clients. Small data analytics firms often advertise the flexibility of their SEO and marketing tools as well as the ability to bring “just what a client wants” to fit a more limited budget.

New web-based and web-delivered resources can also cut down on the total cost of acquiring big data solutions, that can help leaders of smaller businesses know who their customers are, perform better market research and make smarter decisions.

Figuring Out the Nuts and Bolts

Some of the seasoned business consultants who help smaller businesses choose a path for analytics strategy often urge their clients to take their time. These clients do their homework to find the best vendors, and shop for various products and web-delivered systems that make sense for their particular operations.

This means knowing exactly what kind of data will be most relevant to whatever in-house projects a business may attempt, and it also means pursuing a kind of “a la carte” strategy of ordering more reasonably-scaled analytics projects to get just a “meat and potatoes” result “” and skip all the bells and whistles that push up costs for this kind of observation.

That business intelligence has any value is accepted by most of the business community, but as with other kinds of services, it’s still important to shop smart to avoid paying too much for what an enterprise doesn’t need. This is where business leaders will look closely at the cost for SEO analytics, workflow modeling, supply chain monitoring, CRM and anything else that can lead to more targeted efforts in a given market.

All of this introspection in joining up with vendors is a keystone of a good, solid strategy that will stand business owners, managers or other leadership teams in good stead as they bravely push forward with innovations for the future of their companies.

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