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Democracy Just Got A Lot Googlier

vote todayWell, today is election day in the US, and of course we’re going to feed off the buzz.

There’s something very refreshing about to population of one of the largest and most powerful nations in the world, walking or driving to their nearest fire hall, and peacefully overthrowing their government. Ahh democracy.

But would it be right of me to come on here, a platform dedicated to the world of search engines, and start blabbing about how much better one party is than the the other? No. The answer is no…Heck, I’m not even American.

So what then?

Let’s just say I understand the importance of this election, and I believe first and foremost that informed voters elect good governments, when available(didn’t say I wouldn’t poke fun…). This is one idea I think we can all support, and so does Google. This is likely one reason behind their awesome election day tool.

google voter information tool

All you do is type in your address, and Google will show you a map with your polling place, with an option for directions and the usual Google Maps stuff.

voter information results

The best thing about this tool, in my opinion, is that it also displays your ballot summary, including all candidates and their parties, with links to their social media sites. This is what voters need; to see all their options before hand, and to take some time to really learn about each, so you can make an informed decision.

There’s also links to voter info such as times, early voting location for your area, rules and regulations, and what you need to bring to the polls.

The tools is part of a more expansive section called “Politics & Elections”, where Google has combined direct links to live YouTube coverage, Trends, Insights, and even the results of the Primary elections.

Ideally, every vote cast would be an informed one, but that’s likely not going to happen. Hopefully this tool helps get us closer.

Thanks, and happy voting America!


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