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Exciting times at SNC; welcome the new team members

Search News Central is pleased to welcome aboard the team of writers from Digital Always Media and Firestarter Social Media. You have already read a few pieces from a couple of the members of this team, but we would like to officially welcome them and introduce you to them.

New SNC team members

Representing Toronto-based Digital Always Media are Jim Hedger, Alan K’necht, and Bria Jordan. Most of you are already familiar with Jim by reputation. Over the years he has been a prolific content creator both in print and on air with outlets like Webmaster Radio.

  • Jim brings years, maybe a few more than he would care to admit to at this point, of wisdom and expertise to our merry band of writers.
  • Alan K’necht will add a wealth of insight and understanding of the analytics side of our business for both search and social.
  • Bria Jordan is an up and coming SEO with a fresh perspective on the future of internet marketing.

Representing a vantage point from inside social media marketing is Michelle Stinson Ross of Firestarter Social Media. Her point of view on social media will enable Search News Central to expand the scope of expertise at your disposal and provide a layer of clarity to the broader internet marketing environment.

A new dawn for SNC

Our newest team members won’t just be writing for us folks. Jim and his team are an active part of the management now and will be driving this bus in a few new directions. We’ve got a ton of great changes and additions along the way… I for one, welcome the help. Sure, I love a good patent and all things search, but publishing? Probably not my strong suit.

From the FireStarter end, they’ll be getting more active in bringing our various social channels to life. Again, I am limited in time and abilities for that stuff, it will be great having someone with a true passion and knowledge taking that on.

Welcome our brothers and sisters in arms, and let the games begin.

Part One; Google Plus Hangouts

While Jim and Michelle have already started posting here on SNC, the most exciting thing they’ve brought to the table so far are the new Digital Marketing Insights Hangouts on Google plus. It will be a live show with some of the greatest industry experts in the field today.

Our first offering will be this Thursday (May 16th) at 3:30pm EST, right here on SNC. It should be an awesome show, you can find the details here.

We’re thrilled to have them on board and are expecting great things in the coming months. If you’re interested in joining the team, feel free to apply here.

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