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Google Demo Slam is now LIVE

It seems Google has a new toy ““ Demo Slam. Not really sure what the point is, but I’m sure some folks will have fun playing with this new shiny bobble. As I played with it, I got the feeling of the once popular ‘Hot or Not’ models, with a technological upgrade.

Here’s a pictorial through the process;




All in all what do we give it? A big ‘meh’ on the ho-hum scale. I am assuming any of the slam contestants have to be using some type of Google technology as ‘The Tech’ section has some short vids on the various Google goodies. So, this seems like a (mildly) entertaining way to get people to dig around Google’s features more. Go check it out for yourself!

Cute, but nothing mind blowing. As you were… carry on.



  1. Santosh Prasad October 21, 2010

    Indeed it looks like comparing two things 😀
    wow seems like google now trying to act in gimmick way 😀

  2. Craig Daniels October 22, 2010

    I love this, Google is giving you a platform that with a couple of good ideas you can add some serious juice to a clients site and traffic. Of course you have to make the cut first. I say jump in before its crowded.

    Thanks for the post

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