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Google Hangout – Integrated SEO 2013

Hey gang, Dave here with some exciting news! Ok, it’s exciting to me at least and hopefully you’ll get pumped up as we go here.

As part of the never ending evolution of online media, SNC is going visual. As in LIVE! Yup that’s right, starting next Thursday (May 16th) we’ll be having some hangouts, live on the air, with guests and topics across the scope of online marketing.

It’s going to be awesome!

SNC Google Plus Hangouts

Week 1; SEO convergence 2013.

Our first episode will be about the ever changing role of SEO in the world of marketing. From the effects of social to leveraging analytics and outreach; we’ll have it covered. If you’re confused on what exactly SEO is in 2013, this is the place to be.

Our guests will include;

Your hosts will be myself and the one-and-only, Jim Hedger (also from Digital Always Media). We’ll be streaming live here on SNC as well as on YouTube.

Just for fun we recorded a recent production meeting we had with Dan and Michelle to get things warmed up for next week. We haven’t even started the show and already had some great insights, tips and a few laughs… the video promo is below.

Be sure to sign up for the event over HERE. Enjoy the promo and we’ll see you next week!

Details; Thursday May 16th 3:30pm EST. – Right here on SNC.

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