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Google Introduces Webmaster Academy

Google has a new tool available for small and medium-sized businesses who are new to website creation, management, and promotion.

The Webmaster Academy is an online resource for those not familiar with more advanced techniques. Essentially, it is a step-by-step guide beginning with what search is and how Google works.

Webmaster acadamy

It then moves on to building a site, creating content and optimizing for crawling. It also covers the basics of using Webmaster Tools, Google Places, and Google+.

While obviously not of much use for anyone other than the true beginner, WA may play a significant role in encouraging more businesses to promote on the web, as well as get them them started on the right foot and hopefully help them steer clear of low quality content and spammy marketing tactics.

Or at least get them educated before the wrong SEO’s get to them.

Fingers crossed…

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