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Google Search Patents 2010

And last, but never least, in our patent round up of the Big 3 (though it will likely be 2 now with Yahoo going the way of the Dodo) is of course; Google.

As we’ve seen with the others, there is a distinct increase in the geo-local areas. While patents tend to be older than a year (from time of filing) it is still interesting to see this. We all know, or should, that local is the in-thing over the last few years. Is it a coincidence that the patent filing mimic this? Probably not.

Google Search Patents of 2010

Also interesting and likely telling were the number of systemic related patents. Why telling? Because 2010 for Google was all about Caffeine and other infrastructure upgrades.

Here’s the list;



Semantic and NLP

Duplicate Content

Named Entities

Query Analysis




Page Segmentation


Ranking methods

Verticals; Video, News, Blogs, Forums

Recommendation engine

Generating query suggestions using contextual information

Semantic markup

System and method for updating facts in a fact repository (meta data)


Resource locator suggestions from input character sequence


Deep Web

Facilitating searches through content which is accessible through web-based forms



And there we have it… I may spend a little time this week and get together the lists from the previous two years and see what the roadmap looks like in aggregate. Can we find some trends? Not sure. It will be an interestinig exercise.

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